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The latest archives are not available here, but nothing has been lost! We're working on building a better, more maintainable system for monthly archives, and will announce it on our Discord when we're done. 201901x.htm. 201902x.htm. 2019-04.htm It's going to be interesting to watch presidential elections in around 2040, when voters can dig up candidates' teenage angst pics and posts from old social media and discussion forum archives. -- Mikko Hypponen Welcome to my website here you will find links relating to archiving and websites devoted to relevant subjects Archive. 2021-05-10 » Let's Play in RE Village: Episode 3; 2021-05-07 » Let's Play in RE Village: Episode 2; 2021-04-30 » Let's Play in RE Village: Episode 1; 2020-11-18 » Moon: Another Ending; Holmes Translations is written by Holmes, built with Zonelets, and hosted by Neocities!. Archive of old versions of Adobe Animate/Flash. Made by @Megacharlie159. Archive of old versions of Adobe Animate/Flash. File Hosting from archive.org Web Hosting from neocities.org Contributors: Megacharlie, Jaydee, Madebybela, UkinoJoe, The Macintosh Repository, Macintosh Garden, mjag203, Carvtoons Adobe Flash and Adobe Animate are. archive. an incomplete hex archive, with mostly just newer files i currently have access to. if you have interest in trading, contact me at gotyourgoldwatchandchain@gmail.com, or on discord at vomit coffin#6371

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  1. Site Archive. Do you ever wonder what my site looked like in the past...? Well, now you can hop in your very own time machine and see what it used to look like! I had taken a beginner's class on web design at this point, after Neocities piqued my curiousity, so I had a tiny grasp of CSS. My central navigation is now made up of buttons.
  2. 2020/11/24 After a few weeks in the Recombo DNA lab, the archive is looking spiffier than ever! Dig our new background, lifted from an early 2000s era version of DEVO's informative Brainwasher webzine. 2020/11/18 Links for DEVO-Obsesso.com and the DEVOtional 2020 Tribute Livestream added to our Official Links page
  3. yuck! hey!! come in from the heat.. or just chill out here for a while :>) blinking gif backrounds mediocre code autoplay music, and one highschool age teen awaits! CLICK THE CENTIPEDE TO ENTER WHEN READY
  4. Neocities.org. Create your own free website. Unlimited creativity, zero ads. Neocities is a social network of 375,600 web sites that are bringing back the lost individual creativity of the web. We offer free static web hosting and tools that allow you to create your own web site. Join us
  5. December 31st, 2019 - Earliest page archive. March 8th, 2020 - SRB20YA finds a host at 000webhost. March 23rd, 2020 - Discord server created. May 8th, 2020 - After issues with file types, Tobi switches the host to a friend's server. May 15th, 2020 - Tobi switches again to NeoCities. Archives. December 31st, 2019. January 29th, 2020. February.
  6. These softwares were abandoned by Adobe, so it is basically a legal grey area. Software such as this is commonly refered to as Abandonware. Are these files safe? Yes, all the files on here should be perfectly fine. There are MD5 caches if you would like to check and confirm for yourself

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Welcome to the Vaporwave Archive! 0:00/0:00. Visit Pause Skip. Volume Options. Player Volume: Vaporwave Archive Explorer. Vaporwave Archive. Windows Media Player Skins Archive. Download a .ZIP file with all skins from archive.org (300 MB) or choose one from the list below The Trollpasta Wiki Raises A Pet. . The Cosby Show Lost Episode. . King of the Hill Lost Episode. . Jeff the Killer and Godzilla vs. Leopold Slikk and RED. . Squidward'z Z'uicide Part 4 Archives!!! Okay so this is where I'm going to put posts that are old! (becasue they clutter up the homepage amirite?! I mean yea you wouldn't be able to tell me because there's no comment box on this site because i don't think neocities supports php. but whatever ^.^ 6/28/17. Okay so I found out that .mp3 files won't work on firefox's. Looking for official Maxis content for your game? Click here to find it. We have content from now defunct website, promotional items, preorder content, and so much more

