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Sony's 'Star Eater' Problem Has Been Defeated in the a7

Users are hoping that Sony will issue a statement, either to confirm the existence of a problem or to allay fears. Nikon users may recall problems affecting the D750 a few years ago, leading to. Glaringly obvious problems exist with the Sony A7. Reading reviews from when the camera was released 5 years ago don't mention any of the problems. After purchasing a used A7, I began to immediately notice problems I was not made aware of.. The star eater problem is the only deal-breaker, and it only applies to astrophotographers The Sony A7III switches from 14 bit to 12 bit sensor readout in continuous mode. This video explores the real-world impact on noise and dynamic range.Sony A7.. Group for people, who experienced shutter problems with the Sony A7III. Please only join if you have a failing/failed shutter and not just to watch, as it makes it harder to get some estimates. The..

This week, I'm testing the long exposure noise reduction feature in my Sony A7iii. Most cameras have this function but I wanted to know what it actually does.. I'm new to the Sony world. I've paired my A7iii with the MC-11 adapter and a sigma 120-300 2.8. While shooting basketball games I'm finding EXTREME noise in most of my shots. I never push my ISO beyond 6400 and the noise is so bad the images are practically unusable unless I'm just posting them on the internet Shooting Silently with the Sony a7iii. I like the way that Sony has implemented silent shooting on the a7iii and have been leaving the feature on even for general shooting when I don't really need to be especially quiet. The limitations of using it aren't ones that I run into in my usual shooting Sony is being sued on behalf all citizens of New York who purchased the A7 III due to a consistent shutter failure issue that breaks the camera, according to a class action lawsuit Get my LUTS and presets --- https://bit.ly/2JspOSKMy cameras:'A' camera - https://amzn.to/2ykCSXW'B' camera - https://amzn.to/3bDggQUMy Lenses:Canon 16-35mm.

Class Action Says Sony's a7iii Camera Plagued by Shutter

  1. or. At ISO 25,600-51,200, the Sony A7riv looks much worse than the Sony A7riii and.
  2. COMPARING NOISE - The Sony A7III exhibited noise levels similar to the Nikon D750 at high ISOs, with the Sony and Nikon each about a stop better for noise than the Canon 6D MkII. NOISE AT ISO 3200 - At ISO 3200, a common nightscape ISO speed, all three cameras performed well in this moonlit scene
  3. The test scene - Sony A7 III with Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 @ f/4, 0.6 sec, ISO 100 As noise in the bright areas is often harder to discern, I took the image crops from an area in the darker part of the image near the top of the frame, that also showed a fair bit of detail. 100% crops from ISO 100 through ISO 1600 are below

Technically the best ISO to use on the Sony A7iii is ISO 640. At this point you get no improvement in noise performance if you boost the ISO any further and you will be using the setting with the highest dynamic range possible. You can then boost the exposure in post-production if need be Both the Sony A7iii and Sony A9 / A9ii offer a silent / electronic shutter. Just like the Nikon Z6 and Z7 and Canon EOS R. But there are specific differences which might affect your decision about which camera best suits your needs. What sets the Sony A9 (B&H / Amazon) apart from any of the other cameras mentioned, is that it is very resistant. So I have been using my sony a7sii for a good few months, but always wasn't sure what the noise was suppose to look like for a regular functioning factory sony a7sii. It looked fine to me and never bothered me till now. I'm lately seeing a wall of thin noise in my shots Sony A7iii Street Photography Cons: That Sony interface and menu system. Shutter is loud and sounds a bit clunky. Orange ring around lens mount attracts a bit too much attention. The risk of becoming a Sony fanboy. The Sony A7iii is available from your favorite online retailer: Sony A7iii body on Amazon. Sony A7iii body at B&H


Instead of applying noise reduction to the entire image, it will identify high-noise areas and reduce the noise there, while maintaining detail in other areas. Sony has also improved on their five-axis stabilization, claiming that the a7III's IBIS is 0.5 stops better than the a7II This is a test between Sony a7iii and the new Sony a7siii camera. I test the active stabilization mode which works with the gyro sensor data for stabilizatio.. Maybe the source of the problem is that recent Sony cameras have allowed the user to use Picture Profiles designed for video processing (such as the S_Log2 curve) for stills processing also. This will cause the embedded jpg to use the entire DR of the sensor by virtue of being very flat, almost linear gamma

