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Top Arkansas Landmarks: See reviews and photos of sights to see in Arkansas on Tripadvisor. Art Galleries in Arkansas Art Museums in Arkansas Children's Museums in Arkansas History Museums in Arkansas Military Museums in Arkansas Natural History Museums in Museums, eclectic eateries plus unique shops, galleries, parks, hiking trails. Arkansans, whether native or adopted, have played and continue to play profound roles in arts and entertainment, sports, business, writing, politics, architecture, and history. From Bill Clinton to Mary Steenburgen, several famous and well-known people have roots in Arkansas Arkansas contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton founded opened the first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas. 47 hot springs flow from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain. About 1,000,000 gallons of 143°F flow from the springs every day

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Many famous people of Arkansas have made significant contributions to the history of our nation and the state of Arkansas. These famous Americans, famous entertainers, famous players, famous scientist, famous singers, famous statesmen, famous women, heroes, great explorers, and others Arkansas famous Americans have all made Arkansas their home 11 Famous People You Probably Didn't Know Were from Arkansas Sure, everyone knows that the Clintons are proud natives of the Natural State. And you're probably familiar with the fact legendary poet and author Maya Angelou hails from the tiny town of Stamps, Arkansas The culture of Arkansas is a subculture of the Southern United States that has come from blending heavy amounts of various European settlers culture with the culture of African slaves and Native Americans. Southern culture remains prominent in the rural Arkansas delta and south Arkansas

A slave state, Arkansas became the ninth state to secede from the union and join the Confederate States of America. Today Arkansas ranks 27th among the 50 states in area, but, except for Louisiana.. Famous People From Arkansas With the city of Little Rock as its capital, Arkansas is a state situated in the southeastern region of the United States of America. The geographical terrain of the state ranges from mountainous regions to densely forested lands, which makes it the 29th largest in terms of area Arkansas food festivals celebrate everything from strawberries to peaches, watermelon to pink tomatoes, purplehull peas to crawfish, and even cornbread. Read more about Arkansas food festivals here. The state grape is the Cynthiana, but you'll also find muscadines well represented with jams, jellies and wines Rice production is a billion dollar industry in Arkansas. No doubt, Arkansas is the largest producer of rice among the 50 states. Rice production reportedly began in Arkansas in 1902 with one acre of rice grown in Lonoke County. However, some historical records suggest that rice was grown in some parts of Arkansas prior to the Civil War

The history of Arkansas denotes more than 60,000 people resided in Arkansas by 1836 throughout the prairies, mountains, and by the lakes. After a noteworthy constitution was drafted and accepted by the people, Arkansas became the 25th state of America. Growing by leaps and bounds, Arkansas was home to almost half a million people by 1860, a. The Fort Smith National Historic Site includes the remains of two frontier forts and the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas. Judge Isaac C. Parker, known as the hangin' judge, presided over the court for 21 years. Last updated: August 28, 201 Little River County Courthouse is world famous for it's Christmas lights display. General Douglas MacArthur, soldier and statesman, was born in Little Rock in 1880. Established near the mouth of the Arkansas River in 1686, Arkansas Post was the first permanent white settlement in the state The enterprising town of Fayetteville dates its history from the organization of Washington County in 1828. At about that time George McGarroh, the father of James, John and William McGarroh, removed from the neighborhood of Evansville, and located near the spring in what is now known as the Masonic addition to Fayetteville. The next year James Leeper, the father of Mathew W. Leeper, came, and.

History of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Jonesboro, seat of Craighead County, is the largest city in northeast Arkansas. The Jonesboro and Craighead County area was inhabited by Native Americans when the white men first arrived. Traders, voyagers, trappers, and adventurers had arrived there shortly after 1800, bartering with the Indians for furs and. Visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas, today, it's hard to imagine the city as a hotbed for organized crime, such as gambling, prostitution and bootlegging. But from the late-1800s through the mid-1900s, especially in the 1930s, Hot Springs was a popular hangout for Al Capone, Frank Costello, Bugs Moran, Lucky Luciano, and other infamous mobsters The Great Depression. In the 1930's The great depression struck Arkansas, as well as The rest of the U.S. This event was a awful time for people, stock markets crashed, schools couldn't pay their taxes and they had little food. 1949 Arkansas isn't called the 'Natural State' for nothing - any travel guide will tell you that the southern state is famous for its abundant wilderness, hot springs, mountains, rivers and caves. However, here are our top picks of the more unusual sites that are completely unique to Arkansas - we guarantee they will not disappoint

