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Polar Bear Paper Craft. A great fine motor skills craft! Super easy! Materials. Glue Construction Paper in blue, white and black Craft Paint and Glitter Glue (optional) Instructions. This craft couldn't be easier. It is perfect for those little fingers who can not use scissors yet. I find it quite therapeutic also, fun for kids and adults Here's a very easy printable polar bear craft for kids!. This mother polar bear with two adorable baby cubs can be made using our latest printable template. These paper polar bears are a fun Winter craft idea and are part of a series of printable Winter crafts I've been working on.. Get the template her How to make the paper polar bear craft. The polar bear template comes with two versions: 1. home template - print the template, cut out the patterns and trace them on appropriate colored paper. 2. classroom template - print the pattern directly on colored paper and cut them out. This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as.

Introduction: Polygon Polar Bear Paper Craft. paper craft of polar bear. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Cut. Print and Cut by hands with PDF or Cut by a cutting machine like craft robo with DXF file. Cut Setting is blade out 3 , thickness 15 , the speed 10. Attachments. polarbear_A3.pdf STEP 1: Download and print the Polar Bear Template below and cut out the polar bear face pieces. STEP 2: Add glue to the entire surface of the paper plate. Then attach cotton balls to the paper plate. STEP 3: Glue the black ear piece onto the larger white ear piece. STEP 4: Glue the polar bear ears to the top of the paper plate This PAPER PLATE POLAR BEAR CRAFT is adorably cute and wonderfully 3D! It has soft fur and a long paper cup nose which really brings it to life and gives it lots of character! This is an easy paper plate polar bear craft to make with your toddlers and preschoolers and is a wonderful winter craft to decorate the home or classroom Give this polar bear paper craft a go (older kids will have fun making this one too). All it takes is some ripped paper and glue. Article by Easy Peasy and Fun. 156. Craft Activities For Kids Preschool Crafts Fun Crafts Paper Crafts Artic Animals Penguins And Polar Bears January Crafts January Art Cute Diy Projects These polar bear crafts include how to make a paper plate polar bear, newspaper polar bear, cardboard tube polar bear, finger puppet, cotton ball polar bear, marshmallow polar bear, polar bear snacks, and so much more. The women I'm featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won't believe the cool stuff they've made. Polar Bear Craft 10

The 11 Best Polar Bear Crafts for Kids. With the cold weather upon us children tend to spend a lot of time indoors. It's the perfect time to pull out the crafting supplies and have the kids start making a winter craft. These crafts are easy to make, fun to look at, and will keep the kiddos busy all winter long Easy winter crafts for kids with Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft. This is great for your habitats unit study or paper plate crafts this winter. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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Making the Polar Bear Arctic Animals for Kids Craft. Start with a white 8-inch paper plate. Using a scissor, cut out a C shaped piece at the bottom of the paper plate. Use this piece to further cut out two ears for the bear. Using another paper plate or white construction paper, cut our a smaller egg-shaped piece for the bear's face & nose STEP 2: Make a rectangle of white paper. Now, take the white paper and cut out a rectangular strip. When you cut the top edge, make it slightly wavy. This will create the snow at the bottom of your polar bear craft. Glue the strip to the very bottom of your blue cardstock Winter crafts might be some of our favorite projects we do this time of the year! We especially love polar bears so we made this toilet paper roll polar bear craft.It's a fun and easy winter animal craft for kids that they're going to love.. This is a super simple project that kids of all ages can do This paper plate polar bear craft is a nice way to introduce kids to animals and their habitat. Make this polar bear craft with your kids and turn crafting into a teaching opportunity! Kids will need a paper plate, white construction paper, googly eyes, a black pom pom or cotton ball colored black, a black marker, safety scissors, and glue This paper plate polar bear craft is super easy to make, and you can even download the free template to complete the craft. Your kid can practice their scissors skills and practice fine motor skills by cutting and gluing the different parts of the polar bear

