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Two investments have been made from CIIF so far - the first investment was in InstaVolt, which develops, installs, owns and operates rapid EV charging stations in the UK and has plans to bolster UK rapid charge points nationally to 5000. 'The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is playing an important role in speeding up the. Capital from CIIF will fund the roll-out of InstaVolt chargers at McDonald's sites across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of which will be renewable energy powered and is fantastic for furthering the UK's leading role in the EV charging infrastructure market.-ENDS-Notes to editor George Ridd, Partner at Zouk Capital, manager of the UK Government's £400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, and investor in InstaVolt said: McDonald's already has fantastic sustainability credentials with its recycled packaging targets and now it is partnering with InstaVolt to host rapid EV chargers to decarbonise the UK's. InstaVolt has so far raised £68 million, including an initial £35 million in equity from the UK Treasury's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), which is managed by Zouk Capital and recently reached a third close of £380 million

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  1. The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced at Budget 2017 that the government would, in partnership with the private sector, establish a new electric vehicle charging infrastructure investment fund
  2. The manager of HM Treasury's charging infrastructure investment fund (CIIF), Zouk Capital, has announced the fund has reached £380m in signed commitments. The sum, against a target of £400m, was anchored from the private sector by Willis Towers Watson's clients and investment funds, and Morgan Stanley Investment Management's Climate.
  3. The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) has now reached a total of £380 million - half of which is government funding - following its third close. This close was anchored from the private sector by Willis Towers Watson's clients and investment funds and Morgan Stanley Investment Management's Climate Impact Fund
  4. It currently has over 500 rapid chargers installed nationwide, and was announced as the first beneficiary of the government's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) in 2019. InstaVolt's commercial director, Lee Adams, said the company seeks out sites that have great facilities for drivers
  5. Zouk's distinctive dual-track strategy of growth capital and infrastructure capitalises on the investment opportunities created by the global shift to greater resource efficiency. Zouk's Growth Capital funds invest in high growth technology companies that use information technology to deliver resource efficiency
  6. We also wrote earlier this year about the first £70 million tranche of the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), the £400 million government-matched fund managed by Zouk Capital, which is funding InstaVolt's roll out of 3,000 rapid charging points by 2024. 8
  7. Instavolt will become the first beneficiary of the government's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) in 2019, with the company also laying claim to the country's largest owner-operated rapid charging network after installing its 400th charger last year

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  1. Zouk managed Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund makes third investment. London, United Kingdom: Zouk Capital today announces a £6.4m investment into char.gy, an on-street EV charge point operator and eMSP (eMobility Service Provider), which is rolling out on-street residential electric vehicle charging points in the UK
  2. Zouk Capital holds third close of Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund Submitted 12/01/2021 - 9:25am The UK Treasury's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), which is managed by Zouk Capital, has now reached a total of GBP380 million in signed commitments (against a target of GBP400 million) following a third close. The close was anchored from the private sector by Willis Towers.
  3. Now Zouk has chosen Instavolt as the charge point fund's first a transparent and due process in the selection of its fund manager for the charging infrastructure investment fund, and all.
  4. 'The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is playing an important role in speeding up the decarbonisation of the UK's transport industry. This is clearly important from a sustainability perspective, and that also makes it a good investment opportunity for our Partners Fund, the flagship multi-asset portfolio of our best ideas across all.
  5. The first investment from the fund was made in InstaVolt, which develops, installs, owns and operates rapid EV charging stations in the UK and has plans to bolster UK rapid charge points nationally to 5000. We are pleased to make this commitment to the Zouk Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund which will help support the roll out of.
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  1. Zouk Capital, fund managers for the government's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), say it's on track for raise £400 million. The public-private CIIF grew from an initiative in the 2017 Budget to boost EV charging and strengthen underlying connectivity. The Treasury committed to match private investment pound-for-pound
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  3. Zouk Capital expects to close the UK's first electric vehicle charging infrastructure fund this quarter after it completed its third closing, raising £380 million ($516 million; €424 million).. The UK-based manager is now just £20 million away from reaching its target for the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund.The vehicle was launched in 2019 and is being matched for up to £200.
  4. Dec 23, 2016 - 09:17 am InstaVolt, Uber, A1, Rwanda. 3,000 EV charger by 2020: British InstaVolt received 12m GBP from Zouk Capital.With the addition of government funds, the infrastructure provider plans to erect 3,000 EV charge points in Great Britain before the decade's end
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  6. Charging infrastructure investment fund. Ultra-low emission vehicles - To support the transition to zero emission vehicles, the government will regulate to support the wider roll-out of charging infrastructure; invest £200 million, to be matched by private investment into a new £400 million Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund; The grant.
  7. The fund will provide up to £400 million (£200 million provided by the Government) for investment into anything related to charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Investments under the CIIF will be made on a commercial basis and will have commercial conditions attached to them
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Instavolt also plans to open an additional seven rapid chargers on the opposite carriageway by the end of March. Instavolt is currently operating 570 rapid chargers in the UK. The M6 charging site represents part of Instavolt's £50 million investment strategy to meet its objective of installing 5,000 EV charging units by 2025 The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is a GBP 400m investment fund - GBP 200m raised from the private sector will match the GBP 200m from the UK government. The Connecting Europe Facility is the EU funding instrument for strategic investment in transport, energy and digital infrastructure. In total, the programme has supported. The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is in many ways emblematic of our approach to Net Zero. Our approach is therefore to set up the right incentives and conditions, and then allow a powerful green market to flourish. In this case, we wanted to encourage more people to buy and use electric vehicles (EVs)

