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4-H Project Record Sheet (Print Neatly. Complete one sheet per project and submit with project at project check-in.) Project _____ Name 4-H Project Expense Record . 4-H Focus: Using one's head to manage keeping records, planning and organizing, and wise use of resources 4-H Project Information, Manuals and Record Sheets - Purdue Extension. June 21, 2021. Welcome to the 4-H Project Information, manual and record sheet page. This is a comprehensive list of the projects that are available to the members of LaPorte County 4-H. Project Handbook The following 4-H project sheets are designed to help 4-H volunteers determine meaningful content and lead youth in hands-on activities. 4-H youth and their families may use these sheets to decide which project they might be interested in. For a brief description of each 4-H project, please see the list of California 4-H Projects (PDF) 4‐H Project Record Sheet This record sheet is part of your 4‐H Project Portfolio and should be placed behind Section 8 of the portfolio packet. It should only be for the current year. Louisiana 4‐H is an educational program of the LSU AgCenter. Set S.M.A.R.T. Project Goals Use the space below to set your project goals

Horticulture Project Cove r. Horticulture Information Sheet. Flower Growing Sheet. Herb Growing Sheet. Indoor Gardening Sheet. Vegetable Growing Sheet. 4-H Robotics: PDF - PDF Typable. 4-H Shooting Sports Project Record Book - PDF. 4-H Family & Consumer Sciences - PDF 4-H Livestock/Animal Project Record Sheet . Date Name Club County Project Years in Project . List your goals for this project. Tell what you wanted to learn and do in this project. If you had to set goals at the beginning of the year, copy those goals below. If you followed the goals already set in your project book, list the ones you wanted to.

projects. Project journals need to contain the name of the project, the year these records were. kept, and a leader/parent signature. All sections of the journal need to be completed. If nothing. was done in an area or section of a record sheet, write none. One journal can be used if the. same animal is used in more than 1 project All records needed for record keeping of all 4-H projects. See our form and document help page for instructions on how to download and fill out the documents listed here and elsewhere on this website 4-H 528. Indiana 4-H Club General Record. Project _____ Note: Use this record sheet for projects that do not have record sheets, to replace lost or damaged record sheets, or a Please read the following score sheet very closely for the details on what is expected in the 4-H record books as things are changing. Level 2 Record Book C0934, and replace page 14 with the proper Project Add Sheet Record (listed below) C0935, 4-H Permanent Record Book, Level 2. C0947, 4-H Project Record, Level 2. Level 1 Record Book C0932. Download 4-H Project Record Sheet_ADApdf / 0.14MB Publication ID: The 4-H Project Record Sheet helps members track, record and reflect on their project work. It is used to document project work conducted from 4-H project guides. Contact your local Extension 4-H Agent for more information about 4-H projects. ×

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If you have any questions call the Extension Office at 608-723-2125. 4-H Record Book Cover (Use your original cover from year to year. New cover for first year members.) 4-H Members Project Record Sheet (One per project enrolled in unless their is a specific Record Summary Page for a project.) 4-H Permanent Record Sheet (Record all your club. Beginner. This record is appropriate to use with 4-H members that have not previously completed a project record and are at least 9 years old. This record is meant as an entry into project records, regardless of age; this is a good introduction to the process without being overwhelming Awards & Honors (4-H and other) Record ALL awards and honors that you have received this year. Include both 4-H and other, such as school, sports, community etc. If you need more space, use extra pages at end of this record form, and check the box below. Activity or Event

