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  1. Orc is a word used to refer to various races of tough and warlike humanoid creatures in various fantasy settings. Orcs are often portrayed as misshapen humanoids who are brutal, warmongering, and sadistic. Orcs are described of varying size, ugly, filthy, with a taste for human flesh
  2. Humanoids are mythical creatures that are part human, or resemble the human form, or are capable of taking the human form. There are hundreds of folklore describing these creatures. Some creatures are helpful, while some are mischievous. Some of them are shape-shifting, while some use mystical powers to allure their victims to their deaths
  3. Another humanoid from Greek and Roman mythology that is widely known is the satyr. These half human, half goat beings (in the Roman tales) or humans with the tail of a horse attached to their rear ends (as in the original Greek stories) were considered to be the companions of both the deities Pan and Dionysus
  4. According to Russian mythology, the rusalki (singular: rusalka) were beautiful, young, naked women who emerged from the water in order to spread moisture to the fields and give life to the Earth. These were not mermaids but female spirits who were once living human beings
  5. There are mystical mythical creatures that inhabit land, the sea and the air. Many have their basis in Mythology and some have emerged from cultural folklore. They range from monstrous creatures and chimera, hybrids like the Minotaur of ancient Greece, to humanoid mythicals like the mischievous elves of the Norse
  6. List of Mythical Creatures O-S. Ogre - An ugly, oversized humanoid creature with great physical strength and little intelligence. Orthros - The two-headed monster dog. Pegasus - Technically the proper name of Bellerophon's winged horse, which became the general name for winged horses

Angel - Humanoid creatures who are generally depicted with bird-like wings. In Abrahamic mythology and Zoroastrianism mythology, angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as messengers between God and humans. Fairy - A humanoid with insect -like wings. Mothman - A humanoid moth Unicorns, a horse or goat-like animal with a single horn, are a commonly depicted mythical creature. From ancient mythology (in Mesopotamia, India, Greece, and China) all the way into the modern.. Persia: The Persians have a creature similar to the Indian rakshasa that pretends to be a harmless animal. It often attacks travelers. Philippines: The aswang is a vampire-werewolf who transforms from a human to a canine form at night, and eats human flesh. The aswang also manifests itself as a decaying corpse that has been severed at the waist. There are many humanoids in the mythologies from around the world which are half humans and half horses. Centaurs are Greek mythological creatures with the body and legs of a horse and the head, torso and arms of a human. The female counterpart is a Centauride, which, in Philippine mythology, is presented as an Anggitay

Centaurs, also known as Ixionidae, are mythical creatures in Greek mythology with the torso and head of a human being and the body of a horse. As one of the most popular Greek monsters in mythology, centaurs are known as the children of Nephele (a cloud created in Hera's image) and Ixion, a king of Lapiths, the most ancient tribe of Thessaly I've included many types of mythical creatures, including humanoid creatures and magical animals, from Norse mythology, Greek and Roman mythology, Asian folklore, Native American folklore, and other traditions. Some of these supernatural species are very popular, and some are more obscure to most of us Dwarves, gnomes, giants, cyclopes, tommyknockers and such creatures basically looked human, but with slight changes. Other humanoid creatures had more drastic alterations. A common feature of many..

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A Mythological creature also referred to as legendary creature and mythical creature is a fictional, supernatural and imaginary animal, or hybrid being also associated sometimes with being part human These mythological humanoid creatures are part human or only resemble humans through appearance or some other obvious quality. Menehune, Leprechauns of Hawaii The folklore of many cultures around the world include stories of magical little people

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45 Scary and Disturbing Mythical Creatures from Around the World. Adze Togo, Ghana Vampire that transforms into a firefly, biting people in their sleep and - killing them. Grootslang South Africa Massive serpentine elephant that plagues a deep cave in Richtersveld. Inkanyamba South Africa Gigantic, winged eel with a voracious appetite that is. The fantastic creatures of Greek mythology and legend can be divided into eight broad categories : 1. MYTHICAL MONSTERS. Awful humanoid creatures. These included monsters such as the Gorgons and Echidna. 2. MYTHICAL HYBRIDS. Creatures which combine human and animal forms or various animals. These include creatures such as the Centaur (Horse-Man. Here, we have listed some of the strangest, terrifying, and most bizarre mythical creatures, including glorified animals and mythical humanoid creatures, and more. You will notice that a lot of mythical creatures belong to ancient Greek and Roman origin. In fact, Greece happens to be the place where all legendary creatures were born Humans have always looked for an excuse when something goes wrong, and traditionally, mythical creatures have often provided the perfect scapegoat New Jersey Devil - A flying creature with a high-pitched scream and a horse-like head native to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Nymph - Divine female nature spirits who inhabit certain natural sites. List of Mythical Creatures O-S. Ogre - An ugly, oversized humanoid creature with great physical strength and little intelligence