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Grants and incentives for public EV charging infrastructure: To build a national network of 500,000 charging stations, the plan will make a bold $15 billion investment that spurs the manufacturing. The largest investment in EV infrastructure in history, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will accomplish the President's goal of building 500,000 EV chargers The proposal, which would approve investments of around $427.5 million for charging infrastructure, including Level 1, Level 2 and direct current fast chargers, as well as $14.5 million for.

Three broad categories of EV charging infrastructure exist today: Alternate-current (AC) charging, also known as level 1 or level 2. In this system, an in-car inverter converts AC to direct current (DC), which then charges the battery at either level 1 (equivalent to a US household outlet) or level 2 (240 volts) President Joe Biden is prioritizing a national EV charging network under his $2 trillion infrastructure bill, promising to have at least 500,000 of the devices installed across the U.S. by 2030 Instavolt is currently operating 570 rapid chargers in the UK. The M6 charging site represents part of Instavolt's £50 million investment strategy to meet its objective of installing 5,000 EV. According to 3 studies, the global electric vehicle charging station market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of between 40.5% and 48.3% from 2019 to 2026 18 May 2021, 7:45 am · 2-min read. Costa Coffee has signed a partnership with EV charging supplier Instavolt to install rapid chargers at up to 200 of its drive-through sites in the UK. The pairing will see Instavolt's latest rapid chargers placed at new and existing stores, allowing EV owners to charge up while enjoying a coffee

Tag: Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund. Jun 29, 2021 - 04:24 pm Char.gy awarded £6.4m for on-street charging in the UK. Zouk Capital announces a £6.4m investment into Char.gy, an on-street EV charge point operator and eMSP (eMobility Service Provider), which is rolling out on-street residential electric vehicle charging points in the UK • The developments and investments in increasingly smarter charging infrastructure systems will ultimately contribute towards a cost-efficient energy network in the long term. 21 Ministry of Economic Affair An infrastructure spending deal crafted by a bipartisan group of senators would represent the among the biggest ever federal investments in rail and transit, the White House said, spending that.

The £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) announced by the Government in the 2017 Autumn Budget will be managed by private equity manager Zouk Capital. The firm has entered into exclusive negotiations with the Government to manage the pot set aside for investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK The charging infrastructure investment gap. The DOE has studied the cost of purchasing and installing charging infrastructure. 68 It reports an average unit cost of $3,000 to $6,000 for public. The recently announced investment from the Government of Canada includes zero-emissions public transit and school buses.The full $2.75 billion will be funded over the next five years starting in 2021 ZOUK CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT FUND L.P. is an active Limited Partnership, registered at Companies House under the number LP020179. ZOUK CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT FUND L.P. was incorporated on 16 April 2019 with a registered office address based in London

This investment would constitute a massive upgrade to New Jersey's charging infrastructure, which currently consists of less than 600 charging stations according to U.S. Department of Energy data. The proposed investment is part of a larger $5.4 billion expansion in PSE&G's five-year infrastructure plan, and represents the first major. Abundance Investment, the UK ethical investment crowdfunding platform, has launched an offer to fund the roll out of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the Greater Manchester area, with Iduna Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure plc (Iduna). Iduna is raising £4 million through an offer of 5-year secured debentures. Substantial investment will be needed in public charging infrastructure to serve the growing EV market. One-off investments in the deployment of public charge points (includes equipment, installation, and grid upgrades For private charging infrastructure, the total investment would be about triple that. Combined, infrastructure