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Mario says: Welcome to Club Nintendo Archives! Back in 1989 and the early '90s, Club Nintendo magazine was published throughout the UK and Europe. This magazine was made to promote the various Nintendo games that were currently available and due to come, as well as provide hints, tips, and codes. This website was designed to list and note. Welcome to OoCities.org In October 2009 we archived our olden cities of the web: The unique pages on GeoCities.com just before they were taken down. Geocities started in 1994 and was the first giant social network and one of the most important websites in the world until it was closed on 27.10.2009 Welcome to the Archives. The cartoonist used many names, most notably Jack Masters and Flimsy Parkins. His magnum opus, Poorly Planned Comics, was a metafictional catastrophe featuring several broken fifth walls, absurd theories about MAZE and Homestuck, poignant anticlimaxes, MS Paint abstract art, and the Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Internet Archive Links. eComStation 2.0 rc6a BackOffice Server 2000 Hyper-V Server 2008 OVA File Visual Studio .net 2002 Enterprise Developer Windows Powered Windows Thin PC OVA Windows NT 5.0 Build 2195 OVA Windows Vista with (Product) Red Content Pack applied VDI Windows 8 build 8056 Windows 8 VDI Windows POSReady 7 VDI Windows 7 build 6910. WebComic | Archive - gallimaufrygals.neocities.org Archive

Welcome to my Website! This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Neocities. Here's how you can make bold and italic text.. Here's how you can add an image: Here's how to make a list welcome. True to the name, this website is a large archive dedicated to music files in the .mid format, also known as Midi. I've been collecting midi files since 2000 and have hosted similar websites in the past through Freewebs and Geocities, however those sites are long gone. I've always been nostalgic to the old days of personal websites and. archive of my work. apologies for the clustered formatting! everything rwby-related should be here. Neocities.. Here's how you can make bold and italic text.. Here's how you can add an image nef's archive. Hello and welcome to my page! This website was started on a whim, but somehow I got sucked in and I keep wanting to add more and more. I feel a strong nostalgia for the internet of the 2000s, when I was younger and life was simpler. I'm trying to recapture a little bit of that joy. Please feel free to look around, new content. The full list of posts. Archive

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One-T is an animated band created in 2000 by Eddy Gronfier and Thomas Pieds. They produced the music and imagined unique artwork and visuals. The concept of One-T is about a 13-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a DJ The Banner Archive EN. Demoscene: Modules, Tracker, & Video Game Music; Video Game Fansites; YouTube; JP. Doujin (Artists, Circles, Brands, Eromanga, Erosoft, Hentai archive, all pages here are outdated. Fanart; Mikuart; Thunder; Animation; About; Asset

Brandon Kruze's Review Archive for Cups N' Cakes Network (The yellow words are links.) Latest Review Quick Picks Pick Of The Week About M this page is just for updates, see download links for my neocities exclusive albums in the link displayed below. downloads. update april 7 2021. new ambient/glitch/drone album. dtdg - RT's (downloadable at this link) Im also working on a series of Lo-Fi albums inspired by james ferraro in my Summer Runnings 2021 Series

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owlman.neocities.org Archive 10/01/18 by Clive James Python. Publication date 2018-01-10 Usage Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Topics owlman, website, internet, neocities, clive, james, python, brit, 14jammar Collection opensource_media Language english-handwritten That 1 Archive is a meta-archive compiled in the pursuit of the ideals of exploring history and eternal preservation, with a strong focus on national security, intelligence, espionage and related issues echo ballard archives 2013-present. magic teens/trance.biz era (2013-2016) mega vice load (2021-present) bandcamp new breakpoint (2019-present) bandcamp manifestacion esoterica (2017-2020) bandcamp echo ballard - portraiture lp (wav) mediafire echo ballard - portraiture lp (mp3) mediafire goldleaf table - light pollution mixtape mediafire. loosies soundclou The Society for the Study of Modern Image Board Culture (2004-2015) 4chan's archived Imageboard Discussion board (2004-2014) If you need to contact me or have information about GETs, please email 4chansociety@gmail.com. Otherwise, These are my accounts and/or usernames on various sites. My 4chan Tripcode: HolyTrinity !rzxclGwUHU WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. I've created this website as a form of self-expression, as well as a time-capsule to the earlier days of the web. This website has no purpose other than than to entertain others and for me to share things with the world. Browse to your hearts content! PLEASE DISABLE YOUR AD AND SCRIPT BLOCKERS, this site is graphic/script.

