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from the Webkinz Guide. The Magical Forest is an unique place in Webkinz World which combines real-world charm collection with a virtual version similar to the Gem Hunt.Simply buy 1 Charm and the Feature Code it comes with will unlock the activity for you, along with 1 row of virtual charm to search for and collect. If you collect all 40 virtual charms you will win an awesome grand prize Milestone Throne (1) (Webkinz Day Year 10 prize) Monkey & Monkey Banana Tree (1) (Trading Card prize) Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch (3) Ms. Birdy Poster (3) Ms. Birdy's Tchotcke Shelf (1) Ms. Cowoline Plush (1) Nafaria Plush (1) Neo Gothic Flat Screen (2) (Neo Gothic Theme) ONE NEO GOTHIC FLAT SCREEN LEFT

March 20, 2016 at 7:44 pm · Filed under Pet Of The Month, Webkinz Newz, What's NEW. By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) Get ready for a new community challenge for Monday - Thursday. Here's what we are challenged to do & the great prizes: And FINALLY we have 3 new POTM items: Pickup Truck, an Amazing Music Machine, & a KinzAir Seat I have not seen Nafaria this month either and I have only one more prize to win on one of my accounts! This is very annoying. Critical Nafaria Not Showing on Certain Accounts - Page Webkinz Challenge Tips. Tip #1: If the challenge requires you to ask friends for items (such as candy canes, for example), do that right away as it may take time.. Tip #2: If a challenge requires you to earn kinzcash playing a game, I recommend doing the game second, after asking your friends for items.That way, when you complete your daily activities required for the challenge, you will.

Starting April 11th—Add Alyssa and Nafaria to your Friends

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member suzette424 on being able to collect fifteen of the Nafaria Star Trading prizes over the past month. Above you can see the room she has created using her winnings: the five piece Lunar Suit, Poison Ivy Plant, Magic Potion, Poison Patch Wreath, Nafaria Crest, Nafaria Pedestal, Crafty Fairy Cloak, Nafaria Tapestry, and Hidden Hideaway Walls/Floors 4. Do the poll on Webkinz if you haven't this week.(Go to newzpaper, click contact us, and click Comments & Suggestions) 5. Go to Today's Activities and do whatever it is, unless it's a sale. 6. Go to Quizzy's and do 50 questions.(5-6 yr olds are easiest) 7. Do a job.(Try the one you're best at!) 8 Ganz thanks so much for making webkinz. Also please let nafaria be around forever. SweetGirlyGirl says: September 15, 2011 at 10:56 am. Hey susiem, I'm with you all the way!! Joan says: September 15, 2011 at 4:44 pm. My niece and nephew bought me a Webkinz and I adore them and my Webkinz World Family. They live far away and we get to spend. Jumbleberry Fields is a daily game. This game resembles Yahtzee. This game was released in late December along with Polarberry Jam, the game can be found in the Arcade or the Today's Activities. It was also the first daily game introduced to Webkinz World since Wishing Well 2. In the game, there. Jumbleberry Fields Prizes. What's Momskinz doing Nafaria, Webkinz World's purple, evil fairy of the Magical Forest brings back offers for your Alyssa's Star Challenge stars! Nafaria was here back in September 2011, and is back for the month of June 2012! If you spot her, click on her. She will offer you a prize for a certain star. If you have that star, click ACCEPT or DECLINE

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Nafaria is flying in Asian accounts! (Can't wait till I get MY Asian account!) And Santakinz is in the clubhouse! Wallpaper, Golden Dragon Statue, and Victorian Garden Stones. All of these prizes have previously been available as prizes on the Webkinz Newz. New Quick Quest Prizes! 1. I got to level 7 on Arte's friend list! And I saw the. Webkinz World will be shutting down September 24, 2011. For three hours, mind you, not forever. September 24 is the World Wide Day of Play, and Ganz has decided to join in this year. From 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time Saturday, September 24, 2011, Webkinz World will shut down

This Webkinz™ Arcade Game may be Addictive! Hoppy Little Rocketship has bounced from the Webkinz™World Arcade to the App Store! Play on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. How to Play - Tilt your iDevice to direct the rocketship toward platforms to bounce higher and higher in the sky. Beware of Balloons! Collect powerups like emergency soda. Trading Card Prize, Series 2 Nafaria Poster Trading Card Prize, Series 2 Quizzy Poster Trading Card Prize, Series 2 Series 2 Trading Cards Pedestal Trading Card Album 1, Feature Code Supermodelz Poster Trading Card Prize, Series 2 Trading Card 2.0 Bed Trading Card Prize, Series 2 Trading Card 2.0 Chair Trading Card Prize, Series

