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I think that the swap calculator should be used to help determine VPI. If the stock pwr is above what the rest of the field is allowed to run, it should have a commensurately higher value for that portion of the VPI. That can found by running the stock numbers through the swap calculator and seeing how many extra points it might get According to the present rules, the highest value car and weight should be used by the swap calculator regardless so this should be an easy fix by using 150 point VPI and 2780 lbs curb weight (2502 lbs official Champ weight) for all Fiero swaps. 2 ChampCar is North America's home for real, affordable, competitive endurance road racing. We're talking endurance racing, 7 to 24-hours long! Race your car with some friends, or find a drive with one of many arrive and drive teams, at world-famous tracks like Daytona International Speedway, Watkins Glen International, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Road. The one that says if you swap a motor you cannot then swap any other parts to it to increase its overall power output post swap. Because it essentially allows you to claim the 140hp model and end up with 190hp which would be a lot more points. I think it is petition #1 The swap calculator will determine the additional points value of the swap. Your run class is typically determined by the engine size, but when using a turbo, the run class is based on the engine size and then bumped up one run class

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2021-01-01 - Swap with the Same HP value. If I have a swap that has the IDENTICAL HP rating will the swap take 50 Points or more. For example I want to swap my 209 HP Ford engine with a 209 HP Honda engine, will the swap be 50 or more points? All engine swaps that result in a reduction of horsepower will be charged a flat 50 point fee If in doubt, email tech@champcar.org. Maximum swap cost is $1500 (Engine and adapters). Tech reserves the right to override formula. BCCR 4.5.6. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation. The ChampCar engine swap rule for 2017 and beyond is based on an exponential formula in conjunction with a few rules and conditions Swap Year Swap Points from . Online Calculator Transmission Adapter. Model Swap Model. Engine Mount(s) Wiring. Outgoing Horsepower Swap Incoming . Horsepower Engine Size CC. Engine Size CC Starter. Parts needed to complete swap Cost. Parts Needed to complete swap Cost. DONOR CAR INFO RACE CAR INFO. FOR CHAMPCAR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. Tech Signature.

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  1. Getting Back 20 Points in Champcar. Champcar charges 20 points per aftermarket sway bar. I'm using a Spec Miata front sway bar. Is it worth getting 20 points back and using the stock sway bars? Reverting the car to stock sway bars front and rear would reduce the roll stiffness by about 13%, but the FRC would be only 1.5% more
  2. Our Miata has a 1.8l engine from a 1999 Miata. When we use the swap calculator, it says that our new value is the original value of 300 + 50 for a total of 350. Is the base value for a 1990 Miata 250 or 300? A. Based on VPI numbers dated Q1 2020. Whenever an engine swap is performed, the swap must start with the highest valued version of your car
  3. The weight variable here is from the engine swap calculator, which assumes 2153 lbs for 1989-2005 Miatas. Figure 1 offered some pretty interesting insights! It would seem that the architect of the swap calculator was targeting 150 hp (rated) as the target for engine swaps. After this peak there is a sharp drop off in value per VPI point
  4. NLS used ChampCar's swap formula to gauge its upgrades. Stepping up to a VQ30DE V6 from a 1996 Nissan Maxima—costing about $300 or $400—took the horsepower to 190 (and added 55 points). The factory transmission, however, didn't bolt up to the new motor. A six-speed CD009 from a Nissan 350Z from the early 2000s did (cost: 25 points)
  5. All you need to do is swap the the proper bushings and perhaps swap the bracket which fits around the bushing as well. Using the calculator Levi posted below I reran my numbers and got quite a bit bigger differences due to the adjustments. Numbers updated to reflect this. //champcar.org