Available: I'm up to trading them/adopting them out! Restricted: Only a few will be given out! (generally takes a trade of some sort but honestly I'm super easy to please) Exclusive: Made only for me or one particular person! Retired: No more will be made. : {. All of them are for P4 unless noted otherwise. Should work on all games 3-5! Rules Some Super Mario 64 prerelease roms in the form of patches.Visit my neocities page at nextstepinweb10.neocities.org. Skip to main content Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete Archives. Here's every article we've ever done, with all the lurid details. Wanna know if we've trashed your favourite game? Now's your chance. Stories: 2017 - 04 · 2017 - 06 · 2017 - 07 · 2017 - 10 · 2017 - 11 · 2017 - 12 · 2018 - 01 · 2018 - 04. Lists: 2017 · 2018.

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The Desmond Archives Est. 1997 . Welcome to The Desmond Archives! Nothing fancy here, just an attempt to put some information online that isn't available elsewhere. Most of what's here is in the form of files that can be easily copied or downloaded. It is my hope that you'll find information that will aid you in your research 3. corn simulator. pets. live feed (real) places i've been. archive

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Don't like archive.org? (why???) Here's a link to download it on mega.nz! Oh, and hey, if you found this page just on Google while looking for Cursormania stuff, give me a holler on Twitter @rgbmew. I'm a person too, and I'm curious how many people are actually still interested in Cursormania Re-did the resources page again. I keep going back-and-forth between squishing all my archive-related links into a larger Mkdocs-made site that functions as a linkroll, e.g. along with all of the content in 'resources' there's a ton of links to other computer-y things, like Emacs and Linux. Keeping the linkroll seperate from the archival. Reconstruction of the Wired. (Doing some basic 'electric sheep'/visual & user interface tests) Pre-3D Lain model. 1st day: Kitchen and living room. (low res because of the 10Mb limit on Neocities) Playlist of my 3D project (YouTube) Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcomed: fauux01@gmail.com

information and archive of comics, cartoons and more are contained here. **This website has pages with automatic music. Mute your browser before proceeding if you do not want to hear glorious music. last updated: 2021-06-21. please, click the catman to enter. Thank you. the world is am achine this site best viewed on PC or persocom The Archive. Here it is: The full list of Club Nintendo issues that were available in the UK. You can use this page to make your own checklist if you're into the retro-collecting scene. Click each available issue for more information. 1989 - Club Nintendo begins. The start of an era This is an blog/forum/archive. I'll add more stuff later. Some of my favourite neocities websites, I do not own these: Neocities. Neocities. Neocities. Neocities. Here's how you can make bold and italic text. Here's how to make a list: First thing; Second thing; Third thin oc.neocities.org Bandcamp DeviantArt MEGA Pinterest RateYourMusic Soundcloud. CPP - Saturn - TXT hx.neocities.org GitHub. Colly - LAW - OptOut - Sopphietti 1a.neocities.org. BYE BYE PHASE GENESIS!!! Welcome Phase Beloved. [AANA ACT] Archive an Archiver: create and curate a list of music archivers/labels on YouTube. Guilded. Neocities. Reddit. Positron832's website. Random web facts. HTTPS websites use the port 443. Most XHTML websites are actually served with the text/html MIME-type

shishka. Main Site Welcome to my Dream. a collection of stuff and things from the web archive, mostly. ENTER! Game Site My Mind's Come to Life. a 「game」 about the internet of yore and whatever else parox's own original cool webpage ! hi, hello ! u can call me parox, demo, puppy, ect. i see u hav stumbled across my corner of the internet and 2 that i say welcome <3 ! click the buttons at the top of the page 2 go places, i hope u enjoy ur stay ^__^ ! (this website is being redone so most pages r not finished ! unofficial /sus/ STALKER CYOA archive. thread 1 thread 2 thread Free Pokemon TCG booster pack simulator, 90s nostalgia edition. The first 14 sets are reproduced in their entirety (base set, jungle, fossil, base set 2, team rocket, gym and neo series, etc), all the way up to e-card series. Game Boy Color cards also available on desktop. Keep track of the number of packs opened--get to 100 for a bonus le controversy!11!! Here we have a famous picture of silas saying the f word (IM GOIG TO TELL HID MOM!!!1!1). Here, silas is caught saying what is believed to be almost a slur for homosexual people. Here, silas is giving a negative opinion on the famous korean pop band, BTS. Here, silas is supporting tanks AKA supporting violent warfare