Yeti or abominable snowman mythological humanoid creature said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Pakistan and Nepal. The scientific community largely regards the Yeti as a legend, yet it remains one of the most famous creatures of cryptozoology parallel to Bigfoot of North America. It is tall, bipedal creature covered with long white hair and. A true of humanoid creatures, those with a roughly humanlike form but which are definitely not human. Anthropologists have debated the meaning of humanoid creatures for a long time. In some cultures, they seem to represent various aspects of human nature, from savagery to pure goodness. Sometimes, they may have been inspired by actual humans, i 6. Shapeshifters, Ghouls, Vampires, Werewolves. Image via. Many, many creatures look human but aren't. Vampires are nearly indistinguishable from humans, apart from, in many cases, fangs. But their perfect disguises come at a cost: they have numerous physical limitations that clearly mark them as vampires The Cherufe. The Cherufe comes to us from Chilean lore that tells of an evil humanoid reptilian creature that lived in magma pools inside volcanos. The Cherufe was thought to be the cause of damage from volcanos and meteorites. To appease the Cherufe, a sacrificial victim was thrown into the depths of the volcano

The cutest mythical creatures are those who have a human appearance and can fly such as fairies or pixies but still maintain some animal features which makes them cute! Other favorites would include half-fish mermaids with their colorful hair or the obvious Unicorn that we all know and love. Top 30 Cutest Mythical Creatures List Source: Mythical-Creatures Wiki . The other G in our entries, Gogmagog was a muscular humanoid giant from the island of Albion (the ancient name for Britain). Sometimes described as more than 14 ft tall, the monster's kind was said to have descended from demons Many stories revolve around these creatures eating children and unborn fetuses. In human form, they appear normal and are quiet, shy, and elusive. At night, they transform into the deadly beast. One key feature of the aswang is its bloodshot eyes. In the Middle Ages, the aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures in the Philippines Selkies: Irish/Scottish folklore creatures. They're half seal, half human. In the water they want to become human, and while human they want to return to the see. The can shed their seal skin when they want to become human, and put it back on when they desire to become seal again. They can also sing well in the water. Pics from Pinterest

This mythological creature is seen mainly in Scottish folklore, although does make an appearance in Irish. It is a fairy creature said to often resemble a black cat. Changeling. This mythical creature is present in Irish folklore, as well as tales throughout Europe. The story tells of a fairy child who has been swapped with a human baby. Clíodhn Wikimedia Commons. A mythological chimera composed of the head of a crocodile, the forelimbs of a lion, and the hind limbs of a hippopotamus, Ammit was the personification of the man-eating predators so feared by ancient Egyptians. According to legend, after a person died, the Egyptian god Anubis weighed the deceased's heart on a scale against a single feather from Ma'at, the goddess of truth

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The Greeks used the depiction of this creature in their own mythology after encounters with the Egyptians but referring to it in their own language which makes the original name for this feminine feline become lost to time. Aswang. LINK. One of the most fearsome mythological creatures from the legends and stories in the Philippines is the aswang Here we have 5 African mythological creatures that you should know just in case. 5. Kishi. Imagine a handsome man. A smooth talker, a seducer and just plain attractive. You're so attracted, that you start imagining a life with that man and even planned your own wedding in your head

Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meaning. Below is a list of all Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meanings articles. More are added every week so check back often! Scroll down below the articles or click to read about Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meanings 11 Terrifying Mythological Creatures That Expose Humanity's Worst Fears. Mythological creatures are more than just make-believe. They are a glimpse into how our ancestors once saw the world and of the fears that filled their imaginations when they heard something go bump in the night. Jacopo Ligozzi A chimera, as described in Homer's Iliad The manticore is a monster with a red tiger's body, the face of a man with three rows of teeth, and most uniquely, a scorpion tail covered in spines that can be shot off. They have a voice like a trumpet and can jump between mountains. Altogether,.. Some mythical creatures are said to be kind and gentle, while others have an evil kind of spirit. Examples of mythical creatures include a pixie, an ogre, a sprite and a unicorn. Some mythical creatures also take on the form of both an animal and a human. A werewolf is an example of this, as this type of creature is a human during the day time.