Miata Is Always The Answer for a lot of reasons, but aerodynamics isn't one of them.The convertible top means the canopy is shorter and wider than a purpose-built coupe or fastback, and the result is more drag. Case in point: Wikipedia lists the 1993 Mazda RX-7 at a drag coefficient of .29, while the Miata of the same year was .38. (I explored how a RX-7 bodied Miata would perform in a blog. We are building a 2nd gen Camaro (78') to race in the Champcar endurance series. Races can be 8 to 24hrs, with driver changes every 2 hours. We are going to build a new engine but we're not sure on what size to build. (Note, we have to use an engine/block that was available for year of car, so no LS swaps, etc.) Goals for our engine ChumpCar needs to decide what it is. You cannot say that you want to invite real racers, offer large purses, and then be surprised when serious teams show up, push the rules, and spank the field. Having your main rule based on value is clearly subjective and is just asking for a world of hurt in racing. Long Story Typically Gurney flaps are about 1-5% of the chord length. 9 Lives makes flaps in 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″. Given the 9LR chord of about 10″, the 1/2″ flap is 5%, and this is on the large side. I suspect that the 1/4″ flap is the one to have. This chart breaks it down nicely for you, but doesn't list the smallest flap

Booo, corn.) When you compare my 1.6 to the 1.8 VVT, the bigger motor makes 5 more hp and 17 ft-lbs more torque. The 1.6 has always been gutless in terms of torque, and right there you see it. Stefan's personal Miata has a K24Z3 swap, which is a 2354cc 4-cylinder used in an Acura TSX and other cars Swap in a VVT 1.8. A bone stock NB2 motor will put out similar horsepower as the Solomiata formula, and way more torque. I drove Napp Motorsports' VVT swap back to back with my well modified NA6. My motor has only 5 hp less, but the torque difference was astounding, like it was a completely different car When eliminated, you can cut any standard key and that will be enough to start the car. If reset, you will need a programmed key which is compatible with the vehicle's system so it get automatically registerd by the just reset immobilizer, allowing it to start the car. 3. Bridge the crystal of the ECU or Immobox. 4 5- 0.820. FD- 3.625. The E52 had a taller 3.23 first gear, a taller 0.972 4th gear and a shorter 3.933 final drive, compared to the E53. The E53 also has a dual cone synchro reverse gear. The MR2 is unsynchronized. MR2 ratios: 1- 3.23. 2- 1.91 My local track is a handling track but I built my 1g before the track was built. To answer a question. Most endurance racing series in this price range specify max 2 hours per driver per stint and driver needs to be out of the car for 2 hours before you can get back in. So a 9 hour race is 4-5 drivers

Lemons Aero Study: Star Wars Ecotec Miata. A guy recently contacted me on Facebook to ask my opinion on aero modifications for his Miata. Cameron and his team live in the Great Lakes area and race Lemons. Their Miata has a Star Wars theme, complete with R2D2 behind the seat, with a head that spins, too. The car has an Ecotec swap In ChampCar, the build is 120 out of 500 points so there are plenty of points to work with. But in order to compete it would take an engine swap or forced induction. Given that I want to keep it emissions legal in California, these options are mostly out of the question A 9age is a hybrid of sorts that takes parts from three different engines and custom made parts. The end result is a 1.8 or 2.0 naturally aspirated (NA) engine liter engine that makes over 200HP and 180ft lbs of torque. (TQ) There is not much information on the 9age because there have only been a few people who have made one The drag numbers seem awfully low to me, but when I calculate a drag coefficient from them I get .302 in this configuration. The published number I have found for the MKII is about .31, so I think I am pretty close. Velocity, scaled 0-80mph. Pressure, scaled 14.6-14.8psi. 1 - 20 of 346 Posts BlueByYou Racing team of New Jersey is one of the very first customers to receive delivery of the new Ford 2020 Mustang Shelby ® GT500 ®But, before the factory sticker has even come off, plans for the racecar conversion are already in place. The build will be managed by CorteX Racing, a U.S. based manufacturer and fabrication specialist in Mustang motorsports

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Mr2 Spyder (rear) Made by Aisin. Pistons: 1 x 45mm (2mm bigger than stock calipers, identical dimensions to 91 rears, can take up to a 20mm thick). Standard mount. - Will need to be clocked a bit if used with rotors under 320mm diameter as the holes will interfere when making adapter bracket. - Retains parking brake It retains the stock ball joints, doesn't require modification to the lca's, doesn't apply a large bending load through your now taller ball joint, and can improve the caster at the same time. Also avoids an wheel clearance issues there as well. 90 GSX, stock. Prepping for 2020 ChampCar season Hi All! My name is Scott Ahlman, President of Ahlman Performance LLC and I am new to AudiR8Talk. We are also a new owner of a 2012 Audi R8 V10 manual for suspension development work on this car as well as chassis related videos on and off of the road/track - coming soon! I will start joining the chassis related threads (suspension, shocks.