10 Issues Sony Needs to Address In Its Mirrorless Camera

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: At a general level, a camera is tool, no more, no less. Like a drill. Some drills are preferred over others by professionals due to factors such as: * Durability * Reliability * Power * Perfomance * Precision * Su.. Sony's A7lll Full Frame Mirrorless Basic Camera Expect More The camera body and feature set of the A7lll is nearly identical to the A7Rlll that was released last year. It's major point of difference from the A7III is it's 24.2 Megapixel backlit illuminated sensor that features 693 phase detect autofocus points (PDAF). The camera [ Sony a7III camera's sensor size is 35.6mm ×23.8mm, and FUJIFILM X-T3's sensor size is 23.5mm×15.6mm. With a bigger sensor, Sony a7III provides better performance than the other one. The viewfinder magnification ratio of Sony a7III is 0.78 x, and FUJIFILM X-T3's viewfinder magnification ratio is 0.62x Sony A7III, RS2, and RavenEye: Setup & Limitations A7III Camera Control Cables: USB-C. Let's start off with some common problems with the Sony A7III on the RS2 with the RavenEye. The most common problem here was that people want to use their RS2, RavenEye, and a USB-C camera control cable at the same time

Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii - Find why you should grab the Sony a7iii? June 17, 2021 June 21, 2021 Jahidul Islam Camera If you want to choose one between Nikon z5 and Sony a7 III, I recommend selecting the Sony a7 III as some unique features made this device a winner over the other one Vergelijk de prijzen voordat je koopt. Vind de beste deals bij ProductShopper. Vind en vergelijk producten van de beste merken en retailers bij ProductShopper Hi, Ive been shooting video with my Sony A7III for a couple of years now and generally, the camera has been great, particularly in low light. However, since about 3 weeks ago, Ive begun seeing a lot of noise in my footage. Im shooting 4k 24p and my ISO never exceed 800. Now, before anyone mention.. p.1 #6 · p.1 #6 · Sony A7III Screen protector condensation problem. I had this problem with my A7Rm4, with the original Sony PCK-LG1 and a Chinese knock-off. It seems like it's coming from skin grease from my nose because it's always at the upper left side. I applied a narrow piece of adhesive tape to prevent skin grease from creeping in. Photos from Sony A7 III users who have suffered the shutter failure, as cited by the lawsuit (Image credit: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York) Guerriero v. Sony Electronics Inc., 7:21-cv-02618, No. 1 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 26, 2021) II. The a7iii's Shutter Problem. 16

Sony A7iii shutter problems! Hi, is anyone else experiencing mis-firing when in hi+? I have had the A7iii for just under a year and recently started shooting action at cricket etc. On more than one occasion when using the shutter at high speed it just stops there's a lag and the images captured are out of focus. Any help appreciated.. I wish I could repeat the problem. I only use Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. I have a second A7III but this hasn't had any issues at all. This camera uses the same batteries, same cards, but my Sony 85 lives on this one. That's why I'm beginning to think it might be the combination of cards/lens (either Sony 28 or Rokinon 35). Dec 17, 2018 at 05:33 P

Solved: Hello, Sony a7iii I cannot change in settings 4 USB connection from mass storage in MTP. USB connection is not highlighted. avd Sony a7RII long exposure noise reduction. August 20, 2015 By JimK 5 Comments. I've had a couple of questions about the long exposure noise reduction (LENR, aka dark-frame subtraction) in the a7RII. I've had to do some research, since I never have used this function in any alpha 7 camera. It's not that LENR is useless, just that its. In Sony a7iii the audio quality is not nearly as good as the video. take a deep look at these best microphones for Sony a7iii, what they offer and how they do it. The preamp is the ability of the microphone to pick up low noise. This means this camera does not excel at picking low noise. You get a microphone for sony a7riii to solve the.

