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level 1. BaffledDonuts420. · 29d. There's a spot in the ocean called point nemo, where on average the closest humans to you are the astronauts on the International Space Station. 601. level 2. funkyonion. · 28d. Reference - 5000 nautical miles south of Los Angeles Fresh AskReddit Stories: Ship crewman, what was the creepiest experience you had out on the ocean? --- LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES! #reddit #s.. Reddit user mustardusk asked redditors the creepiest or most unexplainable thing they've seen while swimming underwater. Here are some of the responses that made my blood run cold: Here are some.

In a popular Reddit thread, deep sea divers shared their scariest experiences underwater, and it reinforces just how powerful nature is. 1. From NZVikingRugger: I wear contacts so getting water in my mask is extra bad as I can't open my eyes underwater. Shortly after being told about a shark colliding with my friend from behind and removing his. View more comments. #6. If the human body senses trauma it is unable to combat, it will switch off metabolism, pump endorphins, and slip into a pain free dissociative state. In essence, shutting down. Its been seen in air crashes and lots of places really. Basically your body can switch itself off However, you would be wrong — because I just got lost in an AskReddit thread about the scariest things that actually exist, and you guys? I think I need a hug. I think I need a hug. Or at least.

The ocean is actually more dangerous and scary than we think. These pictures may give you nightmares so be careful. 1. Just knowing the sheer size of animals in the ocean is enough to creep any sane person out! And they blend right into the water. 15 Scary Sea Creatures That'll Haunt Your Dreams. These 15 terrifying things in the ocean primarily live along the floor, where some have waited centuries to be discovered by scientists. It. The state of New Jersey is known for many things, but deep-sea train wrecks are not one of them—well, not until 1985, when two rare trains from 1850 were discovered in Long Branch under 90 feet.

Support us on Amazon - https://amzn.to/35u5NWL Still want Bot Voice? Subscribe to our other channel for Bot voice! Here - https://bit.ly/36HlBpo Sub.. Flipboard. Icon version of the Flipboard logo. Share. Flip. Like. reddit.com • 29d. There's a variety of jellyfish about the size of your thumbnail that can kill you with a brief sting. Is that irukanji? Please don't put them in my The National Ocean Service reports that the Australian Box Jellyfish is the most venomous marine animal in the ocean. These potential threats, along with the Pufferfish, that contains enough toxins to kill 30 adult humans—to which there is no known antidote, and the Barracuda, which can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour when on the attack We just saw a boat out in the middle of ocean's nowhere without anything other than blue horizon in sight, at the break of dawn, and there was fairly thick fog, as it had rained the night before. Realizing that the figure hanging from the boom was a man was one of the most haunting things I'll ever see. —Chambers199 Answers found on Ask Reddit. 1. 2010 a man took a test drive in a car with the salesman and in a suicide attempt he drove the car off the pier into the sea and drowned. The salesman managed to escape my breaking the window and swimming to the surface. The scariest fucking water-based experience I ever had. I fell off and this thing just.

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  1. Surely one of the most creepy things seen at sea, the bag of hands didn't overly concern the local authorities. They were able to trace the gruesome find to a local forensics laboratory, which is thought to have improperly disposed of the body parts. 10. Brian Allison's Skull. Jann Denise II
  2. utes. That being said, if you're a sufferer of sleep paralysis, each episode may feel like an eternity. You may hear things that aren't actually there. This can include hearing hissing or hum
  3. 15 Underwater: New Jersey's Train Graveyard. Via BlazePress. Off the coast of New Jersey, archaeologists found two rare, well-preserved steam trains under 90 feet of water. The locomotives are from the 1850s and no-one is entirely sure how they ended up at the bottom of the ocean, according to the Daily Mail
  4. Waves. The scariest thing that ever happened to me was probably a run-of-the-mill rogue wave. It happened while commercial snapper fishing off Florida. Conditions were well within the safe range for the twenty-five-foot boat, with probably three to five-foot waves — nothing unusual for Florida during wintertime

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The ocean, as we know by now, is vast. This makes it very difficult to know for sure how many species are in there. It is estimated that there are around 1 million different species in total, and around 91% of these are yet to be identified! It is thought that the majority of these species are invertebrates (animals without spines) like jellyfish and shrimp Because oarfish live in ocean depths, there is much about their anatomy and behavior that is unknown, and teams of scientists jumped at the chance to study the animal's skeleton, muscles, feeding. The question was asked: 'What is the scariest/creepiest thing you have seen/heard?.These are the creepiest answers. 1/10 'My old coworker had a son named Hunter that was 4 or 5. She said that Hunter would have bad dreams and that he would sleep with his dad when he got scared The ocean is an incredibly massive place that covers over 70% of the world's surface.And although humans have only mapped and observed a mere 20% of it, we've still managed to discover some pretty.