Addonexus. An Addonexus is a creature of lore that is originally human at birth but if they are born on the day of a solar eclipse and when the Halley's Comet is in the sky they become gifted with abilities after they exit the womb. They have a substance that is infused with their blood that hold magical properties Mythical creatures have always been part of our history books. Some are even thought to exist at present, lurking in the shadows and trying to be discreet as it exists together with humans. Some are believed to be fictional, some a relative of an extinct species Go to A-Z List. Hybrids, in the mythical realm, are creatures that combine the features and body parts of more than one real species. There are non-human versions that combine features of one or more animal species such as the basilisks, the Chimera and griffins. Then, there are also part human combinations such as the very popular centaurs and mermaids

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Lesser-known mythical creatures that can turn humans? Discussion in ' Research ' started by WritingInTheDark , Jul 3, 2021 at 3:56 PM . I'm writing in a setting where basically every mythical humanoid species either exists or used to before going extinct, and lives in secret among the human race The Astomi is a race of people from the Greek and Roman mythology and folklore. Specifically, accounts of them appear in a book by Pliny the Elder: Natural History. He wrote about many types of creatures which supposedly existed. The Astomi were descendants of regular humans who traveled in the mountainous regions of India

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Image Source: Wikimedia 10. Sphinx. The Sphinx is another mythical creature from classical Greek mythology with a human's head and a lion's body. According to Greek tradition, the sphinx had a woman's head, a lion's body, and a bird's wings 6 Sphinx. image: Wikimedia Commons. Has been sitting in front of the Great Pyramid for centuries, the Sphinx is one of the most well-known Egyptian mythical creatures. The sphinx has the head of human, the haunches of a lion, and sometimes the wings of a bird. In Egyptian culture, the sphinxes invariably have the head of a man and are described.

Mythical creatures or mythological creatures are hybrid creatures (part human and part animal) whose existence can not be proved. They have originated from our folklores. Unicorns, vampires, phoenix and mermaids are some of the most popular mythical creatures I am sure you must have heard of a fabulous mythical creature having the front part of its body an eagle and its hind parts a horse's. a very large hairy humanoid creature that is covered in white hair and is very destructive. gnome. small human-like woodland creature that is pretty energetic and happy. troll Fae. A Fairy, also known as fay or fae, is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairy offers many definitions Mythological creature, depicted in Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek art as a lion with a human head. Thunderbird: Topic Page The name given to a famous mythical bird and also to allegedly real-life counterparts spied in the skies over North America

12. Sluagh - the Dead Irish Sinners. Sluaghs are heightening creatures that hunt down souls. They are not exactly demons, they are more like dead sinners that come back from the grave and roam the kind of the living as malicious spirits. These scary spirits are said to come from the west, and they fly in groups Ghillie Dhu from the Scottish folklore helped people (mostly children) to find a way out of the woods. The spirit or, more correctly, the male fairy was covered in moss and leaves, is said to be of kind nature and disposition (mostly). Baku, the Dream Eater, is a japanese creature that eats bad dreams and nightmares Get transformed into a mermaid, fairy, elf, genie, dragon, or other mythological fantasy creature. Be something other than human. Something special. Something magical. Looking for angels, demons, and demigods? Check out the supernatural beings

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An Anthology of Mythical Creatures. Gamayun Baba Yaga Şüräle Turkey Horned, woolly humanoid that tickles people to death. Androsphinx Egypt Living statue with a lion body and human head, tells riddles. Russia Prophetic bird with the head of a woman. Russia Mysterious old woman who floats around in a mortar Scoffers define the words: unicorn, dragon (dinosaur), and Nephilim as mythical creatures and use these as an excuse to dismiss the Bible as merely a book of fairy tales. A closer investigation reveals the exact opposite. Each word pictures the majestic, awesome power of the Creator of the universe Top 10 Mythical Creatures. The Top Ten. 1 Dragon A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. Really like dragons! I watch the Dragon Prince and read Wings of Fire, dragons are amazing. The knights who slay dragons are so cruel they only do that because they heard.