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  1. 1. Arkansas prides itself for being the world capital of a variety of things, including quartz (this honor is attributed specifically to the Mount Ida area), spinach (Alma), folk music (Mountain..
  2. Alma, Arkansas is the Spinach Capital of the World and commemorated this by painting its water tower to be the world's biggest can of spinach. William Bill Doolin was the founder of the Wild Bunch, which specialized in robbing banks, trains and stage-coaches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas in the 1890s
  3. Cabot is the largest city in Lonoke County, Arkansas, United States, and a suburb of Little Rock.As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 23,776, and in 2019 the population was an estimated 26,352, ranking it as the state's 19th largest city, behind Jacksonville.It is part of the Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway Metropolitan Statistical Are
  4. Of course he does. However, Harrison has been trying in recent years to rehabilitate their reputation as one of the most racist towns in America. It must be working, too, because the town of.
  5. Arkansas - Arkansas - Cultural life: Semiprofessional orchestras, choral groups, and ballet, theatre, and opera companies operate in Little Rock and other urban centres of Arkansas. Most colleges and universities offer training in the arts and sponsor regular performances and exhibitions. Some of the state's richest contributions to the arts come from the communities of the Ozark Mountains
  6. Arkansas History Firsts & State Facts. 1686 - Established near the mouth of the Arkansas River in 1686, Arkansas Post was the first permanent white settlement in the state.; 1783 - The Colbert Incident occurred at Arkansas Post. It was the only Revolutionary War skirmish in the state. 1830 - Since the 1830s the area now known as Hot Springs National Park has bathed notables as diverse as.

Arkansas is the only US State that produces diamonds. The state is known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, and hot springs. It has over 600,000 acres of lakes. The Arkansas state musical instrument is the fiddle. The state ranks number 1 in rice and poultry production. The headquarters of Wal-Mart is in Bentonville Arkansas is home to amazing events year-round. If you are looking for arts & culture, family, outdoor, festivals, sports or free Arkansas events, we have something for everyone. Search below to find a variety of Arkansas festivals, performances and other events and start creating your trip today

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Read on to find out 10 of the most interesting facts about Arkansas history. Before Arkansas was a state, it became a separate territory in 1819. Arkansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase between the United States and France. In June of 1836, Arkansas became a state. The name Arkansas is derived from the word acansaw which means downstream place Thousands of Native Americans died on this journey, known the Trail of Tears. A few years later Arkansas became the 25th U.S. state. In 1861 at the start of the Civil War, Arkansas was a Confederate state. That meant it wanted to break away from the United States and form another country with other nearby states Arkansas jointed the United States territories in 1804 with the Louisiana Purchase, and its reputation in history at the time was a violent and lawless place run by a handful of crooked men, says The Encyclopedia of Arkansas. Here are six important historical events from Arkansas history that define the state: 1 Arkansas Post was the capital of Arkansas for almost 200 years, only changing to Little Rock in 1836. The site of Arkansas Post is now a part of the Arkansas Post National Memorial protected area, which encompasses 757.51 acres (306.55 hectares). The 42 nd president of the United States was from Arkansas

The Arkansas parks system began promoting Arkansas as The Natural State to highlight its less commercial, but, some would say more valuable, resource - its beautiful and diverse landscape. The nickname proved very popular with the public, and in 1995, Representative Dennis Young from Miller County introduced formal legislation to retire. The Arkansas Industrial Development Commission was established in the 1950s as an early effort to attract industries to the state in order to diversify Arkansas' economy. The governor who established this commission wa March is Women's History Month and Arkansas has its share of amazing women who have influenced both our state's history and the nation - Louise Thaden and Daisy Bates. Louise Thaden. If you mention airplanes and women, most people immediately jump to Amelia Earhart as the most famous female pilot in aviation When you're looking at the places in Arkansas with the highest number of KKK Klaverns per capita back in the day, this is an accurate list. Below is a chart which lists all cities in Arkansas with KKK organizations from 1915-1940. For more Arkansas reading , check out: These Are The 10 Most Ghetto Cities In Arkansas History. Boone County, Arkansas was founded on April 9, 1869, making it the 62nd county formed in the state of Arkansas. Becoming part of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase, that area was part of the Missouri Territory in 1812 when Louisiana was admitted as a state