21 Scary Things People Have Seen Underwate

But the fear of ocean depths is not completely irrational. Because when someone asked the divers and dear people on Reddit who spend a lot of time underwater to share the creepiest and most unexplainable thing you've seen while in the depths? it wasn't fun.. From 20+-foot-long fish that could swallow you whole to seeing things that aren't there, these are some spine-chilling answers. The scariest thing i've had happen while camping. Mom's scary boyfriend. Reddit user aett noticed that their mom's boyfriend was pretty there's obviously no ocean between New York and.

20 deep sea divers share their horror stories from

  1. Once thought a myth, giant squids are a real thing, and they can indeed reach incredible sizes. In fact, even many normal fish can flourish to nightmarishly huge sizes given the right conditions in certain deeper parts of the ocean. It is no wonder then that people have long pondered what might be the biggest and scariest thing around
  2. Divers are sharing the scariest things they've seen underwater. Pub worker shocked after 'boss sent insulting text' when she quit. 2 days ago. The best big screens in London to watch England v Italy final match. 22 hours ago. Waitress says she got fired after wearing 'inappropriate' top to work. 1 day ago
  3. 2. Pillars of water. 1. Sailing through the Bahamas, you can sometimes get relatively calm spots of water even if the wind is blowing a good 10-15 knots. One night it was that eerie sort of calm, clear and I was at the helm by myself. We sailed through a patch of phosphorescent bacteria and the ocean glittered in such a way that you couldn't.
  4. A locomotive graveyard. The state of New Jersey is known for many things, but deep-sea train wrecks are not one of them—well, not until 1985, when two rare trains from 1850 were discovered in.

Responding to a reader request, redditors have suggested some deep-sea horror novels for all your scary summer needs, so be sure to pack one of the nine books below for your next boating outing Gulper Eel is perhaps one of the most terrifying things you can see in the trenches. The scariest part of its body is the large mouth. Eel's giant mouth enables it to swallow much larger animals than itself. # 5 Stargazer Fish. With both eyes and mouth located on top of the head, the Stargazer Fish is not the most beautiful sea creature. #4. Real Life Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. By Lucia AskReddit threads asking the community for storis about strangest and most mysterious things that ever happened to them pop up fairly.

30 Of The Scariest And Creepiest Theories Shared By People

  1. Read this Reddit thread for more stories. Shutterstock 30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They've Seen Deep In The Woods. 30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They've Seen Deep In The Woods. This Is An Open Letter To My Ex Best Friend. Get our newsletter every Friday
  2. 10. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison. Galaxy Publishing Corp. It's not a book, but a short story within a larger collection. It's excellent, yet disturbing. I can't really.
  3. The content sharing site Reddit is a bounty of all things strange, funny, obscure, and, you guessed it, terrifying. As a fellow connoisseur of that spine-tingling feeling, believe you me when I.
  4. Luckily, most of these scary sea creatures live in the deepest parts of the ocean, so you're unlikely to meet one face to face. Giant squid; Giant squids were originally thought to be mythical creatures, until 2006, when Japanese scientists managed to identify and catch one. As the name suggests, giant squids are, well, really big
  5. 9. Happy Birthday Eric. In 2009, Reddit user NeverEnoughMuppets claimed to have discovered something very creepy in an abandoned mansion not far from where he lived in Suffolk County, Long Island. The house was badly neglected and looked as though it was furnished in the 1960's and 70's
  6. (Image credit: Sea-Mer Association) Take a stroll on a beach and you're likely to encounter plentiful evidence of life from the ocean amid the flotsam: stray clumps of seaweed, colorful seashells.