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With a road tyre the first number is the section width - the overall width of the inflated tyre fitted to the correct size rim measured at it's widest point. Consequently a 235 road tyre will usually have a narrower tread than a 235 race tyre. A 240/640/18 Avon racing radial which has a section width of 267 and a tread width of 244 Stack tires to match driver weight as pictured and use a Longacre Camber Gauge (3-arm type) to measure Camber. Measure to each of the front and rear lips of the wheels for toe, then use an online alignment calculator to input measured wheel diameter (lip to lip), toe, thrust angle (or whatever the front to rear axle variation term is) etc

2018 Brazilian Grand Prix. Formula 1 will not receive a hosting fee for the next three Brazilian Grands Prix at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo, RaceFans can reveal. The race's last contract extension, which runs until 2020, was announced in 2014. The agreement included separate contracts with the race promoter and a financial arrangement. The two inner pivot points create an axis of rotation. The roll center of the front axis will be found by connecting the ball joint with the shortest distance to this axis (right angle). Given the geometry of the 1g front control arm this point actually ends up slightly in front of the front pivot point Sadly, it's a little too slow for most applications. In Lucky Dog, it's slower than most class C cars (when it doesn't get protested for being too new). In ChampCar, the build is 120 out of 500 points so there are plenty of points to work with. But in order to compete it would take an engine swap or forced induction Turn 14. The BMW driver re-passes the Miata in the braking zone. At this point, the BMW becomes the car attempting to make a pass. It is now the responsibility of the BMW to make a safe pass. The Miata driver already knew the BMW driver was inferior and now had knowledge the he is also aggressive and dangerous

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  1. When champcar started to become expensive, Honda realized it will soon have a budget of building an F1 engine, and they pulled put. None of those series have pedigree of F1, they are entertaining, but lack the subtle knowledge of what customers want
  2. Super Touring/Super Unlimited. ST (1-6) Car Classification Form/Calculator. Forum. NASA Tire Section Width Measurement Tool Template. Dyno Certification Form. 2021 Rules ST 1-4 & SU. 2021 Rules ST 5-6
  3. About CorteX Racing. CorteX Racing (cortexracing.com) is a U.S. based engineering design house of performance aftermarket motorsports parts and customer car builds.CorteX was founded in 2009 when the public demand for their optimized prototype suspension components (raced on their own cars) delivered what both enthusiasts and professionals were after, an unmet need for quality, durability and.

Points Calculator; Going to a Grand Prix; Reviews; And the plan is to have a chassis that with an engine swap, and a few other bits, can be the Indy and Indy Lights cars. & to me that is a big part of why fans havn't come back to it in the way everyone was expecting 10 years ago where Champcar/IRL merged & 'promised' they were. Bugatti enlisted former Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya to set a a new speed record in its $2.7 million Chiron hypercar.. Montoya, a seven-times grand prix winner and two-times winner of the Indianapolis 500, set a new world record by accelerating from a standstill up to 400kph and back to a stop again in 41.96 seconds, covering 3.1 kilometres

The 1.8T engine as fitted by Audi is arguably one of the most easily tuneable engines today. The engine code is found at the top part of the engine near the valve cover on the side etched into the head so you might have to clean it off as the stamp often gets covered in grime. The engine codes are (This list is not exhaustive and covers the. Now the Champcar engines in 2004 were down on power from the 2001 CART engines, but I'm sure the massive drag generated from the road course wings would've reduced the speeds by 10-15mph. Of course the cars wouldn't have been the rocketships they were in qualifying but they would've been able to run the race. Comment. Post