10 Mythical CREATURES That Actually ExistedIf you're new, Subscribe! → http://goo.gl/djmfuXFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Top5BestShowTop 5 Best is the #.. What mythical humanoid are you? 1 Comment. Everyone wants to know what sort of animal, or magical creature they are. But today, I have focused on another side of magical creatures: the humanoid ones. They tend to be mixed between a human and something else, wether it be an animal, a ghost, or an element

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-GrungeMyths are called myths for a reason, because they're untrue, stories told by ancient people who. Indian mythical creatures, hindu mythological creatures. Stories about these fantastical beings have originated from different societies around the world. However we see parallels in different. Aswang. Perhaps the best-known of the country's mythical creatures, aswang are shapeshifting vampires. They resemble humans by day and transform into various horrible guises by night. While anyone can fall victim to these flesh eating ghouls, pregnant women about to give birth are their favoured prey. Among the forms adopted by aswangs are. Japanese mythical creatures are the weirdest - be warned! Like the ittan-momen: a sentient roll of cotton that flies through the air at night and attacks humans by wrapping itself around their. Here are the top 11 Mythical creature Filipino you will hear while visiting the islands. Tikbalang. Described as a hulking half-man, half-horse that towers over mortal creatures, with broad, muscular shoulders and a majestic horse's head, the Tikbalang is an elemental god frightening, intimidating, and imperial

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There are two worlds, one where all humans lay with greedy rulers, and dirty cities/streets. The other is the land of mythical creatures and it is full of wonders and amazing magic! The two lands lived happily on their own for centuries, but humans became jealous of all the things they had that they didn't so they sent spies into their land Mythical creatures possess supernatural abilities that are beyond normal reality. From the hairy kapre and mischievous tiyanak to fearsome tikbalang and enchanted duwendes, hundreds of diverse mythological creatures occur in the mythologies of the Philippines.These creatures consist of beasts, monsters, and enchanted beings of more than 140 ethnic groups in the country Faun, is the creature with the head and torso of a man but with the legs and tail of a goat. This creature is often confused with Satyr due to the similar appearance. Faun is the half human half goat mythical creature in Roman while Satyr is the same character yet in Greek. Another way to differentiate them is that satyrs are more like horses. A Dwarf is a short, stout, stocky and strong humanoid creature in Norse mythology as well as other Germanic mythologies, fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games. The plural of the word dwarf was historically spelled dwarfs, but fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien used the plural dwarves, which has entered general usage

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Other words that are used in English and other languages are specific to the blends and often refer to the legendary creatures of the myths. Here are some of the mythical half-human, half-animal creatures from stories told in past ages. Sandro Botticelli (Italian, 1444/45-1510). Pallas and the Centaur, ca. early 1480s The Vodyanoy is described as a water spirit in Chuvash mythology. According to the myth, it died by drowning and turned into a water spirit. It is a half human creature. The Vodyanoy is said to walk on two legs, and they live in large lakes; and just like humans, they have been said to have families and babies too. 19 Fairies - A fairy is a mythical creature, a type of spirit, described as preternatural, metaphysical or supernatural, all fairies possess magical powers, they have the ability to cast spells and fly. They look human, are very tiny and have beautiful translucent wings 1. Charon. Charon, also known The Ferryman or the Boatman, is a central figure in the Greek mythology, being the one responsible for carrying the souls of the recently deceased across the Styx (the great marsh) and Acheron (the river of woe).He is the first candidate appearing on the mythical creatures list. For the souls to be safely carried across the two rivers and into the Netherworld. Welcome to our website for all Mythical creature who is human except on full moon nights - when it transforms into a large canine Answers. Since you are already here then chances are that you are looking for the Daily Themed Crossword Solutions. Look no further because you will find whatever you are looking for [...] Read More Mythical creature who is human except on full moon nights.

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The myth of the golem originates in the idea that human beings might be able to form living creatures from clay, just as God made Adam. The most famous golem is the one made by Rabbi Judah Loew, the Maharal of Prague, who inscribed a clay man with the word emet meaning truth, and then spoke the divine name and brought him to life As far as I know, tons of legendary creatures can happen to be very nice to human beings. Angels, of course. They are supposed to save human souls from eternal darkness, to defend people against demons and to bring them in heaven. Well, you can't. Werewolves are known as mythological humans who can transform into a wolf or a wolf/human hybrid form. Once the shape-shifter has changed, they have extremely fast speeds, quick reflexes and are able to knock down pretty much anything in their way. Apart from silver, not much is known to stop these creatures The List of Mythical Creatures is divided into three alternating categories: Monsters and Beasts, Cool Creatures with Humanoid Features, and Spirits of the Unknown. This week: Spirits of the Unknown! An Imaginary Creature Authority production- zebrabird certified. BUGBEAR Bugbears are the biggest type of Bogies