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  1. Find out more about 4-H Brochures 4-H Brochure 4-H Welcome Guide Project Information Pick Your Adventure Project Hot Sheets . Enrollment Forms For 2012-2013 4-H Year . Enrollments are now entered through 4hOnline by 4-H families. The new 4-H year starts September 16th, therefore online enrolling will not be open until that date
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  3. save all your project record forms together so that you are not having to hunt for them when it is time to complete your record book. New Mexico 4-H: Project Record Sheets . Mindy Turner 4-H Youth Development Specialist, New Mexico State University 500.A.7 (N-2018
  4. Why 4-H Project Records? 4-H Project Records are used by 4-H members to demonstrate the goals they have set, what they have learned, and what they have achieved during their 4-H year. The records should provide clear and detailed information so that anyone can understand the project and the outcomes and learnings. These 4-H Project [
  5. A cd containing the 4-H Career Portfolio, Animal, Companion Animal, Jr. Leader & 4-H Project Record Books is also available for check out. 4-H Record Book Scoresheets. General Scoresheet (pdf file - 11 KB) Companion Animal Record Scoresheet (pdf file - 11 KB

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Record Book Forms. NM 4-H Portfolio Instructions (PDF) NM 4-H Portfolio Instruction (DOC) NM 4-H Portfolio Section Forms (DOC) NM 4-H Portfolio Project Summary Form (DOC) NM 4-H Portfolio Score Sheet. Project Forms MED Record Book Check-sheet. 4-H Personal Page. Permanent Record. Permanent Record Example. Record sheets are offered in two record types, a general record for all non-animal projects and one for the projects with animals The new record sheets that were piloted in 2018/19 are now the official record sheets for the UConn 4-H program. They are as follows: - One 4-H Yearly Record (everyone uses in addition to their project record) Word PDF. - One form for all animal projects (one sheet per species) Word PDF. - One form for all non-animal projects (one sheet per. Marshall County 4-H Record Sheet Complete only ONE record sheet for MOST 4-H Projects (excluding animal projects) you complete. Use additional paper if necessary A. GENERAL INFORMATION Name: _____ Grade: _____ (as of January 1 of current year These score sheets are provided by Colorado 4-H and will be used to judge livestock, horse, dog, and general project record books. General & Family & Consumer Science Exhibits; Lease-An-Animal Records. 4-H members participating in the Lease-A-Animal project will NOT use the livestock record book. Instead there are records specifically for these.

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Note: Complete one record for each project. Your 4-H Records may be hand written in pen or pencil, type written or computer generated. Year Project _____ Years in Project (including this year) _____ AZ4H0903 . 2 Arizona Cooperative Extension Project Goals At the beginning of your 4-H project, list goals—. North Carolina 4-H Project Record Guidelines 1. Each 4-H member should complete their 4-H Project Record to the best of their ability and turn it into their county 4-H agent by the county due date. 2. Project work should be reported for one year. You may add additional pages to the report form in sections 1,3,4,5,6,7

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  1. 4-H Online v2.Family.Enrollment.Guide. Cloverbud 4-H Record Book. Financial Assistance Application. New Member Record Book. Project Record Sheet. Record Book Master Update Sheets. Accommodation Request Form
  2. Record Keeping: My 4-H Program Book (PA092) Planning for My Project Adventure (PA093) ND 4-H Complete Record Set Cover for 8-10 year olds (PA094) ND 4-H Project Plan (PA095) ND 4-H Plan of Action (PA096) ND 4-H Complete Record Set Cover for 11-18 year olds (PA097) ND 4-H Participation Summary for 11-19 year olds (PA098
  3. How do the projects proceed?Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. Your project group may meet once a week or as little as once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide participants in gaining the knowledge and habits needed to complete their work successfully.What do you do with project area record books?Completing a 4-H record book is
  4. PDF record sheets to help teachers and students keep an accurate record of important information for a successful project. Print a copy and place near your incubator for the members to keep daily records. This article will help inform individuals about the true level of potential health risks associated with the 4-H Embryology in the.
  5. Section IV other 4-H projects. Include current year and up to 3 preceding 4-H years of activities (up to 2 preceding 4-H years for Juniors) Limit to 1 page (junior) Limit to 2 pages (intermediate and senior) Any number of projects. List any 4-H project(s) not listed in Section I, include number of years and summarize participation
  6. Links to online forms: General Forms My 4-H Resume My 4-H Notes All of the specific project forms you will need for your record book can be found on the State 4-H projects website. In order to use the fillable forms you must open the link and download the file