23 Scary Fish. Via Klinik Syariah. Much of the time, creatures from the sea wash up on the shore of countless beaches, however, this time around, a fish scary enough to have you run away, washed up on the shore of Mooloolaba Beach! This frightening creature, which is known to live in some of the deepest parts of the sea, is quite a rare species. The 10 rivers that contribute to 90 percent of ocean pollution are the Yangtze, Indus, Yellow, Hai He, Ganges, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, the Nile and the Niger. Trash rivers flowing to the ocean is a depressing thought, but there is good news. The Yangtze River in China contributes the most trash of all, and China is making efforts to reach a 35%.

Be it a gurgling stream, a pristine-looking beach, a still lake, or a part of the ocean that looks too inviting to be ignored, some bodies of water have a hidden secret and it is not advised to. 4. Maybe it started after you saw this scene in Titanic: 5. Maybe it started in a swimming pool: 6. Well, you're not alone. You're one of many people with thalassophobia, or fear of the sea. 7 - Qbaxter77 via Reddit. 3. The lady in the lift. reddit.com. This photo was taken by a doctor in Bolivia. The lift doors opened when the photo was taken, and no one was inside

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Since photosynthesis is gone by now, 800 million years in the future, pretty much all life will be nonexistent. Two scientists, Peter D. Ward, and Donald Brownlee think that some ocean animals may be able to exist, but since oxygen levels in the water will be dangerously low, they'll probably be gone, too Ocean Horror Story: Urban Legends of the Sea. October 31, 2017. We're pretty focused on science here at Ocean Conservancy, but who doesn't love a scary story or a creepy mystery on Halloween? Gather around with your closest friends and share these spooky urban legends of the sea—if you dare. From disappearing ship crews to man-eating. A plastic bag was found 36,000 feet below the surface, at the ocean's deepest point, the Mariana Trench. That's worrying for sea life, birds, animals, and humans. MORE : Diver's video shows.

Reddit user ceplano. Over the years I've had many incidents that might seem scary to some, but in reality are events that we train for and prepare for so the outcome is mundane and. These are short scary stories. These two-sentence horror stories are going to freak you the eff out. 1. I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, Daddy check for monsters under my bed.. I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, Daddy there's somebody. Planes. Just like trucks, planes occasionally find their way to the bottom of the ocean. For example, deep-sea divers in Oahu, Hawaii, stumbled upon the remains of an F4U Corsair that had been in.

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Reddit's r/nosleep specializes in a unique brand of horror.The subreddit's writers want to torment you in your insomnia-addled midnight hours. And these aren't cheap scare gags. They're. Subnautica: 10 Scariest Creatures, Ranked Many creatures live under the sea in Subnautica but some are far more frightening than the rest. By Emma Majoros Published Mar 23, 202

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From an alien sitting on the side of the road to a man in a gas mask lurking in the bushes, we take a look at the 15 creepiest things found on Google Maps. If this is enough to turn you off Google Maps or want to try using another service, why not check out a Google Maps alternative , like Mappy Thanks to the subreddit r/thalassophobia, we have come up with 18 pictures which will make you a little anxious if you have Thalassophobia. #1. Stingray Migration. #2. Seaweed in the waves. #3. Fishing in the North. #4 When someone dies, the last thing the dying person senses is the sense of hearing, then touch, smell and taste. The first sense that is usually gone is sight. Over 1,450 species of bacteria living in your belly button. Scary facts about the World. The Earth is being shaked by Earth quakes over 1 million times per Year Here, eight current and former flight attendants share the weirdest, scariest, and overall freakiest moments they've encountered while flying the friendly skies. Warning: If you already have a fear of flying, proceed with caution. Note: Reddit sources are anonymous and these stories could not independently verified by INSIDER

Other scary Subnautica creatures. There you have it, the top 5 is listed out above! However, this means that some seriously eerie, dangerous, and scary animals have been left out of the list! Such fauna as Bleeder, Sand Shark, Crabsquid, and Crashfish definitely deserve an honorable mention! All that being said, the scariness of individual. Their model was The Thing from Another World (1951), which hid its nightmare creature until the end. Before them, we had Melville's distant whale and Verne's squid shrouded in its weird sea

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2. Aokigahara Forest (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) Aokigahara Forest — also known as the Sea of Trees or, more creepily, the Suicide Forest — is a beautiful wooded area sprawling 13.5 square. The animal kingdom is full of cute and cuddly creatures. Some animals however, do not fit this description. These scary-looking animals from biomes on land and sea often have a chilling effect at first glance. Some have sharp fangs and teeth, some are parasites, and some look terrifying but are actually harmless