Paper Craft. Healing Mammals Land Animals Bear White. Polar Bear Artist: Katsuyuki Shiga (Pinoart) Paper Size. Color. Download: Number of Sheets : 8 (1.8MB) Instructions: Number of Sheets : 4 (1.5MB) Content Information Difficulty ★★★☆☆ Approx. assembly time. 3 hours. Paper Plate Polar Bear- An easy art project for kids. Handprint Polar Bear Craft- Have the kids paint their hands with white paint and turn it into little polar bears! Polar Bear Masks- I love this idea and kids would have a blast wearing them around! Polar Bear Styrofoam Cup Craft- A simple but adorable art project using a cup

The Polar bear, arctic fox and snowy owl are our top favorites and perfect for cooling you down in the hot weather. Use the templates from the links below and follow the assembly instructions from these summer paper fans. You can pre-score the lines with an empty ball-point pen to make folding easy for small children Subscribe to DIY Labs: http://bit.ly/DIYLabsPOLAR BEAR Winter Paper Plate Craft | Fast-n-Easy | DIY LabsWhat you'll need:☆ 1 paper plate☆ a black and a whi..

This free printable polar bear paper craft is so cute for winter and the holidays! The polar bear is easy to make with the printable template and construction paper. This bright colorful craft combines cutting and folding skills and is a fun activity for all ages Instructions. Download the polar bear paper bag template, print and cut out the pieces. Glue the face piece to the top of the paper bag flap. Place the gray muzzle in between the eyes and glue in place. Glue the black nose in the middle of the gray muzzle, then use the black marker to draw the mouth. Use the circle punch or scissors to cut out. Start by painting a whole sheet of white paper with blue watercolors to make it look like ice. Let dry. Cut out the polar bears body, legs, nose, and face. To make it easy, we used blue painters tape and traced the outside/inside to make perfect circles but add ears on the little one! Take a black marker and add all the polar bear's details

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  3. Begin by painting the paper plates. Make sure the plates dry completely. Then, apply glue in the center of the plate in a circle. Stick cotton balls in the glue. Work to fill in a triangular shape with the cotton balls to form the Polar Bear head. Punch a 1 ½ circle out of the black cardstock, and 2 of that size out of the white cardstock
  4. DLTK's Crafts for Kids Paper Bag Polar Bear Craft. contributed by Leanne Guenther. This is an easy cut and paste paper craft for kids that uses a paper bag as a base to make a polar bear puppet. Materials: white paint or paper; a paper lunch bag; a printer, some crayons, scissors, glue, paper for the printer; Optional: big wiggly eyes; Optional.

Instructions for the polar bear newspaper craft: 1. Begin by cutting out several pieces from your newspaper to make your polar bear. Start with a large circle for the polar bear head. Another half circle for the the polar body body. You will also need two ears and a circle or oval shape for the polar bear muzzle Open & Print: Polar Bear Craft. Directions: Fold your tissue paper several times and cut in to squares. Cut out the printable pieces. Glue down the tissue paper. (Spread glue over each piece, then quickly add the tissue paper.) Once dry, trim the tissue paper around the edges. Then, glue the pieces together to form your polar bear How to Make the Polar Bear Craft . To prepare this polar bear activity, first, print the templates on white and colorful construction paper.You will need some black paper for the ears and nose as well. Your kids can complete the activity during morning work, independent work time or as an indoor recess activity

Polar Bear Craft. The polar bear is the easiest of all. Children draw in the some of the features on this one - which might give you some pretty cute variations Start by cutting out white construction paper shapes for the head and ears. Then, glue them on to the body. Next, draw detail for ears, mouth, and eyebrows with a black marker Winter polar bear crafts are always a fun way for kids to get busy and creative during those cold winter months. When the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, finding some fun crafts is always a great way to keep kids entertained and learning. Crafts make the perfect hands-on learning activity, and they can be so much fun Turn an ordinary paper plate into a magical polar bear craft this winter. This craft goes perfectly with your preschool unit on arctic animals. The supplies needed are inexpensive. In fact, you probably already have everything you need right in your home or classroom. There are two ways you can make this craft PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED PaperCraft.Now nearly extinct, polar bears once roamed Icelandic regions and the arctic. Formed into the shape of a polar bear on all fours, this 3D paper decoration can be situated upon a shelf, nightstand, end table or desktop. Enjoy a calming and rewarding experience. Bring life and character to any room Easy Polar Bear Origami - how cute is this little paper polar bear? All you need is printer paper and a pen to make this cute little origami project. It is a great one for beginners or young children, beginning to explore shapes and symmetry. This would be lovely as part of a collage or card making craft for Winter or Christmas! This one is a.