In fact, Arkansas has more than 600,000 acres of natural lakes. Arkansas is also known for its sportsmanship and boasts mallard hunting as a main attraction for hunters across the nation. Visitors to Arkansas can search Crater of Diamonds State Park for precious gems including, of course, diamonds Arkansas is known for its natural resources since the place has roughly around 50 national and state parks. In fact, Arkansas is also referred to as the Natural State. A tourist will never run out of beautiful places to visit in this state Timeline. 1514 - Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto is the first European to visit Arkansas. 1686 - The first permanent settlement, the Arkansas Post, is established by Frenchman Henry de Tonty. 1803 - The United States buys the Louisiana Purchase including Arkansas for $15,000,000. 1804 - Arkansas is part of the Louisiana Territory

Founding. The state legislature approved establishment of a land-grant university, to be known as the Arkansas Industrial University, on March 27, 1871. The federal Morrill Land Grant Act granted lands to Arkansas that could be sold, the revenues from which could then be used to pay for creation of the university Arkansas is home to the Ozark Mountains and Hot Springs National Park. It is also the birth place of former president Bill Clinton. The Trail of Tears National Historical Trail runs through the.

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Arkansas joined the Confederacy in 1861, but from 1863 the northern part of the state was occupied by Union troops. Food products are the state's largest employing sector, with lumber and wood products a close second. Arkansas is also a leader in the production of cotton, rice, and soybeans History of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Pine Bluff, county seat of Jefferson County, is located on the banks of the Arkansas River. It lies south of Little Rock along Hwy 365. Pine Bluff serves as the major trade center for the southeast portion of Arkansas.The town was first established on a high bluff above the Arkansas River

Historical Markers. In April 1999, the University of Arkansas unveiled a set of institutional historical markers designed to commemorate significant research and intellectual achievements, notable leaders, outstanding alumni, historic events, sites and campus lore. Uncover the many achievements of our University through the history detailed in. Aug 11, 2015 - Explore My Info's board Famous African Americans from Arkansas on Pinterest. See more ideas about famous african americans, american, black history what is each u.s. state known for? Each of the 50 states has a distinct personality, with interesting quirks and peculiarities very common between states. It's helpful to know what each state is famous for so that when you travel through the state, you have a head start on researching what you may want to try to see, do, and/or eat The Bluff: The Short Pine Bluff Arkansas Ghetto Story. In the small Arkansas city of Pine Bluff much is not known other than the negative labels that society has given the city, which have included every slogan depicting the Pine Bluff ghetto from the Poorest City to the Most Dangerous City.. An impoverish city divided between the East Side, North Side and West Side with the South. Arkansas has over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers. [20] 42. Arkansas Post was the first territorial capital of Arkansas Territory from 1819 until 1821 when Little Rock was made the capital of the state. 43. The University of Arkansas was founded in 1871

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  1. What one town's fight with the KKK says about the latest battle over white nationalism. In the Ozarks, the normalization of white supremacist ideology started decades ago. HARRISON, Arkansas.
  2. 2. Possum pie. Variations of this dish are made elsewhere, and it has different names in different parts of the state -- Four Layer Delight, Chocolate Torte, Robert Redford -- but the idea is the same: a cooler pie with cream cheese and a flour-and-pecan crust on the bottom, whipped cream and pecans on the top and a layer of chocolate custard in-between
  3. Like Jefferson County, Pine Bluff is a historical offspring of Arkansas Post (Arkansas County)—the first European foothold in Arkansas, founded in 1686 by the French and built near the mouth of the Arkansas River.The city thrived during the last part of the nineteenth century due to its status as a cotton center and river port. The city was hit hard, however, by flooding, drought, and.
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  1. [The above information is excerpted from History of Mississippi County, Arkansas by Mabel F. Edrington, 1962.] The present Mississippi County was created on November 1, 1833, though some border changes occurred later, most notably when Craighead County was created in 1859
  2. Arkansas is replete with a moderate climate, lush terrain, mountains, and lakes and rivers required for a vacation in the Great Outdoors.Arkansas is also an affordable destination, with thousands of free events offered throughout the year, including festivals, art exhibitions, and craft fairs in Eureka Springs, Fayetteville and Hot Springs.From concerts in Little Rock, art walks and galleries.
  3. Pike, a.
  4. Geographical and historical treatment of Arkansas, including maps and a survey of its people, economy, and government. For more than a century after it joined the union (1836), Arkansas retained a largely rural character, but since 1970 there has been rapid economic and urban development in selected areas
  5. NETSTATE offers information on all the symbols for all 50 states. In addition, you'll find printable maps and flags, geography, history, information on the economy, agriculture and industry, almanacs, notable people and state quizzes. Find state facts you know and some you never heard of