Sony's 'Star Eater' Problem Has Been Defeated in the a7 III

Sony a7RIII, a7RIV visual shadow noise. This is one in a series of posts on the Sony alpha 7 R Mark IV (aka a7RIV). You should be able to find all the posts about that camera in the Category List on the right sidebar, below the Articles widget. There's a drop-down menu there that you can use to get to all the posts in this series; just look. If it is a Sony then check first it is not a Sony with the issue with star eating through over zealous noise reduction which can't be turned off. Yes I read about that! One review said the A7iii didn't have this problem but I don't know about the a7s - that's one of my concerns

Hello everybody, after some valuable hints by our readers after publishing my GM 135mm review on www.phillipreeve.net, I found out that my Sony A7iii must have a defective shutter.The ring flare that I described in my 135 GM review is actually an artifact that is caused by light leaking through the shutter Photos appear grainy or fuzzy with picture noise. First clean the front of the camera lens to make sure the issue is not being caused by dust, dirt, spots, or watermarks. This also can occur when using a high ISO setting. It is typically more visible when shooting in dark or poorly illuminated areas. Whether the ISO is set manually or. If you shoot RAW there is nothing really to be gained from any ISO setting less than 100. The answer is not that simple, also because of the compression scheme SONY are using. Technically, between ISO 50 and ISO 100 all that is supposed to happen is exposure meter shift, 1 stop Problem. I recently got my WH-1000XM4 headphones and also own the Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones. As soon as I used the XM4's I noticed a faint white noise/hissing/fan sound when the NC is enabled, I do understand that NC can introduce a slight white noise sound when no audio is playing but this is far more pronounced than the white noise. At A Glance: My Recommended Top 5 Affordable Sony A7iii Lens. Sony - FE 50mm F1.8 (SEL50F18F) - Best For Portrait Photography. Autofocus, compact, 1.8 mm Maximum Aperture, 22 mm Minimum Aperture, 49mm Photo Filter Thread Size, The bokeh effect is praiseworthy. Sony SEL35F18 35mm - Beginner-Friendly

Does Sony Have a Problem With Failing Shutters on the a7

This post is also about the Sony a7III; it's in the drop-down menu, too. In the last post, I compared the normalized shadow noise performance of the Nikon Z7 and the Sony a7RIII. Today, I'll do the same for the Z6 and the a7III. Here are normalized signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) curves for the first raw green channel of two cameras a base ISO Sony a7III Vs a7RII - Features Common to Both Cameras. These are two different cameras. However, because they belong to the same series, although released three years apart, they have a lot of similar features. In this section of this Sony a7III Vs a7RII comparison article, we would be looking at all the features that these two cameras share First, below ISO 100 the read noise does not fall. This is entirely normal and expected. ISO 100 is the base ISO of the camera, and ISO settings below that should not normally be used. Second, the noise drops more than one stop between ISO 1600 and ISO 2000. This is probably the result of a deliberate change to the conversion gain, and it is. The Sigma 30mm is not a silent lens... it will make slightly audible noise in AF mode. Off-camera mic is one way around it. The 18-105 and other sony lenses, however, are effectively silent. 2. level 1. zx4500. 2 years ago. Hm, I have the A6500 + the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 which I presume shares some similarity with your 30mm despite the focal length. I planned on buying the A7III but I have a connection at Sony that can get me the A7RII for just over $1000. Does the difference in camera justify the price difference? (The A7III is sold out on the employee discount site, if it gets back in stock then it will be approx. $1800

All of the Problems with the Sony A7 Outside The Sho

p.1 #15 · p.1 #15 · color banding issue sony a7iii Yes it seems to have been fixed by switching to uncompressed 14 bit. The vignette on my 24-105 seems to be unavoidable at 24mm which is a shame but the banding is gone and that was the big concern On the right side of the graph, the most important determinant of the SNR is the full well capacity (FWC) of the camera. On the left, the read noise comes into play. Higher is better. The a7RIV trails its predecessor by a small amount in the brighter portion of the image. The GFX 100 does better than both by virtue of its greater sensor area This is unprocessed in Lightroom with the Camera Standard profile applied. This is the same shot using the Adobe Color profile. All the horrendous image noise/compression/whatever has gone, and the detail and smooth gradients are fine, the same as Sony's software. So, not a camera or RAW issue and this persists across all the profiles marked as. Put the A7iii with the Zeiss 35mmF2.8 alongside the X-T2 with a 23mmF2, and the size difference is almost indistinguishable. When you compare the size of the images at camerasize.com, The Sony is longer in some areas and shorter in others. More incredibly, Sony shoved in a battery with twice the battery life and full-frame sensor

