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The black screen shows the following: Edit boot option. Edit windows boot option for: Windows 7. Path:\Windows\System32\Winload.exe. Partition 1. Hard Disk 9430081d. /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN. Press Enter To Sumbit. After pressing enter my computer boots to the desktop and everything is fine but having to press enter every time on this screen has become. In the left sidebar, click Advanced system settings to bring up the System Properties window. In the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click the Settings button. Uncheck the box next to Time to display list of operating systems:, and make sure Windows 7 is selected as your Default Operating System path: \\windows\\system32\\winload.exe partition 3 d1e08231 { /noexecute=optin I cannot get past the win 7 splash screen . I tried sys recovery ,safe mode and all to no avail. I did get this Acer to edit boot options screen with pwr -f-10. I reset the cmos battery for 3 days out and still get..

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  1. /noexecute=optin is part of a line in a boot.ini file and I am wondering what it does. Share Flag This conversation is currently closed to new comments
  2. Now that I have done that, when I hold alt + F10 at boot it goes into a screen that says this: Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7. Path: \Windows\system32\winload.efi. Partition: {ab6bd315-001e-46b3-bdc6-19e7da4a6f48} Hard Disk: {91f5aedb-043f-4246-91ea-fe7d0ddd5c0d} [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN
  3. EDIT BOOT OPTIONS edit windows boot options for: windows 7 path: \windows\system32\winload.exe partition: 3 hard disk: 350f350f [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTION /MININT ] In order to boot, I have to erase the text: /NOEXECUTE=OPTION /MININT After that I can boot. PLEASE HELP
  4. Edit Boot Options. Edit Windows boot option for: Windows 7. Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe. Partition 1. Hard Disk D9d90ac4. [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN. and if i hit enter it just starts loading up windows normally instead of taking me to boot options.. its driving me MAD please help... and if u can tell i have not got any recovery disks or anything
  5. For help on editing boot entry parameters to enable and disable Windows features, see Using Boot Parameters.. To configure operating system features in boot options: Add a new boot entry for the operating system by copying an existing boot entry from the same operating system.. Change the friendly name of the newly created boot entry so that you can identify it in the boot menu
  6. Edit boot options: windows 7. path \windows\system32\winload.exe. partition: 3. hard disk: 97f097f0. [/Noexecute=optin] I ran the recovery tool and brought everything back to factory settings, but that did not fix the problem. Any information would be greatly appreciated
  7. Both tools are included in the Windows XP 64-Bit Edition and the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003. You can also view and change some boot options in Control Panel under System. In the System Properties dialog box, on the Advanced tab, select Settings under Startup and Recovery. Because this functionality is limited, it is not discussed in.

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Vista looks like it's going to boot normally then goes to a black screen with a working mouse pointer. The hard disk light just pulses every couple seconds. I tried extracting the battery but it doesn't work. I tried to alt+f10 - Vista Recovery page, so it gives me menu called Edit Boot Options. There is the path to winload.exe and this edit boot options for acer recovery management ao725, d2d\images. Hi I used acer's recovery thumb drive to reset my ao725 to factory settings and when I press alt+f10 edit boot options come up and says: path: \windows\system32\winload.efi. [ /noexecute=optin /minit /novga rdimageoffset=8192 rdimagelength=3161088 rdp ath=multi (0)disk (0. The Edit Boot Options menu indicates the selected boot entry by showing its friendly name (from the description element), the path to its loader (from the path element), and some identifiers for the boot device. Beneath this is an area in which options for the selected boot entry are reported and can be edited The nx option can be changed at the Edit Boot Options Menu except in one case. If DEP is supported but disabled (by setting nx to AlwaysOff), then the loader may have disabled PAE, depending mostly on the pae option. If so, changing nx at the Edit Boot Options Menu is too late to enable PAE and is therefore also too late to enable DEP

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What does /noexecute=optin mean in boot

Please help: [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN : techsuppor