In January 2019, BP announced it had invested in PowerShare, a leading integrated hardware and software solutions provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging in China. In July 2018, BP announced $10 million investment in the NIO Capital US Dollar Fund to support the fund's workexploring opportunities in China's new energy vehicle ecosystem Our approach. In partnership with Energy UK our latest report focuses on the charge point operators (CPOs) and the different business models and challenges we see emerging in EV charging. CPOs are the companies that install, maintain, operate or optimise EV charging infrastructure. We interviewed some of the leading operators in charging including Chargemaster, Instavolt, Ovo Energy and Pod Point

Through a competitive process, WSDOT awarded $1 million in grants for the 2017-2019 program to leverage about $1.5 million in matching funds, for a total investment of about $2.5 million. The funds helped to install a total of 15 new electric vehicle charging stations near highway exits about 40 miles apart along I-5, I-90, and I-82/US-395/I-182 This major investment plan aims to expand fast charging infrastructure and make EVs more user-friendly for all New Yorkers. New York has an incredible opportunity to move the needle on greenhouse gas reduction and get more electronic vehicles on the road by building more charging stations to ensure New Yorkers can drive them from one end of. Apart from the Ionity rapid-charging network, which is funded by a consortium of nine car makers, very few if any of the 60-plus car brands operating in the UK are funding charging infrastructure. ChargePoint is an open electric vehicle charging network with more than 114,600 public charging locations in America, Europe, and Australia. Chargepoint aims to provide an electric vehicle (EV) charging solution that can manage any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) capable charging system as well as integrate with other electric mobility apps and connected systems Sales Manager InstaVolt December 2017 - Present 2 years. Basingstoke. InstaVolt is leading the way in EV charging infrastructure, helping to make the UK an easier place to own and operate an.

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InstaVolt is one of the best supported companies of its kind in the UK. Its aim is to deliver a premium electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that supports the electri cation of the transport system throughout the country. InstaVolt's stated priority is to provide the highest level of customer service and innovation in the sector The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is in many ways emblematic of our approach to Net Zero. Our philosophy isn't that government can solve everything. Of course, we have an important role to play - but we have to do it in partnership with the energy and expertise of the private sector According to NACS President and CEO Hank Armour, the association supports infrastructure investments that leverage private funds and lead to improvements — something this bill does not do Level 2, typical of public charging stations, is one of three main categories of EV charging plugs. According to a 2019 DEP report , Level 2 chargers replenish 10 to 20 miles of range for. Unreliable charging infrastructure preventing EV rollout. The UK's public charging infrastructure is just about keeping pace with electric car expansion, but there's now a new concern: the.

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Aiming to install charge points across Scotland from Shetland to the Scottish borders, making owning an Electric Vehicle accessible for all Scottish drivers. The ChargePlace Scotland network has grown from 55 public charge points in 2013 to over 1,500 in 2020. All publicly available charge points are displayed on our live map , which provides. Britain's energy regulator has approved a £300m investment spree to help triple the number of ultra-rapid electric car charge points across the country, as part of efforts to accelerate the UK. Infrastructure fund manager Zouk Capital has been named as the preferred bidder for the U.K. government's EV Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund. We want to increase the number of electric cars on our roads, but to achieve this we need to ensure drivers have access to the right infrastructure, including charge points, said Robert Jenrick, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Zouk Capital is a private equity and infrastructure fund manager investing in the sustainable economy. Zouk's distinctive dual-track strategy of Technology Growth and Infrastructure capitalises.

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An investment of $168 billion in funds for wastewater and drinking water includes a new program to forgive the unpaid water bills of Americans struggling through the pandemic, and then to help pay. Unlike many other providers, InstaVolt's 'open charger' model allows anyone to use its charging points on a pay-as-you-go basis. The 50kW rapid charging units can provide an 80% charge in just 30 minutes and are listed on popular website, zap-map.com, so they are easy to locate. To find out more about the company visit www.instavolt.co.u More specifically, the Government will invest £200 million - to be matched by private investment - into a new £400 million Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund and it guaranteed £100 million will be allocated for the continuation of the Plug-In Car Grant until 2020- a scheme to support consumers to transition to battery-powered vehicles Importantly, the American Jobs Plan covers many aspects of infrastructure. You have traditional proposals touching roads and bridges, as well as proposals for a national electric vehicle charging. Charging costs are approximate. Charging cost estimate assumes Supercharger cost of £0.28 per kilowatt hour. Gasoline cost assumes 42 MPG at £1.20 per liter. Vehicle efficiencies are estimated based on the EPA fuel economy standard. Cost may vary depending on the vehicle location, configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and.