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When studying polar bears or Arctic animals, this easy-to-make polar bear paper bag book craft does just the trick! Materials 3 white paper lunch sacksstapler3 two inch circles cut. Use white paper lunch sacks for this easy-to-make polar bear craft. Students write and draw about polar bears on the paper bag book pages These paper polar bears are so fun and easy to make! Get the printable template here: https://www.thecrafttrain.com/printable-polar-bear-paper-craft Polar Bear Name Craft: For this week's name craft we created this adorable polar bear. First Madelynn cut the polar bear pieces out. Then she wrote the letters in her name on each of the paw prints. After she finished writing, she glued the polar bear pieces together and added the paw print pieces to the page in order to spell her name Inside: This paper plate polar bear craft turns into a puppet that toddlers can use as a prop. Perfect for circle time while reading polar bear books! One of my favorite ways of getting our toddlers involved in circle time is with props. I've talked about it in the video My Secret to a Successful Circle Time. Props get the children engaged

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  1. Polar bears and penguins, ice and snow. Blue and white and a lot of grey. We're bringing the color to winter, though, with these super fun and vibrant Paper Strip Polar Bears Craft! If you're a fan of bear books and bear crafts like we are, you might also want to check out our Paper Cone Brown Bear Craft. It's a great accompaniment to the.
  2. Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft. Celebrate International Polar Bear Day with this fluffy paper plate polar bear craft! Every year, Polar Bear Day is on February 27th. We enjoy making themed crafts and polar bears are so cute. This craft is simple to make! We made ours yesterday on the actual day, but it would be fun for anytime of year
  3. Print the polar bear template onto white printer paper, then cut out all the pieces. (If you don't have a printer you can simply sketch your own version of the template onto white paper.) Trace one of the circles onto black paper and cut out the black circle. Alternatively, you can use a 1.5″ hole punch to make perfect black and white circles
  4. Ask your child draw and cut out two black circles for the bear's eyes, and two large white circles for the bear's ears. Help them glue the circles in place. Ask your child to draw an oval on the black paper to create the polar bear's nose. Cut it out and glue it in place. Encourage your child to count the number of circles they drew and cut out
  5. Here is a fun polar bear craft idea - a 3D polar bear portrait surrounded by falling snow. It's perfect for Winter-themed crafting and looks fabulous hanging on the wall. The polar bear's nose pops out of the page giving a three dimensional effect. This is easy to create with some basic folding and the help of our printable template
  6. Printable paper polar bear craft for kids Make a mother polar bear with two adorable baby cubs using this printable template. These bears are very easy to make with simple cutting, folding and glueing instructions included. Printable polar bears are a fun Winter animal craft idea for kids aged 5 and up, and would mak
  7. This is a simple and cute polar bear puppet craft that even small children can make and have fun playing with. Cut head and arm shapes out of white craft paper. Cut a small circle out of a cotton round and glue to the head. Cut a black nose out of black construction paper and two small ears out of white construction paper and glue on the cotton.

Welcome to my mini zoo animal toilet paper roll crafts for kids series! Today's featured animal is the, polar bear. Sweet Pea loves the polar bear, mostly because there is a very ferocious polar bear exhibit at our local zoo. Over the past year we have seen this fellow do all sorts of fun things Product Details. Create your own baby polar bear paper sculpture! Aesthetically designed to be an awesome decor for your living space, this model is everything an animal lover wants in a paper sculpture. Upon your purchase, simply download and print the template on paper, cut out guided parts and glue them together Welcome to our list of the best hands on paper crafts for kids you can easily do at home or in the classroom. These are totally 'do-able' art and craft activities that use common, inexpensive supplies. Of course, you can also do them anywhere, with scout groups, library programs, summer camps, and so many more places! You will love these fun and simple craft ideas that will develops kids. The polar bear craft uses multiple forms of media which makes this activity perfect for working on a variety of fine motor skills. That sound super fancy, but it really is just teacher talk for the fact that there are developmental benefits to art with preschoolers

children activities, more than 2000 coloring page [All Paper Plate Crafts] [Polar Bears] DLTK's Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft. contributed by Leanne Guenther. This particular polar bear craft uses a printable template and a paper plate to make a project suitable for a mammals or winter theme or just for fun.. Since polar bears are white, no painting is required if you use an ordinary white paper plate Girl Polar Bear. One you have made this polar bear craft, the polar bear activities do not need to end there. Use the characters that you have created to tell a story or make up a game. Pair them with the paper bag village and have them engage in imaginative open ended play. The crafting is just the beginning of hours of fun that these winter.