Sony a7RIII Vs a7III - Comparison Overview. Alright, a quick one. Looking at the features of these two cameras- Sony a7RIII Vs a7III, we found out that they were pretty similar. When the a7RIII dropped, it was the talk of the town, then few months later, the Sony a7III dropped with similar features Sony Alpha A7III is the one making every photograph perfect with this lens. The Rokinon FE14M-E 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens is very futuristic. This lens comprises an Ultra wide-angle 14mm lens with an approximately 90° angle of view which brings an amazing and unique image that will amuse you It's really rewarding right now because I'm starting to make good images. In other words it's less of a commitment to mod the APS-C. The Full frame A7iii has about 1 stop of light advantage in terms of noise. As in ISO 3200 in A7iii has about same noise as ISO 1600 in the A6400. Would that be enough of a difference to go with one over the.

Sony A7 III vs A7R III - Low light and high ISO. The lower megapixel count gives the A7 III an advantage at high ISOs. Its native sensitivity goes from 100 to 51200, with expanded values down to 50 and up to 204800 ISO. The A7R III stops at ISO 32000 and 102400 ISO respectively. The low ISO level is the same Problem solved; in this guide I review six of the better options currently available for the Sony a7III, before considering which are the main specs and features to look out for when purchasing a 50mm lens. For a start, there's just a slight degree of audible motor noise If the current system software version is Ver. 4.01, the update is not required. In this case, disconnect the camera from the computer and click Finish, turn off the camera, remove the battery pack, reinsert the battery and turn the camera back on. The camera will be automatically by reset

Sony a7III Continuous Mode = MORE NOISE? - YouTub

Known for its updated sensor design, the Sony Alpha a7III Mirrorless Digital Camera is suitable for both photo and video applications in a variety of working situations. 24.2MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor and upgraded image processor help depict sharp images, maximize sensitivity, and extend dynamic range. Improved AF and tracking plus up to 10fps continuous shooting capture decisive moments Distinguished by its updated sensor design, the Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera from Sony is a well-rounded camera suitable for both photo and video applications in a variety of working situations. Refined for improved speed and low-light performance, the full-frame 24.2MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor pair to realize an impressive 10 fps continuous shooting rate.

Sony A7III - Shutter Proble

  1. ated, a feature that promises to improve low-light performance and reduce noise. I saw no great benefit from the BSI sensor. Noise at typical astrophoto ISO speeds - 800 to 6400 - were about equal to the four-year-old Nikon D750. That was a bit surprising
  2. The Sony a7iii, on the other hand, has a bigger, sturdier build. The increased size (and weight!) allow it to offer more dials and buttons for easier control. These include an additional control dial, as well as an AF-ON button and an AF joystick. The a7iii's larger body also allow give it room for a dual SD card slot
  3. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; KIT INCLUDES: Sony a7III Full-Frame 4K Mirrorless Digital Camera | FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens | Battery (NP-FZ100) | AC Adapter | Shoulder Strap | Body & Lens Caps | Multi-Interface Shoe Cover | Eyepiece Cup | Micro USB Cable | Slinger Camera Bag | Green Extreme NP-FZ100 Battery (7.2V 2280mAh) | 55mm Filter Kit (UV/CPL/ND) | Mac Essentials.
  4. ANDYCINE AC-M1 Video Microphone,On-Camera Mic for Canon, Nikon, Sony A7III A6500 A6400 A6300, Panasonic GH5 GH4 for iPhone Android w/ 3.5mm TRRS TRS Cable Visit the ANDYCINE Store 4.2 out of 5 stars 50 rating
  5. As shown, the electronic shutter on the A7iii is very slow by comparison to the A7Riii. Perhaps not the defining specification, but something to consider. Even at 1/18 second for my A7Rii it's not a problem. I only use the electronic shutter when silence is demanded. For one thing, the dynamic range is less (12 bit v 14 bit)