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4-H Projects. Arizona 4-H projects allow a young person to take their interests and turn them into mastery. Arizona 4-H focuses on four pillars: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM); Agriculture; Civic Engagement, and Healthy Living. 4-H members can work on many different projects. A project requires a caring adult who will lead. Project Activity . Record any other activity you had with this project (breeding, working the animals, tattooing, tours, judging contests, presentations, community service, etc.) If reached a specific audience, include the number of people reached. Please add additional sheets if more space is needed. Date Activity Hours Spent Subtotal Hour 4-H members must include a complete dog project record sheet in the 4-H dog project notebook. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer, committed to achieving excellence through a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that encourages all people to reach their full potential.

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Below you will find 4-H project information, judging requirements, and guidelines specific to Wood County 4-H. 4-H Judging Dates, Dress Code and Grading System. About 4-H 91 Discovering 4-H 92 4-H Around the Globe. Companion Animals and Rabbits 200 All About Dogs 201 Dog Project and Record Book 215 Cavy Projects 216 Purr-fect Pals, Level -Texas 4-H Record Book form SENIORS 2020-2021 - word version for SENIORS -D1 4-H Record Book form JR. & INTM. 2020-2021 - word version for JUNIORS & INTERMEDIATES. Resources For Families: - Record Book Categories 2020-2021 -2020-21 Family Guide -Score Sheet -Project List. 10 Steps to a Record Book - Video Serie Welcome to Maryland 4-H Youth Development! Greetings from the State Program Leader! I bring greetings on behalf of Maryland 4-H! Welcome to the Maryland 4-H website. Here, you will find information about our state 4-H center, how to connect with your local 4-H program, major program areas hosted throughout the state, and additional opportunities for youth and volunteers 2021 Oklahoma 4-H Project Objectives; 2021 Oklahoma 4-H Awards Update Sheet; Tips for Great Record Books; Record Book Judging Sign up; Record Book Interview Judging Sign up; Record Book numbers for 2018-2020 . 2021 Pickens Legacy Scholarships. Pickens Scholarship Form (Deadline passed, 2022 information to come soon) Pickens Scholarship Score.

Create a notebook (4-H record book folder or three ring binder) for EACH project record book. Record books should be separated by project area (ie. folder for Beef, folder for clothing, etc.) Each books should have all the pages, offices can help make copies of current year's personal page and current year's permanent record This is how to put together 4-H project records for the Maryland 4-H club program. Project records are required for each project a 4-H club member carries an.. County 4-H Record Books. County 4-H Record Cloverbud. County 4-H Record Ages 8-10. County 4-H Record Ages 11-13. County 4-H Record Ages 14 - 18 should submit a resume. 4-H Project Page. 4-H Animal Project Record. Guide for how to complete record books. Guide for Completing Records Ages 8 -10. Guide for Completing Records Ages 11 - 1

Colorado 4-H Animal Project Details - Colorado 4-H Youth Development is part of CSU Extension. Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. CSUE Directory. 4-H is a community of young people, across America, learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.....and along with the Colorado State University Community 4-H Incomplete Project Form; 4-H Lifetime Dairy Record (OPTIONAL - No points will be awarded for filling out this form.) 4-H County Award Self-Nomination Form; Project Award Evaluation Form (For Reference ONLY - Used by Committee to score Record Books) OPTION 2 - 4-H Minimal Record Book - This record book offers members a basic level of. This year there are three options on how you can reflect. Option 1: My 4-H Story, using this form: 2020-2021 4-H Story. Option 2: The traditional record book format using the Introduction page, Project Summary Sheet, Project sheets, Activity Program Form, and the Telling My 4-H Story Page — See below under Resources for 4-H Record Keeping 4-H Projects Sustainable Ag Resources for Teachers: State Fair Exhibit Requirements (record sheets & scorecards are at the bottom of the page) FAQs. Record Sheets (choose Category Sportfishing (Indiana 4-H) Fishing can be a hobby and a source of study for your entire lifetime. The 4-H sportfishing project will introduce you to fish.