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  1. How-to make this craft. Print your polar bear paper plate face template before you begin. Start with a paper plate and about 20-25 cotton balls. Gently spread the cotton balls apart with your fingers to make them loose and fluffy. Then have use the glue to cover the surface of the plate with the cotton balls
  2. Polar Bear Craft Directions. 1. Print our free polar bear outline on white card stock. Our polar bear template is a 2-page PDF that includes a large polar bear and 2 medium-sized polar bears. 2. Invite your child to choose the polar bear they wish to use, then paint it with black washable paint
  3. This polar bear paper crown is great for an animal Birthday party or as a school craft project for your kids. Print this template and color
  4. Winter Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. Make a toilet paper roll penguin, owl, fox and polar bear! These are really easy to make and you only need a few supplies. You can even just make them with all paper too
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  1. Plenty more Winter Crafts for Kids for you to browse as well! Simple Polar Bear Origami Bookmark - Materials. A square white piece of paper (I usually cut down an A4 sheet of printer paper into A5 and the square it off) Pens; A little contrasting colour of paper (optional) & glue; Scissors; How to make a Polar Bear Corner Bookmar
  2. Craft time can be a really fun time, especially with this Polar Bear Pop Up Card. You can print out this template and have a project to go in no time! Just imagine the possibilities of playtime with a polar bear that can talk! If your child loves to play with puppets and talk in funny voices, then this is the craft for them
  3. d. Younger children can navigate the lines of the large shape but may find it easier to simply cut off the furry tufts. Older children with well developed fine motor skills will enjoy the extra challenge and detail
  4. Polar Bear Craft Supplies: * Paper Plate {large or small - one per polar bear craft} * White Cotton Balls * School Glue * Kid Friendly Scissors * Hand-Held Office Stapler * Black Cardstock * Gray Cardstock. Directions: 1. First apply a good amount of school glue all over the paper plate. Have your child place their cotton balls on top of the.
  5. Don't throw away those old toilet rolls. Instead, transform them into an adorable toilet paper roll polar bear with a lick of paint and a snip of felt. Add on white fluffy tummies for extra effect. It's a quick and easy winter craft that kids will adore

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Papier mache is a simple, easy way to make a sculptured centerpiece or a pinata for a party. Balloons are a great material to use as a base, as they provide structure while you are sculpting and can be popped later to leave you with a hollow sculpture. A polar bear can be made with six balloons, white tissue paper and a permanent marker Grab the paper Polar Bear you made earlier and stick it to the top of the writing sheet. Display where you like! Additional Activity Idea! Why not cut the pieces from craft foam and build a 3D relief of the Polar Bear? You will have to draw on the details such as pupils in the eyes or other template designs using a black marker pen Polar bear puppets are so fun and are sure to inspire lots of imaginative play. They're a great Winter craft or for polar study units. The template comes in two sizes and can be used to make black or brown bears too. Each bear puppet uses just one sheet of cardstock and the addition of a jumbo craft stick handle

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Polar Bears. Polar Bear Craft Cut out a paper polar bear and decorate it with cotton balls, packing noodles, or tissue paper. Suitable for the primary grades. Polar Bear Puppet Make a polar bear puppet from simple materials. Penguins. Penguin Paper Craft Paper penguin created with a template. Suitable for primary students 5 out of 5 stars. (50) $21.90. Only 2 available and it's in 9 people's carts. Favorite. Add to. Wooden Puzzle Polar Bear With Cubs On An Iceberg Seal Hunting And Fishings Toy. Wooden handmade toys, wooden animals, Natural eco friendly. Ecopuzzle Then inspiration hit when a blogging buddy was looking for polar bear crafts and activities for a round up. Those potatoes sure started to look like polar bears to me, lol. This is how Potato Print Polar Bears came to be. Potato Print Polar Bears . What we used/supplies: white Crayola paint . blue paper . plate California Grizzly Bear Polar Bear Brown Bear Silouette Cut Out Tear Drop Earrings - SVG - Digital Download. WorldOfJDM. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,728) $1.49. Favorite. Add to. Polar Bear & Cub Applique Patch in Winter White Harris Tweed Wool Fabric. They are Cut Out Iron On Sew On Embellishment Decorations