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Original K Series Miata Conversion Kit. KPower. $ 3,895.00. K24A2 - $ 3,895.00 USD K24A1 - $ 3,895.00 USD K24A4/A8 - $ 3,895.00 USD K20A2/Z1 - $ 3,895.00 USD K20Z3 - $ 3,895.00 USD. Add to Cart. Please note that due to high demand, we are currently experiencing an approximate 45-60 day lead time on this swap package Hybrid systems are due for introduction in 2022. In the mid-eighties Ferrari team founder Enzo Ferrari famously threatened to enter IndyCar racing - then run by CART - in a dispute over the future Formula 1 rules. The team built a car compliant with the regulations, the 637, but it never raced

Installed this pump which got the car moving. Ran four practice sessions Friday with this pump working, approximately 2 hours of run time and never ran it dry. Race started at 9 am Saturday - pump died at 10 am Saturday, requiring a tow back to pits and a swap to a different fuel pump, and costing us about 30 minutes of tow/repair time Renault has presented renderings of its new car for the 2019 F1 season, the RS19.. The team also revealed its new livery in an event at its chassis factory in Enstone today.. The RS19 is outwardly very similar to the RS18 it replaces. However it features the wider, 2,000mm front wing familiar from other new cars for 2019, as well as an enlarged rear wing

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Find CHEVROLET 5.7L/350 Camshaft Kits LT1 Engine Designation and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Mark Williams Brake Pedal Calculator GRM $2K Challenge. Oulton Park. Get Your sexy Mooscheschlong Leggings here. They also have T Shirts. 24 Hours of Lemons iRace on You Tube. 24 Hours of Lemons on Facebook. You saw the SSC Tuatara here first! SCC Tuatara may not have been 100% honest. 3PM Discord. Text us at 484 243 0455. Lemons Rally on Insta.

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2013 BRZ Premium 6MT - Track Car, 2020 GMC Canyon Denali Duramax - Tow Vehicle, 2018 Forester XT - Wife's Daily, 2016 Crosstrek - Daughter's Ride, 1993 Honda Civic Hatchcrap Champcar, and always buying random twins.. I have been up close to an M8 as it happens, and it is quite small - about the same size as a Ford GT40. I have since looked up the tech specs of both and the M8 comes out at one inch wider than a GT40. Oh look, that's just about the same as the difference betwen the two slotcars! Scalextric..

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2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 4x4 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft SB 5A - CASH PRICES! $29,900 (+ GA Elite Truck) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $21,500. image 1 of 15 Fluidyne aluminum radiators feature aluminum end tanks and 100 percent NOCOLOK brazed aluminum cores, rather than the epoxy-bonded types used by others. These cores are built using high-efficiency cooling fins that deliver maximum performance and durability. These radiators are offered in universal sizes, as well as direct-fit, with all.

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Cup10s mod with spoiler and. Cup10w mod with rear wing. created by the Design Mods Racing (CUP, GNS and CTS physics). SS.net COT (Car Of Tomorrow), with rear wing (2007 - 2009) SSW COT mod (file SSW_COT104.exe) by the SuperSpeedway.net group (CUP physics). 2010 Sprint Cup carset (226 cars) painted by SRD team Page 1 of 2 - Maxs green proposals: inertial system viability - posted in The Technical Forum Archive: Hes suggested a 20 kg inertial system, equating to a 60 hp push to pass system.... Question for Those Who Like To Do Math, get out your Hp calculators: 1) How fast would a 20kg gyro/flywheel have to be spun to kick out 60 hp over the 4 seconds or so it would take to overtake someone Pirelli P600. The Pirelli P600 is a summer high performance, H or V-Speed rated tire made for performance sedans and sports cars and coupes. It has great traction capability for excellent handling. The tire offers the driver a smooth, quiet ride. Though the P600 performs well on dry and wet surfaces, it is not designed to be used in icy or.