The Michigan 4-H Member's Personal Portfolio is designed to help 4-H members keep track of all of the things they have done and learned in 4-H over the course of their 4-H careers. This can be downloaded for free, or purchased here. Bee Project Record Book 2016. Bee Hive Frame Observation Data Sheet 1 Form originated by University of Maryland Extension and adopted by MSU Flathead County Extension (10/2015) 4-H Year_____ 4-H Shooting Sports Project Record Record Book Powerpoint training Annual Project Report forms MCRBW - 2021 APR (2) DUE DATES: T he County Record Book contest is open! Physical books are due in the 4-H offices (by appointment!) on the due date. (no virtual or uploaded options) Make sure that your club has 1 adult judge for every 1 to 4 books submitted 4-H Animal Project . Record Book (Complete one record book for each project) Year Project . Years in Project (including this year) Name County 4-H Club I declare that the information in this book is correct and all 4-H requirements have been completed, to the best of my knowledge. MEMBER' Chad Webb Agriculture/4-H Educator Noble County Extension Perry, OK (580) 336-4621 chad.webb@okstate.edu. A record book is an accumulation of all 4-H project work done in one or more years. 4-H members should add to their record book each year, including new information over their project experiences in the past year

4-H is a youth organization that belongs to the members, their families, and the volunteer leaders that make 4-H possible. Leadership is provided by UW-Madison Division of Extension 4-H youth Development staff The goal of 4-H is youth development. 4-H is for kids in the 3rd grade through one year after graduation from high school Z:\4-H\RecordBookForms\Current Forms\ProjectRecordSheet.doc 4-H Members _____ (Fill in Project Name) Record Sheet Club Year 10/1/ to 9/31/ Grade_____ Years in this project_____ Years in 4-H_____ Project goals: Write a story or make a list telling what you would like to learn in this project this year Competitions. Members who choose to complete a full record book may have them judged at club, county, and state-level competitions. Club Competitions: 4-H Record Books are first reviewed at the local level by 4-H Community Club/Unit Leaders and Project Leaders.Club level evaluation is based on the Danish system where 4-H Record Books are judged against a standard Suggested records to keep include: • Monthly 4-H Poultry Record (MCES Form 183) • Yearly 4-H Poultry Record (MCES For 184) • 4-H Project Record Sheet (MCES Form 90 or Form 296) • Standard Report Forms • Pictures of project, judging team, contests and other events related to the poultry project

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KANSAS 4-H ANIMAL PROJECT REPORT FORM . JUNIOR FORM for 4-H members age 7-9. F. ill out a project report form for EACH animal project you are enrolled in. This form is used to report one year's worth of 4-H project work. Please refer to the Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition. This Record Belongs to: _____ Year: ____ 4-H is part of University of Missouri Extension and is publicly supported by county, state and federal governments as well as private resources, both human and financial. 4-H welcomes all Missouri youth. As America's largest youth development organization, 4-H offers youth, families, and adult volunteers of all ages many ways to engage, grow. Endowment Grant - Due November 15! 4-H Endowment Grant Application 2020-2021 - word document. 4-H Endowment Grant Application 2020-2021 - pdf file. Planning your Endowment Grant Project: The Endowment committee is interested in funding projects that involve a service learning component that goes beyond community service A 4-H Record Book is documentation of all of the 4-H activities at the club, county, and state level, that a youth has participated in. Many 4-H members will attest to the benefit and importance of Record Books and record keeping as they apply for higher education, prepare their resume, and submit applications for jobs

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4-H PROJECT RECORD SHEETS AND PHOTOS . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . 18 USC 707 . Title: Record Book Page Template Author: Porter, Shelly Created Date: 9/20/2013 11:39:53 AM. List of Patterns that Meet Criteria for 4-H Sewing Projects for 2019 4-H Junior Sewing Projects: Requirements for the Fair: Power Point <br> Sewing Standards; Support 4-H at JOANN- No endorsement of this company, its website, services or products is granted or implied by 4-H, the U.S. government, or any of its organizational units or employees. My 4-H County . Project Records Cover Sheet . Name: _____ 4-H Program Year: 2020-2021 Club Name: _____ Age as of September 1, 2020: _____ Participation Record . Remember you . must . attend 3 club meetings OR club/4-H events throughout the year in order to show at the 4-H show for premiums..