Edit boot options windows 7 noexecute=optin - Forum - Windows All boot options are tried - Forum - Windows 8 / 8.1 Boot option menu - Forum - Windows Edit Boot Options for Windows 7. Partition: 2. Hard Disk: 74aba7c9 [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN. Enter=Submit, Esc=Cancel???? I can select the primary boot drive in the bios, but last time I did that (on another laptop) it messed up my HDD. So would rather just select a temp boot device than change the default. Also, not sure which is the right usb to. Edit windows boot option for: windows 7 path: \windos\system\system32\winload.exe partition: 3 Hard Disk: ef7d31bf [/NOEXECUTE=OPTIN The i tried to format it with sony vaio recovery the i got-Edit windows boot options for:start vaio care rescue Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.ex This is a new installation of Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) on an older TOSHIBA Satellite A105 Laptop PSAA8U-0FH02K. 1.60 ghz Intel Core Duo. 1024 mb RAM _____ The original problem was that it had an unending boot loop with: Edit boot options: windows 7. path \windows\system32\winload.exe. partition: 3. hard disk: 42a1422a0 [/Noexecute=optin Lỗi Edit boot options windows 7 noexecute optin. Chính Là Anh. 2/10/15. 2/10/15. #1. cho m hoi máy tính m khi khởi động đều hiện như thế này m đã cài lại win nhưng không đc mỗi khi như này m ấn Enter nhưng không nhận ấn phím cách lại vào khởi động win vào win dùng đc một thời gian ngắn.

Won't boot unless I use EDIT BOOT OPTIONS (F10) at boot

After 2 days of intense frustration, I discovered what I needed to do to regain access: I removed the /NoExecute=OptIn command from the original's BOOT.INI file, uninstalled its SATA-driver, and. Cara Mengatasi Masalah Windows boot options for: Windows 7 patch: \windows\system32\winload.exe Pada Kesempatan kali ini Galery Catatan Akan membahas masalah pada PC/Laptop muncul tulisan : Edit windows boot option for: windows. Path: \Windows\System32\Winload.exe. Partition: 2. Hard Disk: 2e676 1. Open a elevated command prompt or a command prompt at boot. NOTE: If you have a RAID setup or a PCI-E SSD as your boot drive and want to open a command prompt at boot, then you may need to use the Load Drivers option in the System Recovery Options screen to load it's drivers first before Windows will see the boot drive to be able to use the bcdedit command on it I did get into the edit boot options screen and it says: Edit windows boot options for : windows 7. Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe. Partition: 3. Hard Disk: 6ed1e10b. [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN. What do I do from here, there is no drive to put a cd in and I just want to reset it to factory if possible. 0 In the F10 screen, can i finish this or rewrite this to boot windows 10?. EDIT BOOT OPTIONS. path:\Windows\sys32\winload.ief. Partition: {14la052c-e3fa4c97-9895-058ea550e5d3} HardDisk: {b43f48d8-a310-435a-9587-3956966cac343 [/NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /NOVGA. ]. Enter. Esc. Can some please help finish this? Thank u very much and sorry about the exsessive.

CARA MUDAH MENGATASI EDIT WINDOWS BOOT OPTION FOR WINDOWS 7 SAAT MENGHIDUPKAN ATAU BOOTING KOMPUTER Friday, May 13, 2016. [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN] Peringatan awal saat akan masuk windows atau booting windows: Sebenarnya jika anda mendapati masalah diatas, anda masih bisa menggunakan windows, dan data-data anda didalam komputer tidak akan hilang.. Edit Windows Boot Option. Path: \Windows\System32\winload.exe. Partition: 2. Hard disk: e871e610 [/Noexecute=OPTIN . After that there's a prompt to choose whether to press enter to submit or esc to cancel. I tried to press enter then after that the Windows 7 Logo appears and load upto the logon screen To actually edit the file you have to either edit the C:\boot.ini directly with a text editor or you can try another way mentioned below. This example is for Windows XP. Right click My computer icon on your desktop. Select Properties. Go to the advanced tab. Under Start up and recovery, select Settings I would like to edit the boot.ini file to give me an option to boot to a 2nd hard drive with Win 7. Both drives are SATA drives. Drive 1 has XP with NTFS and Drive 2 has Win 7. Here is what the boot.ini looks like now: [boot loader] timeout=30. default=multi (0)disk (0)rdisk (0)partition (1)\WINDOWS