History of the Diamond Mine. For years, locals wondered about the unusual green dirt about two miles south of the small farming community of Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Geologists examined the soil in the late 1800s and found it to be similar to diamond-bearing volcanic material elsewhere in the world, but they failed to uncover any of the precious. Top 10 tourist attractions in Arkansas. Explore sightseeing, travel destinations & fun things to do in Arkansas at famous attractions like Hot Springs National Park, Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas State Capitol Jul 14, 2021 - Looking to get inspired on your trip to Arkansas? Immerse yourself into world-class art, exciting history, and mind-bending science. Check out the best museums in Arkansas to visit in 2021. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor Today the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie in Stuttgart showcases the history of this major center for U.S. rice production. Arkansas Rice Facts. Arkansas is the #1 producer of rice in the United States. In 2015, Arkansas farmers produced 207,550,200 bushels of rice on 1.286 million acres UAMS was transformed from a small medical school with a charity hospital into an academic health center and research leader under the direction of Dr. Harry P. Ward, who served as chancellor from 1979 to 2000. The Harry P. Ward Tower, which opened in 1997, is named in his honor. Dr. Ward was succeeded as chancellor by Dr. I. Dodd Wilson in 2000

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The Alamo, located near San Antonio, is a Spanish mission and fortress that is famous for its role in the Texas Revolution. In 1835, a group of 180 volunteer Texas soldiers including Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, battled against 600 members of the Mexican army and courageously held up the fort for thirteen days before being overpowered and killed. The defeat became a rallying cry for other. I just completed a ten day road trip across New Mexico and it was so beautiful. This was my first visit to the state and I would love to get back again to explore more. Having never been to the state before, the first thing on my mind when I hear.

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Historical photographs constitute a valuable record of the nature of Arkansas forests from a time in which we have only poor or incomplete scientific records. Some of these pictures depict logging scenes, while others are incidental glimpses of the historical vegetation captured while recording early views of the life and times of Arkansans By late 1879, the estimated population of Eureka Springs reached 10,000 people and in 1881, the town was declared a City of the First Class, the fourth largest city in Arkansas. Today, our history lives on as the entire downtown area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places with National Significance

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A gorgeous, northern Arkansas town proud of its unique Ozark culture, Mountain View is known as the folk music capital of the world and counts legendary musician Jimmy Driftwood among its past residents, with impromptu folk concerts often taking place on the porch of the town's Mountain View Music store. Flanked to the north by beautiful. Arkansas is also known as The Natural State because is features several areas of wetlands and rivers, including the Mississippi River. Rivers wind around most borders of the state, and are home to several freshwater fish species.Arkansas is a leader in catfish sales and accounts for a large portion of the nation's catfish needs

The state of Arkansas purchased Huddleston's former property in 1972 and established Crater of Diamonds State Park, but that wasn't enough to ensure the site's integrity Historic Indians in the Mississippi Valley. The groups shown on this map represent the major communities featured in the First Encounters learning exercises. Click on the names for brief ethnographic sketches of each community

Arkansas is a state in the a state in south central United States. There are many famous Native American tribes who played a part in the history of the state and whose tribal territories and homelands are located in the present day state of Arkansas. The names of the Arkansas tribes included the Caddo, Quapaw, Tunica - Biloxi and Cherokee Indians Mammoth Orange Cafe in Redfield. Amanda Galiano. Address. Redfield, AR 72132, USA. Get directions. Phone +1 501-397-2347. This great little cafe in Redfield is still operational, and has been attracting roadside tourists since the 60s. Redfield is about an hour from Little Rock, towards Pine Bluff

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The most famous work that he crafted in Arkansas is the acclaimed novel A Farewell to Arms, a love story about an ambulance driver and nurse on the Italian front during World War I. The film version of the novel starred Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes. The author, however, was not a fan of the adaptation; he disavowed it before production finished 4.2. The Fort Smith Museum of History is located at 320 Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The museum is devoted to presenting the history of. Explore. ©. Specialty Museum. Emma's Museum of Junk , Jasper. 4.5. Emma's is a wonderfully fun junkie antiquey store located in downtown Jasper, Arkansas Location: Arkansas. Established: March 4, 1921. Size: 5,550 acres. Most national parks cover hundreds of thousands of acres, are far from city streets, and keep natural resources away from.