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Welcome traveler, to my special blog. Please, take a seat. Have a drink and warm yourself. Once you've settled, feel free to have a look around. I'm just hanging out really, so don't feel like you have to do anything special. You can browse the recent posts I've made in the Recent Posts shelf below. And, if you'd like to see some fine vintage. Chronological Archives. Using year/month taxonomies per onedrawingperday's example, see Content Archives in Hugo. Image Management. atom-markdown-image-assistant allows you to copy-paste into your markdown file, and it automatically saves the image in a directory and provides a link Feel free to browse our Archives. We ask you to please excuse any imperfections during this time of building, as our young monks are quite new to the sphere of the Wired. Thank you. Why? - by DON. Web 2.0 is becoming inhospitable; network event horizon is impending. Good users will be forced to migrate to their own domains, if they have them One year ago today, I signed up to Neocities and registered the website Nekojiru.neocities.org.However I didn't do much with it until around May after I graduated from highschool, I began to work on this site more as sort of a summer project of mine Icon Archive: A random assortment of vintage icons (.ICO files) I found. Use as you like. Cartoon Network: Downloadables from the official website. Includes 16x16 cropped versions. Dexter's Laboratory... July 13~15, 1998. Cow and Chicken... July 16, 1998 Second set via UK site.

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  2. So, at the time of writing this, 2017-11-05, this is the 7th most followed site on Neocities (archive.org | archive.is). Thank you so much everyone, I cannot explain my feelings about this. Never have I thought my site would be such a success! Even without the views, my site is a success nonetheless. Because I love my crappy site :^
  3. neocities.png. neocities.png is a simple image that is only about 12.9 KB. The image is a banner that shows the Neocities mascot, along with text telling the viewer that the site is hosted on Neocities. A SVG version of the same image can be found by clicking this link. style.css. The default CSS for Neocities is quite easy to understand
  4. This site is a collection of fiction. The main piece is Preternatural, an original fiction story about people with superpowers.Not superheroes and not supervillains, just people, a lot of them teenagers. My second ongoing writing project here is Dread, a story about uncertainty and fear.Thirdly, there is Zeal, a fantasy story about conflict and consequence
  5. Electro-House. 03. Transmission-X. 02. Breakbusters. 01. Funky House Grooves. Knobster Plugins Backup. Knobster.org was a site run by Zipp, a programmer from Ukrain, sadly the site went down around 2015, which caused everything stored on the site to be lost to time
  6. All the Posts! 2021-04-15 » ItsOkayToNotBeOkay. Trashheaven is written by Chris, built with Zonelets, and hosted by Neocities

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for While there have been a few attempts to archive Geocities sites in the past, Kyle Drake, a software engineer who also founded the Geocities-esque web hosting service Neocities, told Motherboard. Neocities. Neocities is the server application used at the eponymous web hosting platform *neocities.org*. The application provides a GUI and API for users to create, upload and manage static web pages, intended for personal sites like those created on GeoCities in the 1990s 16003236_1546085502074633_1719831510516897397_n.jpg Luke's live.me streams YouTube archive She makes Luke admin. She Skyped with Luke earlier in the day. Notice her username change too. Tells a story about when she drank a bottle of alcohol at age 2 when she grabbed her mother's alcohol without her mother's knowledge. Katelyn says her bed was.

ranzuki mag archive lilyblossom.neocities.org. hay there, gal! welcome to the .*+ kogals online *.+ website ! this site is dedicated to gyaru and kogal gurls. here you can find the CUTEST pics, vids, and everything ganguru. コギャルのオンラインウェブサイトへようこそ! このサイトはギャルとコギャルに捧げ. Web Archive Project. Loading. GeoCities was an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years, but was discontinued on October 26, 2009. On July 2009 Yahoo! Inc. announced that the popular free hosting service Yahoo! GeoCities was closing down. On October 26th all the existing web pages were finally deleted from Yahoo's. Can do almost everything you dreamed about with applications. *screenshots show the program version 1.6.1. Support the project! Download ADB AppControl Help with European Air War PC Game. This section is for the downloads. My EAW MediaFire File Archive: (Go here to browse and download files that I maintain for EAW) - Most of the files are for EAWv1.2, however there are other sections with other types of files for other versions of EAW.. Files- A descriptive list of a vast amount (not all) of Community Add-ons, Mods, Tools and Technical Docs. The Scribes Archive is not affiliated with Rare Ltd., Nintendo Co. Ltd., or Microsoft Corporation. I am merely a fan of Rare, and wished to create a way to browse their old Scribes pages without the hassle of the Wayback Machine. Content unedited except for navigational purposes. Some of this stuff sadly seems to be unrecoverable