Edit Windows boot option for : windows 7 Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 1 Hard Disk: a6ebb8c4 [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN ] Do I know what this is asking for? No I don't. But if I enter through this, I get the 4-color startup animation, log-on, I enter username/password, and I get the desktop Now i have plugged them both back in and am trying to set up dual boot, but it won't work using either XPs boot.ini or easyBCD on windows 7. On the XP side I have changed the boot.ini file (manually) to: [boot loader] timout = 15. default = multi (0)disk (0)rdisk (0)partition (1)\WINDOWS

cant boot to bios/or pass bosd. after just a couple seconds my acer aspire 1 cloudbook 14 boots to a blue can not recover, taking data' or bad system config info screen. it also boots to a bcd blue screen sometimes. the only f keys that work are f10 and f8. f8 takes me to advanced boot options and ive tried all but none work (safe mode, etc. Or you can also download some ready-made boot screens from Internet. We have also shared a few boot screens for Windows XP such as Windows 8 boot screen, Angry Birds boot screen and Windows 7 boot screen for XP. When you want to apply a custom boot screen in Windows XP, you need to replace existing NTOSkrnl.exe file in your system with the new one I then had two boot up options on my computer when I removed his disk. To get rid of his boot up I edited the start up options file to remove his disk. Now when I boot up I still get two options but the other option is Windows Default , not his hard drive. Any ideas how I can get rid of this please. I have copied my start up options file below boot.ini is a system file that is located in your root directory (c:\ in most cases). It may be hidden, so you can locate it after you turn on the options in explorer to see hidden files and system files. Use a text editor to load and edit the boot.ini file. Look at what the default OS is set to

If the /noexecute=policy_level setting is not present in the Boot.ini file for a version of Windows that supports DEP, the behavior is the same as if the /noexecute=OptIn setting was included. If you don't know how to edit or repair the boot.ini, you can logon to the Recovery Console and use the bootcfg /rebuild command Unable To Boot Into Win 7 - posted in Windows 7: Hello, New to this site or any type of site like this. Have a huge problem. Have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6035 Laptop running Windows 7 SP1 Type notepad boot.ini and edit the file, be sure to change the timeout from 30 to anything else. When finished editing, close notepad and return to the command shell. Type attrib +S +H +A +R boot.ini to return the boot.ini file attributes to normal. Type bootcfg /Query to check your boot.ini file for errors. Reboot and check out your new custom.

Now when you boot up you will see a Windows boot menu with various Safe-mode boot options. So you can choose to boot into Safe mode, regular mode, etc. Creating the custom boot.ini. Details for boot.ini options and in-depth info. Go to Start->Run-> type cmd; Type cd c:\ Type attrib boot.ini Now you should see A SHR C:\boot.ini; Type attrib -S. STEP 1: Adding a New Entry for Safe Mode in Windows Boot Loader. First we'll add a new entry in Windows boot loader to start Windows in Safe Mode. We'll do that by making a copy of existing Windows entry in boot loader. This method is different for Windows XP and Windows Vista, 7. For Windows XP and Server 2003 users: 1 On Windows XP with SP2, coLinux versions before 0.7.1 crash your system. This happens on new CPU's with hardware support for noexecute. To solve this problem, you should modify your file C:\\BOOT.INI, the line after operating systems and change options to /noexecute=AlwaysOff /NOPAE. This has no side effect for your running system (except breaking important protection against security exploits. I was not a PC user before Windows 98. But I remember one of my friends was using a boot menu in his 486 machine to select between Windows/DOS. The menu was like: 1. EMS 2. XMS 3. Windows If we would be playing games, we would pick the EMS or XMS option. If we would play SimCity or Command & Conquer, we would pick Windows

Removing a dual boot can be dangerous, and it does not guarantee that Windows will forget about the second boot sector. This is your first step in removing the boot option screen and second OS installation. Use the following steps to remove a dual boot: 1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Properties. 2. Move to the Advanced tab. 3 Open the Settings app by clicking the Settings icon on the Start Menu, or pressing the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut. Click Update & security . Click the Recovery tab on the left, and then click Restart now under Advanced startup . The computer will log you off and bring up the Choose an option screen. Method 2: Boot into Advanced Startup. Adding large 3G memory to Windows XP. If we add a boot.ini switch /3GB, then XP is allowed to address up to 3GB for applications. Manually edit your boot.ini file by adding /3GB /Userva=2900 to your boot.ini (no quotes). Your boot.ini is normally read only and you will need to change that temporarily while you edit it The bootsect.exe utility program in the Windows PE tools has options /nt52 (NTLDR) and /nt60 (Vista and up) to store a NTLDR or Vista boot record in the first sector of a specified partition. The command can be used for FAT and NTFS based file systems.It replaces the FixFAT and FixNTFS tools. Example. The following example applies the NTLDR compatible master boot code to the D: volume