1.1 Food Prizes; 1.2 Zum Collection Prizes; 1.3 Zum Catalog Prizes; 2 Zumbuddy Prizes. 2.1 Z-Shop Prizes; 2.2 Series 1 Zum Pet Buddies; 2.3 Series 2 Zum Pet Buddies; 2.4 Series 3 Zum Pet Buddies; 2.5 Series 4 Zum Pet Buddies; 2.6 Sweet Zum Pet Buddie 2011 Stocking Prizes. Joyful Stocking Gift Joyful Stocking Cheerful Stocking Gift Cheerful Stocking Webkinz 10 King Crown Webkinz 10 King Suit Webkinz 10 King Loafers Holly Headband Magical Forest Map Events & Items Mazin' Hamsters Media Promotions Misc. Foods Misc. Items Mobile App Nafaria's Star Trading. Webkinz 2019 Winterfest Cookie Prizes Webkinz Signature Webkinz Estore Pets Webkinz Dr Quack Webkinz 2020 Webkinz Rewritten Webkinz Orangutan Webkinz.m Webkinz Egyptian Theme fluffington's vest, ms. birdy's pink blazer, nafaria's purple slippers, dex dangerous suit top bottom and visor, poncho's shawl.. The Webkinz Wizard Academy Year 2 Challenge Icon will appear in your room after you complete Roberta's Birthday Challenge! Check out the Map to see where you're at. Also - be sure to check out the new ALYSSA & NAFARIA HOUSE COMMON ROOMS in the Clubhouse! And do you know what else is wonderfully wizardly

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Yes it is official there is going to be a Trading Card Series 4 for Webkinz World. Here are some items you can win. The prizes are Orca Whale poster (1/9 posters),Nafaria's Stained Glass Window, The box the cards come in, Crafty Kimmy's Craft Desk, Amanda Panda's Dress, Dogbeard's Treasure Chest, Card Collector Fridge Fluffington's Marble Bust, and Poncho's Shawl Hey there is a hole bunch of new stuff in webkinz world so here they are: 1. New place in webkinz world called the webkinz stadium where you can compeat agant other webkinz pets they only have one catagory right now called beauty pagent you can guess what that is about the prizes are great though there are 1,000 people who can en ter the entry fee is 25 KC but if you win you get a trophy and. Check out the banner above! Groovy Webkinz Week is June 26- July 2 of 2016! Be prepared for this year's groovy week! All participants who either post pictures below or on their blog and post a link below of their pets dressed up in groovy outfits (50s-80s clothes) on www.Webkinz.com will get all the things necessary to make a Tie-Dye T-shirt (made at the Kinzstyle Outlet at the Clothing.

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A webkinz world account lasts for one year and can be renewed by purchasing another webkinz stuffed animal. On webkinz.com, players discover a whole world of fun, caring and learning, while they adopt and play with their pets, decorate rooms, play games, collect prizes, and chat with their friends Reason: key prizes separated from woodland wonders01-24-2008, 10:51 PM #6FIAFluffyInAlabamaJoin Date: Apr 2007Posts: 11,397Giftz: (118) 100%Re: The Official Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value. In September 2011, Ganz released Nafaria Star Trading, a Click-to-Win feature in which Webkinz users can trade the stars they have collected from Alyssa's Star Challenge for prizes. The event now runs in Webkinz World from time to time. Description. Star trading follows a concept similar to Trading Gems with Doug, but instead of finding Nafaria. TheFred Rover Plushy was released in 2013 as a Daily KinzCare prize. Fred Rover Plushy. 3-pc Webkinz Virtual Plush Toy Bundle: Dex Dangerous & Fred Rover & Goober | eBa Feb 15, 2012 Plumpy E Hippo Plumpy writes the advice column for the Kinzville Times Newspaper. Every week Plumpy chooses a letter from a Webkinz World member, answers it and displays it in her advice column called 'Plumpy's Place'. Her Office is at the Webkinz World Headquarters

Webkinz Post New Year's Contest: posted 12/30/09 7:39 am UPDATED 12/31/09 11:42 pm: Thank you all for a wonderful year at Webkinz Post, you have all enriched our lives and the experience of the board. We wish you a wonderful, prosperous and healthy 2010. Want to enter? It's simple

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