Long Exposure Noise Reduction (Sony A7iii) - what does it

Amazon.com : Sony a7III Full Frame Mirrorless Camera ILCE-7M3KB with 2 Lens SEL2870 FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS and SEL50F18F FE 50mm F1.8 Set + Deco Gear Backpack Case 2X 64GB Memory Cards Extra Battery Kit Bundle : Camera & Phot The Sony a7III exhibited noise levels similar to the Nikon D750 at high ISOs, with the Sony and Nikon each about a stop better for noise than the Canon 6D MkII. NOISE AT ISO 3200 At ISO 3200, a common nightscape ISO speed, all three cameras performed well in this moonlit scene I have tried the lens on two A7iii cameras with the same problem. My wife has the Sony A7iii with the SAL70300G lens using a lens mount adaptor and she does not have this problem. Both cameras have been reset to factory settings and the SAL lens works perfectly on both whereas, the SEL doesn't. Any suggestions will be appreciated A new class-action lawsuit was filed in New York against Sony for a7 III camera shutter problems that bricked the camera and/or caused expensive repairs: According to the complaint, the a7iii, a mirrorless camera is smaller, lighter, and more durable than its (digital single-lens reflex camera) DSLR counterpart, which contributes to its higher [ Details on the Sony A7III stripe issue. The web went in tumult after discovering a weird stripe issue in the top right corner of that Dpreview image sample. Here is the feedback from experts on that matter: In a couple of the photos you may notice striping, a problem we've found common to all cameras with masked phase detect AF.

Sony A7iii Noise - FM Forum

  1. An entirely renewed image sensor and image processing system further enhance image quality. Improved overall AF performance, high-speed continuous shooting of up to 10fps, 4K movie recording capability, and operability that has been dramatically upgraded from the α7 II allow you to capture more decisive moments
  2. The new Sony A7III has finally been announced, and the first impressions are mainly positive.Photographer Manny Ortiz compares the Sony A7III with the A7RIII, which was announced a couple of months earlier.If you are wondering why you should choose the A7III over the A7RIII or the other way around, Manny gives you a couple of reasons for both options
  3. The Problem. Out of the box, the camera switches automatically between the LCD and the EVF. When you get your eye on the EVF it defects it and shuts down the LCD. When your eye is away from the EVF it shuts it down and turns on the LCD. configuration evf lcd sony sony a7III technology tips & tricks. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Akrion
  4. The a7 III is Sony's new entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera. With a price tag of just $1,999 , it's a more affordable option than the $2,700 a7S II , $3,200 a7R III , and $4,500 a9

A7iii with 100-400mm GM lens - Soft Focus problem. Hi everyone, this morning I came back from some BIF photography, and EVERYTHING had a soft focus - not one picture was sharp. I was using 1/2000 to 1/4000 with an ISO range of 200 - 2000, AF-C with tracking and other methods. The tracking mostly locked onto the subject and tracked it, but in. Sony A7III: Full Size Samples, and differences between the a7RIII and A9. Had some more time with the new Sony A7III and also had a private meeting today with Sony where I learned all about this new camera, and the differences between the A7RIII and A9 as well as the previous A7II.. Before I get to some full size OOC JPEGS, let me talk a little bit about what the A7III is, who it is for and. The reflections only occur with strong back lighting, so 90% of the time its not a problem. The only way to prevent it is to take PDAF off of the sensor. The more PDAF sensors you put on the sensor the worse the problem. Until CDAF improves to the point of PDAF (if ever) the problem will persist

Silent Shooting with the Sony a7iii Mirrorless Camer

Hey, I have the same issue Anyone know if extended guarantee covers this issue in Uk? I also have Eversure insurance. Has anyone tried to claim insurance on this fix? Thank yo Notice for Sony BRAVIA LCD HDTV End of support notification for products using the Windows 7 operating system Hulu Service to end on Blu-ray Disc Players beginning August 201 Sony A7iii I recently bought an A7iii and am having problems with low light photography. I know it's not the lens as I've tried with different lenses and the same thing happens. I get a brown banding across the image. I've tried all sorts of different setttings and it seems to happen with all of them Sony A7III Setup guide with tips and tricks Introduction. The Sony A7 III uses a new 24 megapixel Full-frame BSI sensor as incorporates many of the features and improvements brought in with the a9 and a7r III.Most noteworthy are the larger capacity 'Z' battery, AF joystick and the Eye AF