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Sales charge figures for Class A shares reflect the maximum sales charge, which is 5.0% for equity and alternative funds, 4.5% for asset allocation funds, and 4.0% for fixed-income funds, with the following exceptions: John Hancock Absolute Return Currency Fund has a maximum sales charge of 3.0%, John Hancock Floating Rate Income Fund and John. Investments such as warrants, participation certificates, guaranteed bonds, etc. will expose the fund to the risk of the issuer of these instruments defaulting on paying the capital back to the Company. The fund can use derivatives to protect the capital value of the portfolio and reduce volatility, or for efficient portfolio management

Fund charges. Our charges vary between the funds that you can invest in, and then by the class of share they might hold. For each fund, you will pay an ongoing charge (which consists of an annual charge and extraordinary expenses) plus a share of portfolio transaction costs (the costs incurred when funds buy and sell investments) LOS ANGELES, CA - Today a national coalition of over 100 companies, organizations, and local governments in 18 states launched a new digital campaign to urge Congress to support President Joe Biden's proposed funding for electric vehicle incentives and investments in charging infrastructure. The coalition was created by the Transportation. Transportation Infrastructure Investment as Stimulus Congressional Research Service 3 Table 1. Transportation Funding and Deadlines in ARRA Millions of Dollars Department/Program Funding Obligation Deadline Expenditure Deadline Federal Highway Administration Highway Infrastructure 27,500 9/30/2010 9/30/2015 Federal Transit Administratio July 16, 2021 | 09:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Remote Access Only. California Energy Commission (CEC) staff will conduct a series of remote-access workshops to discuss the Electric Program Investment Charge 2021-2025 Investment Plan (EPIC 4 Investment Plan) and solicit public input on specific research topics to inform the plan. Jul 20 2021

New Charging Stations Reveal Case for This EV ETF. Tom Lydon Jun 24, 2020. 2020-06-24. Already hot, the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF ( DRIV) has more tailwinds, including improving electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure that could lure more buyers to this automobile segment. DRIV seeks to provide investment results that correspond. The term Charging as-a-Service has been around for some time. Under this structure, the charge point operator (CPO) will procure, install, operate and maintain the EVCI in return for periodic fixed payments from the fleet operator, under a single project contract. These fixed payments can be used to fund loan repayments to the CPO's lender

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This Government fund is intended to address such concerns. How the fund may help. Given the relatively high costs of installing high-powered electric charging points and of upgrading the electricity grid infrastructure, the availability of the fund will certainly be welcomed Industry power rankings are rankings between Electric Energy Infrastructure and all other industry U.S.-listed ETFs on certain investment-related metrics, including 3-month fund flows, 3-month return, AUM, average ETF expenses and average dividend yields Investing in public transit infrastructure shortens commute times for families, creates good middle class jobs, grows our economy, and cuts air pollution. Since 2015, the Government of Canada has invested more than $13 billion in 1,300 public transit projects for communities across Canada. This is the largest public transit investment in Canadian history, and as we build back better from the. Funded by $2 billion from Volkswagen's diesel emissions settlement, Electrify America wants to have hundreds of stations and nearly 2,000 chargers in place by the end of this year NRG installed public fast-charging stations, make electrical upgrades to support electric vehicle charging at existing building facilities (make-ready infrastructure), fund technological research and development programs related to electric vehicle charging strategies, and support electric vehicle access programs for under-served communities

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Utility Involvement in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: California at the Vanguard. April 6, 2016. After a contentious, years-long debate about the role utilities should play in owning electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, California's Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is set to approve proposals from all of its investor-owned utilities to invest ratepayer money in EV. A look inside China's timely charging infrastructure plan. Public electric vehicle charging in Huizhou, China. Source: Chintung Lee. Already the country with the most electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world — over 1.2 million in 2019 — China is looking to add around 600,000 more, thanks to an infrastructure stimulus package.

Washington — The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Wednesday began debating a $547 billion highway bill that includes $4 billion for electric-vehicle charging stations and. Zouk Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund L.P. (located in United Kingdom, Europe) was purchased by a Sovereign Wealth Fund from United Arab Emirates on 10/09/2019 as a Fund Investment in the Energy Transmission industry Assembly Bill 8 (Perea, Chapter 401, Statutes of 2013) extended the program through January 1, 2024. Using funds collected from vehicle and vessel registration, vehicle identification plates, and smog abatement fees, the program: Expedites development of conveniently located fueling and charging infrastructure for low- and zero-emission vehicles Sustainable investment specialist Zouk Capital has announced it has raised £80m in the second close of the state-backed Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). The Church Commissioners. Basalt focuses on the North American and European mid market infrastructure sectors of utility, power, transportation and digital. Basalt is seeking low volatility assets that are either in the operational phase or in late stage construction projects that when complete exhibit traditional infrastructure characteristics