For a Microsoft-certified response on editing your boot.ini file (and a much safer way than editing it straight out with notepad!), check this link. Please don't go straight out and edit your boot.ini's contents - it is critically important. If you have no other option, at least make a backup so I finally got a little bit further but now I still cant get into windows 8 I used acer's recovery thumb drive to reset my ao725 to factory settings and when I press alt+f10 edit boot options come up and says: path: \windows\system32\winload.ef click > Settings > under System startup click > Edit Click File > Save as, save it to a remote location such as a Floppy for example, even better, burn it to a disk, you are gonna or might need it later. Boot into Windows XP, insert your XP CD-ROM, launch setup install XP on the partition on which Vista was installed. If you are unable to. Well, restoring a computer to factory settings is reinstalling windows on it, it means to format the hard drive which will delete everything on it, including windows and any viruses, spyware, and rootkits, and reinstall it fresh. Using the eRecovery software is just acer's version of that, it installs windows and all the drivers and acer.

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And the time has comeup when I m introducing Vista RTM boot screen for Windows XP with [Add on]. The boot screen package is self-extracting archieve. There are two option to install the Vista RTM Boot Screen. (1) By editing boot.ini. Rename file into 8.3 filename format lets say VBoot.exe and Copy VBoot.exe into C:\Windows\System32 folder and. Edit windows boot options for windows 7. Thread starter h52; Start date Oct 16, 2012; Sidebar. Forums. Software. Windows 7. Previous Next Sort by votes. H. h52 Honorable. Oct 16, 2012 1 0 10,510 0. Oct 16, 2012 #1 [ /noexecute=optin ] 0 dodger46 Splendid. Nov 19, 2011 4,837 1 24,960 631. Oct 16, 201

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The four system-wide DEP configurations are controlled through boot.ini switches. The Boot.ini settings are as follows: /noexecute=policy_level. where policy_level is defined as AlwaysOn, AlwaysOff, OptIn, or OptOut.. Any existing /noexecute setting in the Boot.ini file is not changed when Windows XP SP2 is installed or if a Windows operating system image is moved across computers with and. /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN Optin enables Data Execution Prevention for core system images and those specified in the DEP configuration dialog. Optin enables DEP only for operating system components, including the Windows kernel and drivers. Administrators can enable DEP on selected executable files. This is the Windows default setting. /NOEXECUTE=OPTOU But unlike XPE and WES2009, where you copy the image to a partition and edit boot.ini to reflect that, WES7 will automatically create correct boot entries when you install to a partition. There's hardly any need to manually create these entries (modifying some settings within a boot entry is more common though Starts Windows in safe mode with a command prompt window instead of the usual Windows interface. This option is intended for IT professionals and administrators. Enable Boot Logging. Creates a file, ntbtlog.txt, that lists all the drivers that are installed during startup and that might be useful for advanced troubleshooting Edit Boot Options Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7 Path: n\Windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 3 Hard Disk: 9d309d3 [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN ENTER=Submit ESC=Cancel How can I get that computer to recognize the Debian CD? I haven't set-up an account on that computer, since I'm trying to avoid using Windows 7, as much as possible

Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7 Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 1 Hard Disk 995bb9d5 [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN ENTER=Submit ESC=Cancel If I press ENTER it goes to log-on page. If I press ESC I get this: Windows Boot Manager Choose an operating system to start, or press TAB to select a tool 1 Press the Win + R to open the Run dialog, type msconfig into Run, and click/tap on OK to open System Configuration. 2 Click/tap on the Boot tab, select the boot loader entry (ex: Windows 7) you want to delete on the boot options menu, and click/tap on the Delete button. (see screenshot below) Make sure the boot loader entry (ex: Windows 7) you want to delete is not currently set as the.