Begin by printing the bear template on white paper. Cut out all the pieces. Cut the lines on the large circle to make the polar bear body. Glue one of the small circles at the top of and behind the body piece. Glue the body piece in the middle of a sheet of blue cardstock. Draw two lines on the paws with a black marker Polar Bear Craft Polar bears love chilly weather! Winter is a great time for your child to create his very own textured polar bear. Not only will your Paper plate Cotton balls Black and white construction paper Scissors Pencil Glue stick What You Do: Ask your child to name the shape of a paper plate. Place the plate in front of him Step 3: Cut out two arms from the remaining piece of the paper plate. Turn the styrofoam cup upside-down. Glue the circle head from the plate onto the cup. Tape the arms on so they sticks out on either side of the cup. Next cut out two smaller rounded ears from the piece of paper plate. Glue them onto the polar bear's head Polar Bear and Arctic Preschool and Kindergarten Activities, Crafts, Games, and Printables. Polar bears are native to the icy cold water of the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding areas. The North Pole is always frozen with ice. The polar bear is the largest predator that lives on land. Sadly the polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species Polar Bear Paper Craft. June 9 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm « Interactive Storytime; Great Reads for Summer » Create your own polar bear artwork using book pages! All programs are outside and socially distanced. Please bring a lawn chair or a blanket! A kids' summer reading program event for kids ages 8 and up

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Polar Bear Paper Craft (Easy Peasy Fun) - Some ripped paper and glue is all you need to have fun making this polar bear paper craft 23. Why Are Polar Bears White? (Still Playing School) - If your preschoolers have ever wondered about this question, this is the perfect lesson to answer it Newspaper polar bear from I Heart Crafty Things. Puffy paint polar bear from Easy Preschool. Polar bear bookmark from Creative Family Fun. Cotton ball polar bear from Fireflies and Mudpies. Paper plate and cotton ball polar bear from Crafts on Sea. Orca crafts. Orcas are apex predators at the top of the marine food web Paper Roll Penguin Craft - Match up the paper rolls arctic animals to their matching paper plate craft. Polar Bear Process Art - A very cool and creative way to create a polar bear! Just like that, these arctic animal crafts are perfect for your little one to enjoy! Each one is different and fun which is great to have them create during a.

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A Polar Bear Dessert Dish Craft. Folded Paper Polar Bear Craft Let it Snow Polar Bear Poster. Bottle Polar Bear Craft. Paper Plate Puffin Craft. Armadillo Crafts for Kids . Armadillo Arm Band Craft for Kids. Free Plastic Bottle Armadillo Craft. Three-banded Armadillo Paper Craft Polar bear paper plate. We made shaving cream paint to make these polar bear paper plate crafts. 39. Peacock. Artsy Mama made adorable paper plate peacocks with half a paper plate and a tp tube. 40. Pig. No Time for Flashcards used an egg carton to create ears and snout for her paper plate pig Paper Plate Polar Bears. P olar Bear Paper Plate Craft from A Dab of Glue Will Do: Winter is an ideal time to study animals that live in cold climates, like the polar bear. Because this polar bear is made with simple shapes and easy-to-come-by materials, it's great for crafting in the classroom Easy polar bear finger puppet. By Sarah-Jayne 16th January 2021 16th January 2021. Continue Reading. Kids Crafts. Kids Crafts. Super cute ladybird paper plate craft. By Sarah-Jayne 27th September 2020 27th September 2020. Continue Reading. Kids Crafts. Kids Rainbow heart necklace paper craft. By Sarah-Jayne 2nd September 2020 2nd September.