The ST classes are power to weight plus a few other things. The rules are pretty straight forward and have a easy to use calculator on the NASA site. Depending on power output ST2 or 3 is a easy fit.. Muscle Car racing simulator is all about action. Muscle Car racing Simulator is all about action. Take part in illegal racings, earn money and customize your Car, get upgrades, make your vehicle more powerful and faster.In chase mode you can take the wheel of a police Car in order to catch and ticket a racer. Muscle Car 3 is the latest and greatest classic American dream Car inspired.. MIDLAND LXT600PA 36 Channel 2-Way Radio/Walkie Talkie/With Charger/Perfec t! C $33.94. or Best Offer. Calculate Shipping. 16d 7h left (5/8, 11:19) From United States. SPONSORED Busch believes that F1's popularity in the United States is still suffering from the negativity that single-seater racing got when IndyCar and ChampCar split - and NASCAR's popularity boomed Software piracy is theft, Using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators, cd key, hacks is illegal and prevent future development of Zuken E3.series v.12.2011.1000 Edition...

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  1. Using Dymola to understand the 2018 Indy 500. 21st May 2019. 21st May 2019. To the uninitiated, the Indy 500 seems like a simple event. 200 laps (500 miles) around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a 2.5 mile long banked oval circuit using single-seater, open wheel IndyCars. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it
  2. Performance Magazine #4 by Öhlins Racing - issuu. HNOLOGY #4 2008. SPENSION TEC ÖHLINS ADVANCED SU. The Art of Dirt. Maybe this is one of the very last outposts of true love to the genuine.
  3. Racecar Engineering Le Mans Special. T. oyota was one of only two teams in Formula 1 (the other being Ferrari) that built its own car in its entirety, from chassis to engine to gearbox
  4. HUGH MOONEY 1976 #71 FORMULA ATLANTIC AT LAGUNA SECA 8X10 GLOSSY PHOTO #2X. C $4.06. Buy It Now. +C $10.85 shipping. Ended (Tomorrow, 10:38) From United States
  5. It's very good for real-time measurement, the use of this software is very professional
  6. Audi and the FIA WEC break new ground in Mexico. Audi drivers di Grassi/Duval/Jarvis currently second in the standings. Just one month before the factory opening, Audi starts the crucial phase of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in Mexico. Five of the nine championship races on the calendar are held between September and November

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  1. Trans Am SpeedFest will feature racers and cars from Trans Am, Sportscar Vintage Racing (SVRA), & International GT (IGT). 1950s austin champ soft top $5,500* qld, 4030. Buy cars online through Pakistan's #1 automobile website. Photo: Nick Lish (Vintage Motorsport) Interior exterior engine and transmission good. Check Out The Most Expensive Vintage Toy Cars For Sale! 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero.
  2. um was poor (thin). Welds appeared to be good. I ended up purchasing a Frostbite LS Swap FB310 with 1.5 inlet/outlets
  3. Really, we start our engine swap series of shows and tell you all about why you shouldn't do an engine swap, but then start to talk about the categories of swap and how to get started. Donate to Camp Okizu! Alex Zanardi is recovering well. Perez gets a full time seat with Red Bull in 2021. Chris Tonn on the Yugo Record Attemp

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Plans Scraped - The all-new 2011 Mercury Cougar will come with three engine choices and two powertrain choices currently offered. The base engine for the Cougar is Ford's new Duratec 3.7-liter dual-overhead cam V6 engine that will deliver around 305 horsepower and supposed to get 19 and 30 mpg on city and the highway respectively Jun 01, 2021 · Continental has a new 200tw tire on the way aimed at endurance use: AER, WRL, ChampCar, Lemons, SCCA Track Night in America and the like. Meet the ExtremeContact Force. Sizes for this German-built model will range from 205/50R15 to 345/30R19 with distribution, we're told, handled by both Tire Rack and Hoosier Tire Distributors StelsXML is a JDBC type 4 Driver that allows to perform SQL queries and other JDBC operations on XML files. With StelsXML JDBC Driver, you can easily extract and process data contained in your XML documents by using the standard SQL syntax and XPath expressions. The Driver is completely platform-independent Purchase or swap other parts, Phone 0427304171, TOOWOOMBA FASLCON XE STATION wagon parts wanted must be for this model only and nothing else, ask for Tony, Phone 38492692, MOUNT GRAVATT FLYMO GCL. FormulaR1C1 has the same behavior as Formula, only using R1C1 style annotation, instead of A1 annotation First, a parser analyzes the mathematical function. It transforms it into a form that is better understandable by a computer, namely a tree (see figure below). In doing this, the Integral Calculator.