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Here are 10 of the scariest bugs in the world. 1. Japanese Giant Hornet. The Japanese Giant Hornet can be found, you guessed it, in Japan. It's 3 inches long, with bright yellow stripes. If this isn't scary enough for you, keep in mind that these aggressive hornets kill approximately 40 people each year This story transcended Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, becoming a recurring feature in teen magazines and later on urban legend websites. Not even 200 words long, this is one of the most. The scariest things in the universe are black holes - and here are 3 reasons October 30, 2020 8.50am EDT. Chris Impey, University of Arizona. Author. Chris Impe This episode also shows us how Larry got all of his scars with an uncomfortable burning scene that isn't the easiest thing to watch. The episode also features Rubber Man being revealed as Tate, which is a cool moment, but also scary, as Rubber Man is easily one of the scariest characters the show has ever created. 13 Test Of Strength: Freak Sho In 2017, six deep-sea trenches were chosen, including the Pacific Mariana Trench which has the world's deepest ocean point, Challenger Deep. In turn, Challenger Deep is the habitat of amphipods. These crustaceans live 11,000 meters (36,000 ft) down, and every one that was trapped and tested had ingested microplastics

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The Scariest Movies of 2020, from 'The Assistant' to 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things' From visceral horror stories to real-life dramas terrifying for other reasons, 2020 has given us. Luca voice actors Maya Rudolph, Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jim Gaffigan and Emma Berman discuss the themes of Pixar's latest family film, which premieres Friday on Disney+ The Deepest Part of the Ocean is Not Empty Creepypasta | Scary Stories from Reddit Nosleep Posted by FearBlue | Jul 18, 2021 | Scary Videos of The Ocean | 0 | This creepypasta scary story is from the nosleep subreddit, Written by TheJesseClark, make sure to check out the original story and support the author! source YouTub The sea can be a creepy mistress indeed, as two Reddit threads dedicated to sailors and people who've spent time in seclusion reveal. These 16 sailors, fisherman, Navy officers, divers, swimmers, and casual boaters recount bizarre encounters, horrifying sightings, and strange occurrences while out to sea, in the ocean, and hunting in large swamps

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  1. g reading. We've compiled a list of some hair-raising favourites below. 1.RAINBOW VALLEY. There is an accidental graveyard called the 'Rainbow Valley' on Mt. Everest. It got its name from the multi.
  2. There's nothing quite like a scary story on Halloween night, here Reddit users reveal the scariest things that have happened to them. 10. The man in the sunglasses. I was riding my bike home late.
  3. Scary Seas: 21 Terrifying Real-Life Deep Ocean Creatures. The last true frontier on Earth is deep in the ocean. Any expedition to the dark depths is incredibly expensive, yet invariably comes back with a host of newly discovered species that are about as alien to land dwellers as it's possible to get on this planet
  4. 25 Things Actually Found Underwater By Deep-Sea Divers. From endless treasures, abandoned ships, locomotives and ancient ruins, you are bound to be intrigued by what's to come. The ocean makes up nearly 70% of planet Earth's surfaces, while only 5% has actually been explored. With countless series on ocean life and the eerie depth of our dark.
  5. An extension to the Arctic Ocean, the White Sea is nearly frozen all winter long and is home to over 700 species of invertebrates, about 60 species of fish and five species of marine mammals.
  6. Here are the scariest 32 sleep paralysis stories we've got: 1. Footsteps in the hallway. One night I woke up to what I thought was the sound of footsteps in my hallway. I was laying on my back, which immediately made me confused and a bit nervous because I never sleep on my back

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  1. So if you want your kids to experience a few frights, Scary For Kids has different types of content for that. You'll find a collection of scary stories, scary games, scary videos and movies, scary pictures, and scary things, all meant for children. The largest repository is of scary stories, which includes both fiction as well as true life tales
  2. 20 Scary Things That Actually Happened On Horror Movie Sets. Aiden Mason 3 years ago. There's something about horror movies which fascinates the human psyche. As a species, we're mesmerized by.
  3. 10 things non-Brits find weird about Britain, according to Reddit Viral news Published: Jan 2, 2019 Last Updated: Jan 3, 2019 The thread on the popular /r/AskReddit has received almost 40,000.
  4. The sea. -Gary Paulsen. The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. -Henry Beston. I could.
  5. 18 August 2017. Moonlight triggers the world's biggest orgy, strange creatures emerge from the depths, and waves glow blue. Some phenomena in the ocean can only be witnessed after dark. 1.
  6. These scary sharks roam the open ocean, from the surface to over 4,000 feet deep, which (unfortunately for my research) has produced countless videos and photos of them in action. The Goblin Shark is terrifying due to its odd anatomy, including a long snout that's disconnected from its mouth