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  1. Use a crayon to draw the Polar Bear's mouth on the paper plate below the nose. Now, use the glue stick to glue the pink semi-circles onto the white ears. And, apply a swipe of glue onto the right and left side of the top of the plate attach the white ears to the polar bear. This is a simple and fun winter activity for pre-school and early.
  2. Happy International Polar Bear Day! This post was originally published 2/27/14. To celebrate International Polar Bear Day February 27 in my preschool classroom we are reading books about polar bears, sharing a marshmallow bear snack, and making a polar bear craft. The day is a great opportunity to teach about the fascinating bear
  3. Step 1: Draw the polar bear's face on the paper plate. Step 2: Cut out the ears. (Sorry for the fuzzy photo on this one. Didn't realize it till I was all done with the craft.) Step 3: Glue the ears onto the backside of the polar bear mask. Hold the ears in place to allow the glue to dry. Step 4: Glue the Popsicle stick onto the bottom of.
  4. .Charlotte Moore Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft. At Wiz Kids Center in Brooklyn, New York this Polar Bear craft was very popular with the students who loved using the cotton balls on the paper plate.. It tied-in wonderfully with the Winter Animals theme that the class was doing and was great as they were able to enjoy International Polar Bear Day while doing this craft that had them assembly.
  5. Method to follow for this polar bear craft: Color the blue color Paper with white tempera paint. I borrowed this picture from my penguin craft as I had missed taking a picture of this step. Let it dry. Draw a circle with a bowl in the white printer paper or construction paper. The circle will make the head of the bear

Step 2: put mixture on paper plate and add cosmetic pads on top as ears. Step 3: cut out black eyes and white backs to eyes. Put on polar bear along with the black nose. For more DIY and eco-friendly projects, check out our Pinterest page! If you're not already a Green Kid Crafts subscriber, don't wait another day to join Polar Bear Lantern. Light up the room with this polar bear inspired milk jug lantern. Toilet Paper Roll Penguin. Create a penguin out of household materials. Compare your handprint to a polar bear paw with this craft activity

Aug 28, 2014 - Canon Inc. provides a wealth of free download materials on this site.The site is full of interesting content, like Paper Craft and Scrapbook, so you're sure to find something you like. Have fun printing out on your Canon Inkjet printer Whitelotous Polar Bear Die Cuts Embossing Stencil Metal Cutting Dies for DIY Card Making Scrapbooking Paper Craft Album Stamps Festival Decor 4.7 out of 5 stars 17 $7.99 $ 7 . 9 Download the template of a polar bear online or cut out the shape of a polar bear from the black chart paper. Cut the tissue papers into squares, triangles or random shapes, and keep them ready. Now, apply the glue on the white card paper and let the kids start affixing the cut tissue paper in layers until the entire surface is covered

Polar Bear Puppet Craft - Kids Craft Roo

Step 1: Cut Out the Shape. Draw the polar bear's head on your paper plate. You can also use the free template for this step and trace the bear's head if you would like. Now cut out the bear's head. *Tip-Instead of pushing the scissors through the plate to get the cutting started, fold the plate slightly and cut on the fold to form a slit 33. Twirly Polar Bear. I know we already included a paper plate polar bear above, but I thought the twirly effect on this one was really neat so I had to include it. You could probably use this same effect on some of the other paper plate animals on this list too. Get the full tutorial from Kids Craft Room. 34. Rocking Cra Polar Bear STEAM Activity Problem: Design a den for a polar bear and her cubs. Materials. Provide any of these materials or use others of your choice: polar bear and cubs template; construction paper; liquid or stick glue; paintbrush; tape; scissors; crayons or markers; pencil; pom pom ball (optional) clothespin (optional) Possible materials.

Paper plate crafts for kids (A-Z) - CFuzzy Brown Bear Craft | What Can We Do With Paper And GlueVintage Polar Bear Image! - The Graphics Fairy

Paper Plate Polar Bear Mask Kids will have a blast making this fun polar bear mask this winter. All you need are some easy to find craft supplies like paper plates, printer paper, glue and a few other things that are sure to be lying around Jan 13, 2021 - Easy addition to your study of arctic animals for kids is this fun polar bear craft! This is great for your habitats unit study in your winter classroom. Pinterest. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures This simple paper bag polar bear craft has two different designs so you can choose the one that's perfect for your child's interests and abilities. Perfect for learning about arctic animals or as an easy winter craft for kids

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