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The 14 Most Badass Mythical Creatures, Ranked. It's a fierce battle between Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, and more. Ever since we started telling stories, mythical. Wikimedia Commons The Great Sphinx of Egypt. Circa 1867-1899. The myth of the Sphinx is one of the oldest as some versions of its legends date as back as 9,500 B.C. It's best known, though, from the great statues of Egypt. There it is usually a lion with a man's head, often adorned with a pharaoh's crown. To the Egyptians, these. The yeti or Abominable Snowman is the mythical creature most people immediately think of when trying to think of winter-themed mythical creatures and so has become a bit boring to me. That said, it's precisely because of this popularity that I must put it high on this list, whatever my feelings In the show, these creatures are feared - and humans restrict their freedoms because of it. The mythical creatures found in folklore do a lot of different jobs, says Simon Young, a British historian of folklore and co-editor/co-author of the book Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies, 500 AD to the Present Mara causes people to sin and self-destruction. In modern cinema, these creatures inspired the Gremlins of the homonym movie. The term Gui simply means deceased spirits or souls of the dead (not necessarily demonic spirits). In modern Chinese folklore, the term refers usually to ghosts that may take vengeance on humans

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8 Mythical Creatures Recently Spotted In Real Life. Mermaids, pixies, dragons? The evidence is there if you look hard enough. by Adam Clery. Sep 17, 2018. Updated: September 17th, 2018 8 Rarest Mythological Creatures & their Super Powers! Legendary creatures or mythical creatures refer to supernatural animals or hybrid concept that comes from various mythologies like Persian, Greek, European, Celtic, Norse, and much different folklore. These creatures vary from wolves to birds, to serpents and many other mixture forms Term: Supernatural beings [check for pictures with this index term] Used For: Imaginary beings Mythical creatures Broader Term(s): Supernatural [check for pictures with this index term] [thesaurus term(s) only] Narrower Term(s): Angels [check for pictures with this index term] [thesaurus term(s) only] Centaurs [check for pictures with this index term] [thesaurus term(s) only Dubbed The American Bestiary, SavingSpot and CashNetUSA compiled a list of the old wives' tales and wild animal humanoids that allegedly have been seen across the United States.This list features everything from mountain whales to Bigfoot's half-human cousins to airplane-sized predator birds.We can't get enough of these mythical beasts. As a Pennsylvania native who grew up with pap's stories.

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The Kapre is a mythological creature of fire that is related to Philippine mythology. It is one of the rare mythological creatures of fire that is humanoid in nature. By smoking a pipe containing a sweet-smelling perfume it is believed to attract humans, specifically, females which the Kapre itself is drawn to As a blend of two mythical creatures, the Alicorn fits well with the revolutionary, unique, and authentic nature of the people born in the sign of Aquarius. Pisces - the Mermaid. Our final half-human, half-animal creature, the Mermaid and Merman, are the people of the sea, at home in the vast ocean that is so often the metaphor for spirituality Top 10 Mythical Animals. No creature symbolizes eternal life more than the phoenix, a mythical bird known as much for its beauty as its immortality. The legend of the phoenix appears in a variety of ancient mythologies, including Greek, Egyptian and Indian. It is usually depicted as an eagle or other bird of prey, but may also resemble a heron. Horrendous lore aside, the Minotaur is an incredibly powerful mythical creature with the body of a man and head of a bull. There have been more than a few humanoid Pokémon, so this is definitely a plausible design. RELATED: The 10 Best Rock Pokémon Designs & Looks, Ranke Mythological sea creatures often exude mystery and/or menace. The sirens are dangerous temptresses, whereas in Hans Christian Andersen's original Danish fable Den lille havfrue, it is not the mystery of sea creatures' world that lures humans, but the reverse. The human world above the water holds allure for the little mermaid of the title The King James Version, translated in 1611, contains several mentions of mythological creatures, including the unicorn, the dragon, and the fearsome cockatrice. The apocalyptic portions of Daniel and Revelation contain famous visions of strange creatures. Both books describe four creatures with the heads, bodies, limbs, and wings of different.