20 Divers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Seen

This quiz will totally get under your skin and find the things that terrify you. Only people who are really unafraid of everything can make it all the way to the end without getting creeped out. Take it and find out how brave you actually are! But be careful, you might have some pretty scary nightmares after this P.T. became an obsession, as players across the internet — Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, NeoGAF, and other forums — attempted to piece together exactly how to reach P.T.'s true ending

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The Ocean's Carbon Balance. by Holli Riebeek • design by Robert Simmon. The idea seemed simple enough: the more carbon dioxide that people pumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, the more the oceans would absorb. The ocean would continue to soak up more and more carbon dioxide until global warming heated the ocean enough to slow. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Reddit. By: Kier Harris December 03, 2011. If you're the sort of person who immediately wants to know what the craziest goddamned thing you can do to a 600-foot ocean bottom sinkhole is, world free diving champion Guillaume Nery has you covered. He stood on the edge of the world's deepest blue hole. Hags. There are endless horrific possibilities when it comes to hags. Hags are cruel, ancient, evil, magical creatures that come in a variety of types like night hags, green hags, and sea hags. Each type comes with its own terrifying characteristics, though the night hag has the worst feature in our opinion Dangers in the Deep: 10 Scariest Sea Creatures. By Robert Roy Britt & Tuan C. Nguyen 24 May 2011. Dangers in the Deep. A stingray from below. (Image credit: Mark Aplet, Dreamstime.com

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The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean. 1 of 21. Newscom. The common fangtooth, or Anoplogaster cornuta, is a small, deep-sea fish with some of the largest teeth in the ocean, proportional to its size. Though none of the sequels and prequels managed to live up to that one scene, the Exorcist franchise panning 5 of the creepiest horror movies is a must-watch tonight. 2. The Ju-On series (Japan. Aug 27, 2020. Sanchi Oberoi. If you're seriously obsessed with all things ghosts, unexplained events, conspiracy theories, and murder mysteries—hi, it me!—allow me to introduce what I like. One thing is clear: people perceive sharks as scary monsters which do not hesitate to attack humans whenever they can. In reality this is an image of the shark as a movie character and nothing more. There have been cases of shark attacks on humans, but they are not as many as one might think

Reddit, What is the scariest person, place, or thing inScary-Ass Deep Sea Creatures That You Won’t Believe Are Real

The gist: A furry, long-necked sea creature with a camel-like face. Story: Where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, Colossal Claude lives. He's said to be a long sea serpent, with a little mammal thrown in for good measure. He doesn't seem to do much of anything beyond exist, but the idea of a 40-foot-mammalian eel with a camel's. The jail had a notorious ghost, Sara Ware, who would play with the lights and set off alarms. Most of the alarms are panic alarms in locked offices where switches actually had to be pushed and slid into a slot to activate. It got to the point where the officers were afraid to go into the courthouse for an alarm Reddit user and mother Likatiger was playing and laughing with her 3-year-old girl one day when things suddenly turned grim: Her face deadpans, she looks me in the eye and tells me in a serious. Scariest and most frightining and most awesome scp monsters and objects. By the way, scp stands for. S.ecure. C.ontain. P.rotect. The Top Ten. 1 SCP-682. This SCP is an absolute killing machine. And, the fact that it can regenerate from any wound, fatal or not to a human being, is utterly terrifying Of the over six million articles in the English Wikipedia there are some articles that Wikipedians have identified as being somewhat unusual. These articles are verifiable, valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical, or something one would not expect to find in Encyclopædia Britannica.We should take special care to meet the highest standards of an encyclopedia. Ysidora's ghost is rumored to visit Room 11 at the hotel where she stayed, turning lights on and off and causing all kinds of spirited mischief. 2660 Calhoun St., San Diego. (619) 297-1874.

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