Arkansas was named for the French plural of a Native American tribe, while Kansas is the English spelling of a similar one. Since the letter s at the end of French words is usually silent, we. Hot Springs, Arkansas, located along the Ouachita River in the Central Ouachita Mountains, is the county seat of Garland County and home to the Hot Springs National Park, the oldest federal reserve in the United States.The city is named for the natural thermal water that flows from 47 springs on the western slope of Hot Springs Mountain. These waters that flow out of the ground at 147 degrees. Quick Facts. Founded in 1871, the University of Arkansas comprises 10 colleges and schools and offers more than 200 academic programs. The Carnegie Foundation classifies the U of A among only 3 percent of universities in America that have the highest level of research activity War Memorial Stadium, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, has played host to major college football games, concerts and events for 70 years. The stadium has gone through several renovations since opening in 1948, ensuring it remains vital and strong for years to come. Miracles happen every day at War Memorial Stadium, from major college upsets to the glow on a child's face when opening. Daisy Bates (November 11, 1914-November 4, 1999) was a journalist, newspaper publisher, and civil rights activist known for her role in supporting the 1957 integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bates and her husband were activists who devoted their lives to the civil rights movement, creating and running a newspaper called the Arkansas State Press that would function.

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Known as: Largest lake entirely inside Arkansas; cleanest lake in Arkansas and one of the cleanest lakes in the US. Lake Ouachita was formed in the early 1950s when the Blakely Mountain Dam was built in the Ouachita River by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The original purpose of the dam was flood control and hydroelectric power generation When the Spanish arrived in Arkansas in the 1500s, they encountered many tribes that had been native to the area for thousands of years. In this lesson, you will learn about the history of some of. This Arkansas town is known for its gangster history, its healing waters, and now its brews. Atlas Obscura Itineraries Black Apples and 6 Other Southern Specialties Thriving in Arkansas 101 American History Research Paper Topics for College Students. design.lsu.edu. History is the study of human past. America is one of the oldest nation in the globe. The first settlers in America were of Asian origin and were nomadic in nature. However, until 1776 is when the Declaration of Independence came about Comparing Arkansas to the rest of the South in the 19th century, she says, There wasn't as much of a history of lynching. Everyone was so poor. Everyone was so poor. There weren't [as many.

In honor of Frank Martin, ranking the SEC's most intenseHBCU GameTime: Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Southern duke it outIn Sprawling Los Angeles, a Swap Meet Becomes a Community

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Historical Events for the Year 1951. 4th January » Korean War: China called Chinese and North Korean forces Third Battle of Seoul known as capture Seoul.; 6th January » Ganghwa massacre: Korean War.; 13th January » First Indochina War: The Battle of Vinh Yen begins, which will end in a major victory for France.; 15th January » Ilse Koch, The Witch of Buchenwald, wife of the commandant of. Arkansas: America's First Toothbrush Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images Billy C (also known as former President Bill Clinton, of course) is my homeboy, but let's face it — there. THINGS TO DO IN FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS. 1. Learn the story behind Miss Laura's Social Club. In 1898, Miss Laura Ziegler went to a local bank and borrowed $3,000 to renovate the former Riverfront Inn, a commercial hotel that had opened in 1896. In 1903 she reopened as Miss Laura's - an upscale bordello From Imams to Da'ee's or friars, preachers are prevalent in almost all countries and in almost all the cultures and religions. Here is a list of famous preachers. Go through their biographies, which include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history The Ozark Mountains or Ozark Plateau is a rugged highland area stretching roughly from St. Louis, Mo., to the Arkansas River and occupying parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Kansas. The tallest segment is the Boston Mountains, which stands up to 2,000 feet tall. These heavily forested highlands are known for their caves, natural beauty.

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Best known for his Yellow Fever research, he served as an army surgeon for more than 20 years. The U.S. Army's general hospital in Washington, D.C., is named in his honor. Birthday - Army General John J. Pershing (1860-1948) was born in Laclede, Missouri Walmart's current mission statement and its advertising slogan, which are prevalent at the company's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas—the place where it all began—are the same: Save people money so they can live better. In addition to this mission statement, the company looks to its founder for the company's purpose Made famous by the Julia Roberts movie of the same name, Mystic Pizza is located in Mystic, Connecticut. 'A slice of heaven' is the tagline for this popular pizzeria and it doesn't disappoint Christine Wilson is director of publications for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and managing editor of The Journal of Mississippi History, the quarterly publication of the Mississippi Historical Society. Posted August 2003. Further Reading. Cook, Bruce. Listen to the Blues. New York: Scribner's Sons, 1973 Known as the Father of Modern Surgery, Lister pioneered antiseptic surgery. We have some truly great doctors within the MANA network, too! We would like to thank each and every one of them for their continued efforts and service in Northwest Arkansas