Edit Windows boot options for: Microsoft Windows Vista Path:Windows\System32\Winload.exe Partition: 2 Hard Disk 89aa1ac7 [ /noexecute=optin .] The only options I had were ENTER and ESC. If I press ENTER it just reboots. ESC just gives me the option to boot into Vista and so back to square one. I then looked around the web and came up with. EDIT BOOT OPTIONS Edit Windows boot options for:Microsoft Windows Vista Partition:2 Hard Disk: 2ad434db [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN Not sure how to fix this---i can boot up windows and evetually close out the e-launcher and enjoy the computer, just annoying--and wanted to restore it to factory settings,it is used and got files and older stuff on it from. Edit Windows boot options for: MS Windows Vista Path:\Windows\sys32\winload.exe Partition:2 Harddisk:c2bb19f7 [/NOEXECUTE=OPTIN Enter=Submit If the Return key is hit the machine continues to load Windows as normal. I have run Disk Cleanup, defraged the C:drive. Removed unwanted programs that were to be loaded at Startup Do you ever get frustrated by having to always press F8 when you want to boot into Safe Mode or the Command Prompt? With a simple modification to your boot.ini, you can add those options to the boot menu or you could goto the control panel/system properties/advanced tab/startup & recovery settings button/ You will have a couple of check boxes and timers. Also you will have a edit button if you want to edit the boot.ini manually

For Windows Vista and Windows 7: You have to use the bcedit command to change the boot option: At first start a cmd shell with admin privileges, then use the following command to get the I When locked out of windows 7 administrator account and forgot password, you can try bypassing the password with command prompt. Restart your computer press F8 to enter Safe Mode and then navigate to Advanced Boot Options. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and then Windows 7 will boot up to the screen Change in boot.ini on stick rdisk(0) in rdisk(1) and add a second entry so that on Booting from USB-stick you will be able to see the boot.ini Menu. Before you Edit boot.ini, Remove first via Right-click and Properties the Read Only property

When you are logged in to Windows 10: Left-click on the Start button. Left-click on Settings ( the gear icon ). Left-click on Update & Security. In the left column, left-click on Recovery. Under Advanced startup, left-click on Restart now. The computer will log you off and bring up the Choose an option screen Add/Edit Boot Files in VHD Target (NT6.*) The command-line bcdboot tool can be used to create boot files for Windows NT 6.* systems.. Run the following command - bcdboot Q:\windows /s Q: /f BIOS; Important note for 64-bit systems - A new BCD store with default settings will have been created when running the bcdboot command. In order to load the AoE drivers during the boot process we will need. You can add a boot menu option to turn hypervisor on when you need it by modifying Windows boot records. Open an elevated Command Prompt and enter following command to copy current boot configuration to boot menu entry Hypervisor ON: bcdedit /copy {current} /d Hypervisor ON This adds a new default boot configuration with identifier {default} The ntoskrnl.exe from Windows XP without installed Service Pack (Non SP) and with installed Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Service Pack 2 (SP2) are not compatible and reverse. This means if you using a wrong, not to your system corresponding ntoskrnl.exe, the Windows XP will hang or crash while booting!.. Edit windows boot options for: windows 7 Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe Partition: 3 Hard Disk: dce3788c [ \NOEXECUTE=OPTIN..svp Réponse 7 / 11. maria 999999 16 mars 2013 à 11:21. merci pr vos réponses j'ai essayé le mode sans echec aussi ne démare pa

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Unlike Vista or Windows 7, you need to edit your BOOT.INI file in order to blow away the Windows 7 boot info from . From XP. Click Start, Run (Or click Windows Key + R) Now Type in notepad c:\boot.ini Notepad will open up. Delete the line under [Operating Systems] that references your Windows 7 Install For XP, right click My Computer, click on Properties, click the Advanced tab, Startup & Recovery settings.. Make sure that the Time to display operating systems is 10.. If the timeout is not zero, then in rare cases there is a line missing from the end of the C:\boot.ini required to boot Ubuntu: C:\wubildr.mbr = Ubuntu If you decide to edit the boot.ini, make sure you back it up, and edit it. Also a free program EasyBCD helps you to change and label your partitions to edit your boot.ini file easily after you boot into correct partition from boot ini you set up above and before you make/clone your Virtual Machine

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At the end of this process, I was left with the option to boot two different, yet identically named versions of Microsoft Windows XP Professional. To fix this I had to edit my boot.ini file in Windows. Just wanted to let people know that they might need to do some additional work not mentioned in this article For Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server Systems: To enable the Platform clock on next reboot for Windows XP or 2003 you have to enable the usepmtimer switch in your boot.ini. You have to open the C:boot.ini file with notepad (cmdline: notepad C:boot.ini) and append the value /usepmtimer so the line finally looks like this f2 i get into the setup utility with the option main advance wireless seceurity and exit. looking and your info need to go to option bios. there i have option. windows 8 fast boot (enabled) USB Hot key support (enabled) Legacy boot: empty. uefi boot: empty. secure boot enabled. load legacy option rom disabled. etc am i at the correct screen At least Windows Server 2003 and server versions of Win2k have Local Security Policy Editor, but 2k workstation and XP Pro should have Group Policy Object Editor too, just run gpedit.msc and.