Along with 4-H Project Books, we want to instill the importance of record keeping skills goes along with raising animals for market or breeding. North Dakota 4-H has provided a Record Sheet for all Market and Breeding Animals. The Nelson County Extension Office has tried to shorten this record sheet for each animal for convenience Attend 4-H meetings regularly.! Complete a 4-H project record each year.! Develop leadership by teaching other interested persons something about your project.! Carry out citizenship activities related to your 4-H project.! Continue to study and broaden project knowledge and skills List any 4-H project(s) not listed in Section I, include number of years and summarize participation. Include current year and up to 3 preceding 4-H years of activities (up to 2 preceding 4-H years for Juniors). and any number of projects. Limit to 1 page (Junior s) Limit to 2 pages (Intermediates & Senior) Project Record Sheets. If you are unable to find your specific project, use the General Record Sheets. If you have any questions, call the Extension Office at 575-374-9361. 2020/2021 Green Sheets Record Book Guidelines 4-H Cover Sheet Table of Contents Use the following Links for Union County specific Record Book Forms. Union County Report Form.

Downloading the e-records: Go to Colorado4H.org, click on Projects & Record books, then Colorado 4-H Project E-Records. Livestock and Horse E-Records are available in two formats: PDF - For printing and completing by hand (PDF) XLS (Excel) - For completing on the computer. There are three age levels available Record Book Powerpoint training Annual Project Report forms MCRBW - 2021 APR (2) DUE DATES: T he County Record Book contest is open! Physical books are due in the 4-H offices (by appointment!) on the due date. (no virtual or uploaded options) Make sure that your club has 1 adult judge for every 1 to 4 books submitted 4-H Foods Project Record Sheet . Name: 4-H Club: Project: Year: Complete for EACH Food Item Prepared in Project . Must be brought to 4-H Food Judging . Date of Preparation Name of Prepared Food Total Time to Complete Food Activity Nutritional Value and MyPlate Group

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4-H Resources and Forms for Youth & Families. Throughout the year, 4-H members and their families may need access to many important documents. Whether you are in need of a record book, project summary, camp information or information and forms for county events or the fair, you can find it here 4-H AEROSPACE PROJECT IOWA 4-H PROJECT HOT SHEET !! •Do a presentation about life on the International Space Station •Prepare a working exhibit on sizes of and distances between the planets of our solar system •Demonstrate what it takes to build a model airplane •Compare paper airplanes, how to make them and how they wor

4-H Record ook Portfolio Guidelines TIP SHEET In anyon ounty, it is required that record books be presented for evaluation in a portfolio type format. That means all the pieces of the record book (including the project manual, if applicable) are presented in a notebook of some type, with a cover page, table of contents and tabs (defining eac 4-H Project Record Sheet . This sheet can be used to help you record important information that can later be used for your 4-H reocrdbook. Activity/Event:_____ Was this a 4-H event or a non 4-H event

Otero County 4-H Project Record Sheets and Photos Score Sheet Name Age Division Project Section Possible Points Points Earned Project Record Sheets Members should complete the record sheets that they received in their project material packet. A separate story for each project is not necessary unless it is required in th In 4-H you can go to camp, start a business, ride in a bike rodeo, take part in an international exchange, raise an animal, create a blog, give a presentation, participate in a community service project, develop your resume, practice interview skills, learn about healthy eating habits, build lifelong friendships 4-H Summary Record 4-H Story 4-H Project Record Project Pictures A 4-H'er may include up to 3 pages of pictures for each project with their records in addition to 3 -5 pages of project pictures in the last section of the book. Project pictures may also include news clippings. Be sure to document where and when the articl 4-H is a nonformal educational youth program, conducted by the University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC 4-H). The UC 4-H program is delivered locally through University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) offices. To print or download the list go to Online Resources 2021