Here is a collection of more than 700 88x31 web buttons from the 1990's and 2000's, including the famous Netscape NOW and Internet Explorer buttons as well as various other buttons for websites of past and present Welcome. Howdy, and welcome to Chimes! I go by many names, but I usually go by Cherry nowadays on the Internet, but you can call me Nikki, Wrenn, or even Flight. Chimes is a Petz 4 site dedicated to a variety of Petzy things, from showing my crew to fun things like showing my stamp collection. My Current Prefix

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Lainzine 02, Aug 2015. Lainzine 03, May 2016. Lainzine 04, May 201 koinuko. hi, thank you very much for visiting! <3. i hope to use this space as a place to celebrate all the stuff i'm into and an opportunity to bounce around my different interests without feeling constrained. you can expect media shrines and lots of other stuff as time goes on! pages are under varying degrees of construction, but I try to. Hi hi Neocities! Let's see how this goes! May 1st/2nd 2021. I'm not sure how able I'll be to use this since at the moment my main channel for editing the site is an iPad and not like, a proper laptop, but the interface is showing itself to be surprisingly mobile friendly so that's a thing I made this site as a place to link to some of my favorite parts of the Internet that I feel deserve more recognition as well as a place to archive some of my art. I guess you could call it a blog but a bit more sporadic and less personal. . . and yeah I'm just now learning html and stuff so that's why everything is so amateurish

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Hello there everyone, thank you all for submitting your banners over the years, sadly, I am now unable to keep updating this page, but do not be worried as you may submit your banners onto this page - cheers.. Here are some banners from sites around Neocities, I do try and archive as many as humanly possible. Note that some of the Neocitie sites are now down, despite this, the banners will. welcome to the second rendition of vampirepda! new and improved, now with a new layout and spooky autoplay. the title of this website is a bit misleading. this site isn't dedicated to public displays of affection to vampires, although i do really like vampires. i'm lee, the webmaster! i didn't create this website for a specific reason, and in. WMB Saltworks. For the bright background version of this page, click here. I'm not sure that this page will ever look fancy. Right now, it mostly exists as a place to host a Twine fic without (a) dropping a direct link on AO3 to my commercial Itch.io page or (b) making an entirely new Itch.io account for one game For example, because standard House of Representatives Rule VII mandates that the materials from the HSCA investigation, like all similar House records, remain sealed in the National Archives for at least 30 years, the House Administration Committee permitted us to review only information relevant to our investigation Featured Area51 Homesteaders. More Coming Soon!! Arkm's World is a large nexus of links to many interesting shadows (worlds) around The Web, in the guise of an old-timey text adventure. No need to worry. The grues mostly only come out at night . . . mostly. This is a journal chronicling my geeky adventures and things that are on my mind

Archives. Text Adventure. Photography. HTML/CSS. Dreams. Panoramas. COVID-19. Links Check Out Fellow Neocities Residents: Some Clip art by Follow me, and I'll add your link too. I'll make an 88x31 button on your behalf if you don't already have one as a token of my undying love. You can use this button if you want to return the favor VHSearch - This is a cool google-like thing for Neocities so you can find stuff! I Hate Carpet - This site is about carpet and why it sucks Club Nintendo Archives - This guy girl just loves Nintendo (which is a shame because Sega is better) Raph the man - This guy is a gamer and his site has pictures of his cats and stuff, he seems nic First Archive of Neocities.org is made. 2 July Meghan Neal of Vice's Motherboard writes an article talking about how Neocities is recreating the garish, Web 1.0 creativity of GeoCities. 7 July Nick Stockton of Wired writes the article NeoCities Wants to Save Us From the Crushing Boredom of Social Networking

Neocities (a portmanteau of the prefix neo-and GeoCities) is a free web hosting service.Offering 1 GB of storage space and no server-side scripting, the service's expressed goal is to revive the support of creativity and free expression provided by GeoCities before its shutdown in the United States of America and Japan in 2009 and 2019, respectively N.I.E.I. Web site of the Network Identity Experiment Institute. This page is updated depending on the activity of the institute. Contact. 2011. Funeral objects from the network [PDF

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FnaF Teaser Archive | Fnaf, Aesthetic words, Five nightslain image by https://fauuxThe Story of JAUP! An Interview With The Original JAUPThe Razor&#39;s Edge | OWLMANAdobe Flash CS4 Professional - Win : Adobe : Free DownloadКак создать сайт на beget: Сайты