So my best options will be BootICE - if it can do so, or writing a script to make: Identify OS type (XP-BOOT.ini or Vista/7- BCD) edit the corresponding Boot Record to boot in safe mode. Also for my purpose I need to change a few registry enteries offline for the OS to RunOnce a script, What should be the best method - usin I set up a dual boot for win 7 from vhd on 2 xp machines. One of them everything went fine, and I get the option to choose the os when I turn the machine on. The other was slightly different in that rather than seeing the current OS disk (the one with XP on) as the c:\ when I was setting up windows 7 vhd during install it saw the disk as d:

ok, my dad has a new dell demension 9100. it same with 2 100gb sata drives in a raid 0. i bought a 100gb sata drive to be seperate. i want to dual boot them. both of them have xp home on them. the trbouble is, my dad wanted me to disconnect his drives before installing mine so that i.. will boot ntldr from drive= 0x80, partition= 0x1 (hidden sectors= 0xC593A6) after that message i ended up on the following screen: edit boot options edit windows boot options for: microsoft windows vista path: \windows\system32\winload.exe partition: 2 hard disk: 6ec7342f /noexecute=optin enter=submit esc=cance How To Disable DEP in Windows XP * Navigate to Control Panel>System>Advanced Tab>Startup and Recovery>Settings * Click on edit button * Notepad will appear, editing boot.ini * Edit the entry for your OS so that '/noexecute=optin' is set to '/noexecute=AlwaysOff' * Restart your computer to integrate the change. How To Disable DEP in Windows 7

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Step 6: Reboot your PC and boot into Windows 8. Open Run dialog box, type sysdm.cpl and hit enter key to open System Properties dialog. Switch to Advanced tab, and click Settings button under Startup and Recovery section. Here, select Earlier version of Windows as default operating system. Click Ok and then Apply button Choose the boot option for System Recovery, Advanced Startup, Recovery, etc. . On some Windows 10 and Windows 8 computers, for example, pressing F11 starts System Recovery.. What this boot option is called is configurable by your hardware maker, so the options mentioned here are just some that we've seen or heard. Whatever the name, it should be clear that what you're about to do is a boot to.

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It's a free program to modify the Windows Bootloader. After you installed it, open it and go to the Edit boot menu Section. Then tick the box beside the Ubuntu Entry under Default. You have to edit the grub.cfg file. You can change the set default=0 line. 0 is the first OS, 1 the second, and so forth Hi, thanks for the above details, but on my windows 7 Ultimate I have activated paragon 9 boot manager, so whatever button I press, I get boot manager windows, with two options, one is floppy disk and the other is win vista, which when I press enter I get a black screen with a flashing cursor at the top left corner After the initial boot screen (with <F10> for boot menu at the bottem) disappeared I pressed Alt-F10 and after a minute got a Gateway Recovery Management screen with a Restore from factory default option. This loaded the system partition (C:) from the recovery partition (hidden)

a) Open the Control Panel and double-click on System. b) Select the Advanced Tab and Click Settings under Startup and Recovery. c) Click Edit under the System Startup section to edit the boot.ini. d) Here is a sample of boot.ini. [boot loader] timeout=30. default=multi (0)disk (0)rdisk (0)partition (2)\WINDOWS 7 Enter your defined password or enter six zeros '000000' 8 Click ok 9 Please wait until process completed, this will take 45min - 1hour. ALL personal information on the C: Drive I.E photos, programs, music and documents will be wiped when the above steps are taken. Files located on the D: Drive will be safe from the procedure. Good Luc 2. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery. 3. Under System Startup, click Edit. This opens the file in Notepad ready for editing. You should see something like this: [boot. Windows XP uses a configuration file called boot.ini on the root of the system partition (generally the C:\ drive) to control how the operating system is booted and any startup options. The boot.ini file has the Hidden, System, and Read-Only attributes set by default. Open a command prompt, and change them: attrib -s -h -r C:\boot.ini. The boot.

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