Camera-breaking Sony A7 III shutters result in class

Sony chose the WPPI Conference in February, 2018 to drop the bombshell that we now know as the Sony a73 (ILCE-7M3). I call it a bombshell in that while many camera makers hold back a lot of key features on their entry-level full frame cameras (that typically fall around this $2000 USD price point), it seemed like Sony held back nothing I want to buy a Sony a7iii but if it continues with this shutter problem I'll have to buy another camera. 0; Share. Tweet. Report. Thanks for adding your voice. Michael Lupescu. Oct 26, 2020 Sony recently pulled Firmware v2.0 for the Sony A7III and A7RIII that was released in October due to the discovery of two fairly major bugs. These bugs would cause photographers to lose RAW images they'd shot along with random lockups of the camera. Well, now, Sony has released firmware v2.1 to resolve these issues Sony A7III, 85mm 1.4GM lens.1/800s @ f1.4, ISO 100. Sony A7III, 85mm 1.4GM lens.1/500s @ f1.4, ISO 100. I've deliberately underexposed the shadows here, but there's pleny of detail in there if I did need it. Sony A7III, 85mm 1.4GM lens. 1/125s @ f1.4, ISO 100. 10fps second on the A7III gives an impressive rate of keepers. This was one of about.

Problems with my Sony a7III BIG problems

When set to Low, the Sony displays less noise however. With the Normal level, the Canon file is smoother but also a bit softer. The EOS R has two extra settings: the High NR level eliminates too many details, whereas the Multi-Shot noise reduction mode (multiple frames merged together) gets rid of noise entirely but the loss in sharpness remains Sony A7III and Sony A7RIII has a photo burst speed of 10 fps. However, Sony A7III can store more frames in its buffer. It can capture up to 177 JPG files or 89 RAW files in the buffer. Meanwhile, Sony A7RIII is limited to 76 JPG files or 76 compressed RAW files. Autofocus The next big difference between Sony A7III vs A7RIII is the autofocus (AF) I also applied some colour noise reduction, just to get rid of invasive colour noise. (The A7 III file needs a bit more of it than the Fuji.) Then I compared the same scene but with equivalent exposure settings, meaning that I compensated the shutter speed by 2/3Ev (since the Fuji base ISO is 2/3 higher than the Sony) Top 7 Best Macro lenses for Sony A7III Sony's flagship a7-series cameras are some of the best mirrorless bodies you can get, and they have the added benefit of having many lens options. You can expand your options even more with adapter tubes, but the native Sony FE-mount list of options is really impressive

How To Improve Your Gaming Mic Quality - The Difference IsNoise Mitigation - Principles of Noise MitigationSolved: Vray bucket (IM+LC) rendering, shadow noiseIs Sony a7 good camera to do some basic astrophotography

Voigtlander 40 1.2 and Sony A7III The A7III is giving us the most bang for the buck of all the NEW Sony cameras, meaning we pay less and get almost as much as the big boys. The IQ from the new Sony is very similar to the character and color from the other two, and they have that Sony signature about them Sony A7III Video Not Recording in Real Time by umersaeed 3 Wireless connection to PC problems by 2 Replies 459 Views SONY NEX-7 External Mic Noise by tarchuiko May Latest posted 3 weeks ago by Bat_Rick. 7 Replies 1478 Views 7 Replies 1478 Views A6600 LA-EA5 50mm F1.4 Exposure Problem. Noise. The Sony a7III uses a sensor that is Backside Illuminated, a feature that promises to improve low-light performance and reduce noise. I saw no great benefit from the BSI sensor. Noise at typical astrophoto ISO speeds - 800 to 6400 - were about equal to the four-year-old Nikon D750. That was a bit surprising Learn about Sony Group Corporation's Businesses and Products; our initiatives in Technology, Sustainability, and Design; and recent Press Releases, Career opportunities, and Investor Relations info The A7iii now sits in the top 5 of Sony cameras ranked on DXO Mark, placing a solid 4th, right above the A7R and below the A7RIII, a7RII, and RX1Rii.That means it's in some very good company with the Pentax K-1 and Nikon D800E scoring the same. [RELATED: Best Accessories For Sony A7iii & A7Riii Kit

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