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If you are looking for PROJECT INFORMATION and RECORD SHEETS, Go to the Youth menu, then select 4-H Projects - Johnson County. Any general questions please contact Lori Walker, use the form at the bottom of the page, or call the office at 317-736-3724 My 4-H Project Record Animal Science Please select the project(s) you are taking: Beef Cat Dog Dairy Goat Horse & Pony Guinea Pig Poultry Rabbit Sheep Small Pets Swine Veterinary Science Goals: What do I want to do? Examples of Goals: Learn about a new breed Talk or demonstration Learn about feed requirements for different breed If you have questions or problems please call the Extension office 720-733-6940. Colorado 4-H Secretary Book. Colorado 4-H Treasurer Book. 4-H Project Tip Sheets. 4-H Project Tip Sheets. New Members. Comprehensive 4-H Guide. DOUGLAS COUNTY 4-H POLICIES FOR SUCCESS 2020-2021 *Updated 1/8/2021*. 4-H Quick Facts E-101 Password Reset - Designed as a client help sheet. E-102 4-H Family - Online Enrollment - instructions for creating a Family Profile. Designed as a client help sheet. E -103 Setting Family Profile Password - To be used in conjunctions with Help Sheet E-105. This is the document for merging downloaded data

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4-H Goat Project The Larimer County Goat Project is a great way to learn about animal husbandry and overall care. Youth in the Goat project interact with research-based information that encourages confidence, character-building, industry knowledge, and sportsmanship. Youth will can learn how to properly care for an animal and how to keep accurate records. Manual [ Color _____ Picture - Attach photo of 4-H member and rabbit 4-H Rabbit Project Record Sheet Name _____ 4-H Age ____ The 4-H Name and Emblem have special protections from Congress, protected by code 18 USC 707. 4-H.org is maintained by National 4-H Council. 4-H is the youth development program of our nation's Cooperative Extension System and USDA 10. 4-H project record sheet must be filled out completely, placed in the green 4-H folder and turned into the Extension Office in the Root Building by 4 p.m. Tuesday, July 6. 11 Get started with 4-H'ers in your area. Find a club near you or contact your local 4-H office for more info. Get started on your own. National 4-H woodworking activity books (for sale) Woodworking project Hot Sheet from Iowa 4-H (free download

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ohio 4-h you and your dog score sheet evaluation areas explanation EXHIBIT - 40 POINTS (5-minute Time Limit) (NOTE: Exhibit will be the first section of judging.) For this section, the exhibitor is to bring something visual to show the judge, created during the current project year The new 4-H year starts October 1 st and we request that enrollment is completed by November 1 st. Meadowlark District is the largest 4-H Unit in the state of Kansas in terms of youth enrollment numbers. In 2019 enrollment data showed 812 4-H members, 79 of which were Cloverbuds (ages 5-8) enrolled in one of the 30 clubs within the District A 4-H Club or Youth Group is a group of young people interested in coming together to learn, socialize and to have fun under the leadership of a caring adult(s). Young people like 4-H, because they have fun with friends at meetings, social activities, tours, camps and fairs. They learn to do interesting things like raise animals and plants, fix their bikes, take pictures, learn cooking and. , review the project guideline sheets For clothing projects, review the Clothing Project General Guidelines sheet For nutrition projects, review the Food and Nutrition Project General Guidelines sheet . If you have any questions about a project requirement, contact: 1. Your 4-H club advisor, or 2. Project Key Leader or Livestock Committee. Try completing one activity a month to avoid last minute stress. Many of the multiple year projects are designed to be family projects. Younger 4-H members will need assistance from project helpers to complete these books. Cloverbud Curriculum . Cloverbuds is a pre-4-H program for K, 1st and 2nd grade youth. All Cloverbud projects will be.

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The Education Store - Other 4-HNMSU: Eddy County Extension Office - 4-H Youth and Development4-H & Youth Development | CameronThe Education Store - 4-H Dog- Education Store - Purdue Extension