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has awarded grant funds to ZEF Energy, Inc., of Minneapolis to install 22 EV charging stations around Minnesota. This investment in fast-charging stations along major roadways will increase Minnesota's charging network by 1,110 miles, expanding EV access into greater Minnesota and allowing drivers. 3i is one of the world's oldest private equity firms. It manages the world's largest capital growth fund and a number of infrastructure funds ,7 focused on both industrialised and industrialising countries. 8 In all, 3i invests over $3bn every year in businesses across Asia, Europe and the US. 9 3i has been a major investor in the oil and gas sector for over 40 years. 10 Current. Masdar chiefs flew into London to discuss the firm's investment in the UK government's $491million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund. Last month the Mubadala Investment Company subsidiary pledged $43million to the fund, becoming the first commercial investor to a scheme which aims to more than double the country's electric vehicle. Infrastructure Investing - This one is the broadest term and could refer to investing in the debt or equity of infrastructure assets. Investors could fund the construction of new assets or acquire existing, stabilized ones. And the investors could be PE firms, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, and many others As electric vehicle sales continue to grow, a robust network of public charging stations is needed. This webinar highlights the latest developments on federal funding and finance options for developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the importance of building key partnerships, leveraging private investment, lessons learned, and.

Fact Sheet H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, is a more than $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild American infrastructure—not only our roads, bridges, and transit systems, but also ou The Treasury announced it has secured fresh money to help develop rapid charging infrastructure points for electric vehicles in the UK. A £400m fund aimed at helping develop rapid charging infrastructure points for electric vehicles was mentioned, but in fact this fund was found to have already been announced two years ago their investment in infrastructure, through leveraging government funds with private sector investment, through the efficiency dividend that private sector involvement can bring in project delivery and management and/or from maximising the ability to earn a return on (or a return of) their investment, to enable capital to be recycled int Fund managers also focus the fund's $21.7 million assets in companies with small cap or mid-sized market capitalization. The Rydex Transportation Fund has generated a 10-year annualized return of. e-Tenders are invited for the onsite supply of twenty Laptops for the use of Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board. Last date for receipt of tenders is at 11.00 am on 27/01/2021 and the same will be opened at 11.00 am on 29/01/2021.For further details please visit https://etenders.kerala.gov.in/ with Tender ID 2021_KIIFB_405323_1

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Zouk manages the UK Treasury's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, which aims to catalyse the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure that is required to support the electrification of vehicles. Zouk has invested in the sustainable economy since 2000, has almost 900m under management and is based in London. ABOUT LIBERTY GLOBA Healthcare spending to double to $2.2 trillion rupees. Launched a 641billion-rupee federal health scheme. Allotted 200 billion rupees for the recapitalisation of state-run banks. Around 1.75 trillion rupees allotted for privatisation and stake sales in state-owned assets. India's government delivered a bold budget on Monday, boosting investment. Federal, state, and local governments spent $416 billion on it in 2014. That amount equaled about 2.4 percent of gross domestic product, a percentage that has been fairly stable for roughly 30 years. The largest amount of public infrastructure spending in 2014 went to highways ($165 billion), followed by water utilities and mass transit and rail

Infrastructure and Investment. The EU aims to build a modern integrated transport system that strengthens the EU's global competitiveness and is able to meet the challenges linked to sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. The first step towards that goal is ensuring a well-functioning infrastructure that can transport people and goods. Forward Funding: this element of the fund is intended to deliver a small number of high impact infrastructure schemes, which will give the market confidence to provide further investment and homes in the area. Marginal Viability Funding: potential housing sites across the country have been held back as the cost of new infrastructure is too great In the decade from 2006 to 2015, the LAC region had investments of US$361 billion in around 1,000 PPP infrastructure projects, mostly in energy and transport. The PPP market in the region is highly concentrated in Brazil, followed at a significant distance by Mexico and Colombia, while Honduras leads in PPP investment relative to GDP ODOT helped to develop the first major long distance DC Fast Charger (DCFC) corridor in the United States. The West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH) is an extensive network of electric vehicle DC fast charging and Level 2 charging stations along the West Coast, from British Columbia to the California-Mexico border. Charging stations are located every 25 - 50 miles along Interstate 5, Highway 99. Fidelity Leads $81M Investment in Enevate to Accelerate Commercialization of Fast-Charging Electric Vehicle Battery Technology Contacts Media Contact: Bill Blanning media@enevate.com 714-916-430

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